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Bedphones vs SleepPhones: Which Headphones Are Better?

Bedphones vs SleepPhones

It gets frustrating when all you want is a good night’s sleep, BUT YOU CAN’T FALL ASLEEP!

Or even if you do, it’s such a light sleep you still feel tired the morning after.

And as you know very well, some people find that sleeping with white noise, music playback, or some ASMR sounds in the background helps a lot. It’s basically why the concept of sleeping with earphones became normal practice.

But let’s face it! Earphones are uncomfortable and not very practical.

Well then, maybe bedphones and sleepphones are the ones for you to get a restful night’s sleep.

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Bedphones vs SleepPhones: Which Headphones Should You Buy?

To get things straight, both bedphones and sleepphones serve the same purpose — to help you get a good night’s rest. This is why they’re often compared against each other.

But each of them has specific details and benefits that might turn your poor sleep quality around. Or maybe you want to try both to find which one is the best – that’s okay too!

What Are Bedphones?

Bedphones are closest to ordinary headphones from the way it looks to how it is built. You can easily mistake it for a pair of earphones, too, actually.

The huge difference is that, unlike earphones, you don’t insert them in your ear. You loop it around, and they’re like mini speakers that cover your ear’s surface.

Think of it as on-ear headphones but in the style of earphones!


What Are SleepPhones?

Sleepphones are basically sleep headphones. They’re easier to distinguish, thanks to their headband design.

They’re usually made with cloth or fleece fabric material that’s thin and comfortable for sleeping. Some also use it as a sleep mask or eye mask since you can wear them over your eyes – multifunctional!


Main Similarities and Differences Between Bedphones vs. SleepPhones

As you can tell, other than the design, bedphones and sleepphones are pretty much similar.

If you’re a side sleeper, these two are less bulky alternatives to actual earphones and headphones. You can finally do away with the ear canal poking that’s not just uncomfortable and painful but also unsafe.

Plus, we need to highlight that these two are specifically designed for sleeping!

Features and Style

Features and Style Icon

In terms of similar basic features, both bedphones and sleepphones have:

  • Speakers: Of course.
  • Good sound quality: They don’t differ much, and it also depends on the brand. Since both are directly placed onto your ears, you won’t really notice it unless you’re very sensitive to audio quality.
  • Good battery life: Since these two are designed for sleep, the battery life is good for both (lasts for approximately 8-10 hours, with 2 hours of charging)
  • Portable size: Both are travel-friendly and can be easily packed anywhere!

But despite their similarities, they deliver differently in terms of:

Bedphones are more straightforward:

  • You directly place the thin speakers over your ears by looping a rubber-covered memory wire around your ear.
  • For the connection type, bedphones are usually Bluetooth-connected.

Sleepphones speakers are wrapped around your ear and head – or eyes, if you want.

  • The speakers are built-in to the headband; you can’t really see it.
  • They’re usually wired. However, some sleepphoness models are also wireless.


Comfort Icon

Comfort is more subjective, depending on your preference. But overall, we think the headband style of the sleepphones can offer better comfort.

But still, assess for yourself!

Bedphones Advantages:

For people who don’t like the feeling of a headband wrapped around their heads or faces throughout the night, you’ll enjoy bedphones better.

Thin speakers: Dubslabs (the only, slash, best brand for bedphones) assures us that the soft foam-like tiny flat speaker is so thin, you can’t even feel the bulkiness of the speaker headphones between your ear and your pillow.

Bedphones Downsides:

But then again, we can’t deny the fact that you wear this by just looping it around your ear. Like this:

Easily falls off: So if you’re someone who tosses and turns a lot while sleeping, your bedphones can easily fall off.

If it doesn’t wake you up, then good. But it bothers some people, which honestly defeats the purpose of going on a deep sleep.

SleepPhones Advantages:

If you’re the type who hated that con we just mentioned for bedphones, then it’s the most telling sign to go for sleepphones instead.

Headband style: Though wrapped around your head or eyes, it is breathable because of the fleece material. So don’t worry about that.

