7 Best Quiet Coffee Grinders

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A coffee beans grinder isn’t exactly a quiet machine you’d expect to find. You’re more likely to wonder how fast or how consistent grinders perform.

Even so, your mornings would be a lot easier with quiet as a bonus factor, especially if you’re a coffee aficionado. When it comes to the different types of grinders, burr grinders and manual grinders are quiet enough they won’t disturb your mood.

Best Budget Pick
Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder
Best Overall
Comandante C40 MK3 Coffee Grinder
Best Features
Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro
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Our Picks for the Best Quiet Coffee Grinders

For the quietest way of grinding coffee, these 7 manual coffee grinders and burr grinders can give you the perfect cup of coffee without any distracting or irritating noise to your ears.

1. Comandante C40 MK3 Coffee Grinder

Best Overall

Among all manual, burr coffee grinder products on the market, the Comandante is one of my favorites. 

You might pay double the amount of a decent burr coffee grinder but the difference is also vast when it comes to grind consistency, design, and speed with the MK3.  

If we’re just talking about visual appeal, the Wood Veneer stainless steel design is gorgeous. 

Taking a dive further, this burr coffee grinder is high-nitrogen stainless steel, which lessens the abrasion wear and tear so you’re also paying long-term when it comes to a design this durable. 

Grind consistency and speed from your espresso to press preferences are impressive although I was expecting this already since Comandante has always performed more than adequately in this department. 

You might be paying a lot more for the Comandante but for a quiet burr coffee grinder that produces precise, consistent, and uniform grinds, and overall highly durable, the Comandante MK3 is hands down an excellent choice for a manual coffee grinder.


  • High alloyed, high nitrogen stainless steel burr grinder improves product life and grind quality
  • Double Axe Bearings allow more uniformity in grind
  • Wood surface treatment for visual appeal and better grip
  • Grind setting dial for easy adjustment from fine to coarser grinds


  • Consistent, Uniform Grinding
  • Grind speed is improved
  • Visually appealing
  • Burr grinder material lessens wear and tear greatly
  • Improved durability for overall product life
  • Quiet


  • Expensive by twice the regular amount

Who it’s for:

  • You’re willing to pay the most for the best value
  • You’re particular with grind consistency and uniformity
  • You’re looking for a manual grinder at a higher-price bracket worth the spend

2. Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder

Best Budget Pick

The Skerton Pro is a great option if you’re in the market for a coffee bean grinder that’s price-friendly, quiet, and portable. 

The mechanism of this coffee bean grinder follows a manual approach, so it’s undoubtedly quiet and won’t disturb any of your roommates or co-workers. 

The Skerton pro takes a simple design with only 4 main parts that are easy to remove and attach together. The metal crank is durably made, so it’s perfect for everyday use in the morning, afternoon, and nighttime. 

With grind consistency and performance, the Skerton Pro is excellent. Adjusting the grind is also easy to do by simply turning a small ring under the burr grinder. 

A small click will tell you you’re adjusting the grind incrementally. For French press, espresso and coffee drip lovers, this will be easy for you and also, handy at best.  

The Hario Skerton Pro coffee grinder overall is easy to use & adjust, offers consistent grinding, quiet operation, and durability at a budget price. 

Even if you’re starting out to learn the ropes behind coffee, this quiet burr coffee grinder works well for you and even for experienced baristas looking for a portable grinder. 


  • Step grind adjusting allows you to easy access below the burr grinder
  • Silicon grip for improved stability, handling, and balance
  • Reinforced handle to minimize wear and tear twice the normal level
  • Burr Grinders improve grind consistency and uniform grinds


  • Inexpensive
  • Solid Build
  • Quiet
  • Great Grind Consistency
  • Excellent Portability


  • French press setting has slight inconsistencies

Who it’s for:

  • Great choice for travel purposes
  • For beginners unfamiliar with manual coffee grinders
  • You can bring this with you anywhere even in work

3. Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro

Best Features

With another premium electric, quiet coffee grinder to ease your mornings, the Breville Smart Pro is best known for its features and grind settings. 

The steel conical burr grinder is stainless creating a sturdy build all-around. In addition, the hopper capacity is large enough for a whole pound of coffee beans at once, so it’s perfect if you’re brewing a few extra cups of coffee in the morning. 

The number of grind options on this burr coffee grinder is insane. 60 grind options are a lot to work with. With its digital interface to adjust grind time and choose between four categories specifically, espresso, percolator, drip, and press, it can be overwhelming and exciting. 

Grind consistency is great at the espresso and drip coffee preferences, but for coarse grinds, it’s not that great. 

Maintenance; however, is an easy clean fix. The magnetic ground-coffee tray allows you to easily clean this burr coffee grinder without hassle.  

Altogether, Breville is a trusted and reliable brand if you want burr grinders that are both efficient and quick to your needs. 

At a reasonable price, the Smart Pro is a premium mid-range level option that gives you a great morning espresso cup and is even a great addition for kitchen décor.