Even if you move a lot while sleeping, the chance of the sleepphones falling is much less. The headband wrap is more capable of staying in place.

You can use it as a comfy eye mask whilst covering your ears, and for side sleepers, we think sleepphones will suit you better, too.

SleepPhones Downsides:

Speakers moving around: Despite the less chance, the speakers inside the headband can tend to move around.

You might wake up with the speakers no longer around your ears.

Cord length: Short wires or cord length might also be a con since you connect it to your phone. Moving around will drag your device along and might wake you up.

If you can, go for wireless or Bluetooth-connected ones, though they are more expensive. We’ll touch on that more in the “costs” section below.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance and Durability Icon

Since they come in different styles, the maintenance and durability of these sleeping headphones are more different than similar.


  • Simple to no maintenance is needed. You don’t have to wash it. (Actually, don’t wash it.)
  • More prone to breaking since it moves a lot with you while sleeping. You’re more prone to lying down on it, dropping it, and such.


  • You’ll need to wash it. Since it’s made of fabric, it gets dirty and stinky. Do wash it for hygiene purposes. The speaker and wire are removable, so don’t worry and wash with ease.
  • Not as prone to breaking. But some people do claim that their units stop working or had problems after a while.

Nevertheless, both have a return policy with similar terms and conditions. 30 days to return and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.


Versatility Icon

While both are designed for sleeping and muffling unwanted sounds, they differ slightly in terms of usage versatility.

Bedphones, with their earphone element, can be used as traditional headphones or earbuds when you’re not using them to help you fall asleep. People use it as an alternative pair for gaming, listening to music during the day, or light sports.

Sleepphones, on the other hand, are more sleep-centered. We personally think it’s NOT the best to use while playing sports since you sweat a lot, and a non-sports headband will cause discomfort. But note that sleepphone brands do advertise their headbands for sports purposes too.


Costs Icon

The costs vary a bit. They have differences depending on the type and brand.

For example, wireless ones will be more expensive than wired ones. Or different brands will have varying price points. But that’s basically it.

For the sake of comparison, sleepphones are essentially cheaper, even the sleepphones wireless style.

Here’s a price overview for your reference:


  • Wired: $89
  • Wireless: $149


  • Wired: $40
  • Wireless: $100

Do note these are just basic and approximate prices without accounting for shipping, discount promos, etc. They are also benchmarked on the best brands Dubslabs and AcousticSheep – which are the most well-known brands.

The Different Sleep Headphone Models You Can Buy

Other than Dubslabs and AcousticSheep, there are still other brand options you can choose from – especially for sleepphones.

Bedphones Models

For Bedphones, there are no close competitors since Dubslabs uniquely produces them.

Bedphones 1

SleepPhones Models

For sleepphones, on the other hand, there are quite some options. There are a lot of headband-base designs in the market that you can consider:

Lavince Sleep Headphones

Lavince advertises their headbands to be also usable for contact sports.

If you don’t mind sweating through the fabric, or if it’s okay with you to use the band both for sweating and sleeping, give it a go!

Lavince Sleep Headphones

PrettyCare Sleep Headphones

PrettyCare sleepphones are wireless and connected via Bluetooth.

PrettyCare Sleep Headphones

Voerou Sleep Headphones

Users love the volume and volume control on these Voerou sleepphones. The sound quality is also said to be good.

Voerou Sleep Headphones

Alternatives to Bedphones and SleepPhones

If you’re reading this and neither bedphones nor sleepphones appealed to you, you can always try other alternative noise devices that can help improve your sleep.

Sleeping Earbuds

If your main goal is to listen to music, there are always the normal earbuds you can use.

Sleeping Earbuds

If you don’t mind minor discomfort from the slight ear canal poking, wearing earbuds should be comfortable for you. The tips are usually made with soft rubber plugs.

It’s still best for non-side sleepers more than anyone else, of course!

Pillow Speakers

If you don’t like anything covering your ear or wrapped around your head, but you want the music and speaker part of the bedphones and sleepphones, you’ll probably like pillow speakers.

Pillow Speakers

Since it has a speaker, it can still give you music and white noise without bothering any part of your ear, head, or anything else.


Some of us aren’t about the music or noise. In fact, the problem is we don’t want any noise! Consider using foam or silicone earplugs instead for noise reduction.


They’re small in size, travel-friendly (some even come with a travel case), comfortable, affordable, and delivers the purpose of muffling unwanted external noise.

Final Verdict: Which One Is Better: Bedphones or SleepPhones?

After all those discussions, the ultimate question is which one is the best headphones between the two?

Our ultimate winner for the bedphones vs. sleepphones verdict is the headband sleepphones, wireless ones, to be exact.


Well, let us explain first. We think that each of the two offers unique features and benefits that might work for some but not for others. 

And while we appreciate the versatility, maintenance, and earphone-like component of the bedphones, these, unfortunately, are the only advantage it has vs. sleepphones.

Plus, we’re talking about sleep products here, so the other uses of the bedphones shouldn’t even be part of the considerations.

Why Are SleepPhones the Better Choice?

We’ll break down our reasoning for choosing sleepphones, so you’ll know where we’re coming from.

Cost-Effective for Its Features and Benefits

Sleepphones are cheaper than bedphones. And they essentially give you similar basic features (speaker plays music, good sounds, versatility).

Other features are comparable with almost no different such as:

  • Return policy
  • Battery life
  • Sound quality
  • It comes in both wires and Bluetooth


Except if you have problems with a headband wrapped around your head (which is a totally valid concern), the design of the sleepphones is a lot more comfortable for sleeping.

They make the soft headband to be breathable while securing the speaker part more around your ears.

It’s the best solution for a side sleeper who moves around a lot while sleeping. You don’t have to keep worrying about it falling off or being positioned the wrong way, unlike bedphones.

Though as we said, the speaker has this tendency to move around the headband as you sleep. It’s minimal, though, unless your movements are really wild.

And, of course, choose the size that’s compatible with your head and ear for the best comfort. If the size of the headphones is not right, then it won’t stay in place either. 


We’re not just saying this; many users think that sleepphones are more durable than bedphones. Though, of course, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t break at all.

As we mentioned, the bedphones are more prone to being laid on accidentally or being dropped since it detaches more easily than sleepphones.

More Brand Choices

We also like that there are more brands offering sleepphones. So if one brand’s not compatible with your needs, you can scout for others offering similar products.

You can check out our guide on Noise-Canceling Earphones if you’re interested in more options.

The thing with bedphones is that Dubslabs is the only main brand (out of the few choices to none). You have no choice but to keep buying from them if your headphone breaks.

Bedphones vs. Sleepphones Video Review

If you wish to watch video reviews for more convincing, here’s a Youtube review by Comfort Sleep Sanctuary that could help you out:

Bonus: Health Benefits of Sleep (Headphones)

We’ve seen tons of reviews online saying that sleep headphones can do this and that for you as if magically using them will improve your health directly.

That’s quite misleading. Don’t simply rely on your pair of headphones and think that you’ll get perfect sleep because of it.

These devices help you get enough sleep, and it’s proper and restful sleep that gives us all the benefits (to name a few):

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Avoid health problems and complications
  • Lessen uncontrollable weight gain

No matter what size, height, weight, age, men or women, people need good sleep. And if sleeping headphones or headband will help us attain that, then we’ll also have the chance to enjoy all these health benefits!

If you want further readings, read through this page here


After that thorough review of bedphones vs. sleepphones, we hope everything’s a lot clearer for you now.

We chose the sleepphones as the winner for this versus round.

But remember that the best choice of headphones for you will be up to your needs and preferences. Just consider other people’s comments and suggestions, but the choice is entirely yours. 

Here’s to better sleep, fewer health issues, and no more outside noise!

FINAL TIP: If these accessories really aren’t for you, consider getting white noise machines such as the LectroFan and Marpac Dohm to help you sleep.


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