  • 60 different grind settings for a more personalized coffee brewing experience
  • Auto-grind function for your portafilter to allow effortless activation
  • Program your grind time for specific coffee brews easily
  • Manually adjust your coffee grinder from fine to coarse by twisting the top burr grinder
  • Conical burr coffee grinder allows consistent grinding for finer preferences


  • Personalized & Customizable Features
  • Reasonably priced for a premium coffee grinder
  • 60 different grind settings
  • Easy Maintenance


  • Lacks consistency in coarser ground coffee

Who it’s for:

  • You want the most value but at a lower cost
  • Great for espresso lovers
  • You want efficient, reliable coffee grinders that also looks great in your kitchen

4. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

There’s a reason why this coffee grinder has the “mini” on it. It’s small enough to be kept snug in your backpack or luggage wherever you travel. You also won’t have to worry about its fragility thanks to its stainless steel design. 

Like any other manual coffee grinder, you can expect the Porlex Mini to be a quiet fit for you, though I don’t recommend using this in the mornings. 

Manual grinders do take extra effort, and if you’re looking for coarser coffee grinds, electric coffee grinders might suit you better. 

A handy dandy feature of the Porlex is how it fits into your AeroPress, so even on the road this coffee grinder is perfect. If you find yourself away from home most of the time and are looking to brew the right cup of coffee for yourself, the Porlex is a quiet, classic fit for you.

This comes with a conical burr coffee grinder, so those who prefer finer ground coffee would appreciate this grinder a lot.


  • 20 gram capacity perfect for a single, fresh brew in the morning
  • Conical burr coffee grinder allows consistent grinding for finer preferences
  • Compact and stainless steel design make this the ideal travel companion


  • Quiet
  • Great value for money
  • Compact stainless steel design


  • Grinding takes longer than most manual grinders

Who it’s for:

  • You want a grinder for personal use
  • Great coffee grinder for travel
  • Compact size and design can also be a gift for friends, family, etc.

5. Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

Start your morning coffee ground and brewed in your personal preference easily and in a flexible manner. 

The Baratza Virtuoso is a quiet coffee grinder with 40 grind settings set by 40 as the coarsest, 20 – 30 for your French press and cold brew preferences, and 0 – 20 for your classical coffee brewed or espresso cup. 

Unlike standard electric grinders, Baratza uses a DC motor, so it’s more durable, efficient, and relatively more quiet than coffee grinders using AC motors. 

On the outside, the structure itself is well-manufactured and high quality with its steel conical burr grinder.

If you’re the type who experiments with your coffee grinders, the Baratza Virtuoso is one of those quiet coffee grinders you’ll love including easily adjusting the rotation from 1.5g/sec to 2.4g/sec. 

When it comes down to maintenance, electric coffee grinders can be a challenge. 

With the Virtuoso, the different parts are easy to remove so cleaning your burrs, ground catcher, and hopper doesn’t pose a challenge with a good brush.


  • 40 mm conical burr grinder grind your coffee beans in a uniform design perfect if you want French press, drip, cold brew, or espresso.
  • Thermal overload cutout feature to prevent overheating or burning your coffee beans
  • 40 settings for adjustable and personalized coffee grounding from coarse to fine
  • DC motor allows long grinding cycles and a smooth, quiet operation


  • 40 grind settings range
  • Impressive grinding consistency
  • Fairly Quiet
  • Easy to Clean & Use


  • Pricey
  • Limited capacity for storing coffee grounds

Who it’s for:

  • Best for commercial places
  • Great option for mid-range coffee grinders
  • Fairly experienced coffee brewers

6. KRUPS GX5000 Coffee Grinder

The KRUPS GX5000 is a relatively quiet machine and isn’t as spectacular in features compared to other coffee grinders; however, if you’re tight on a budget and prefer more acidity and bitterness in your coffee, this might be for you.

The grind consistency levels of the GX5000 perform average in uniformity and come with a considerable amount of fine coffee dust no matter how coarse you set it to be. 

For drip and press coffee drinkers, expect an extra hint of bitterness in every cup of coffee you pour. 

The GX5000 is rather easy to use, although limited in features. You also have a simple knob to adjust the number of cups you want, but that’s pretty much all there is.   

Personally, I enjoy my cup of coffee on the bitter side and because it gives a strong kick. It might not be one of the better electric, quiet coffee grinders out there, but it’s an inexpensive grinder you might want to check out. 


  • Flat Burr Grinder allows grind consistency from fine to coarse for which you desire most
  • 9 grind settings to personalize how you brew your coffee
  • Choose between 2 to 12 cups you want to brew including an auto stop feature for safety purposes


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to operate
  • Fair number of grind options
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly Quiet


  • Inconsistencies in the grind are common
  • Difficult to Clean

Who it’s for:

  • You want a cheaper alternative electric grinder
  • You prefer a more acidic and bitter coffee taste

7. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Coffee Grinder

With our last entry on the list, it’s worth mentioning the Capresso Infinity for its solid rank compared to most electric coffee grinders. 

It’s also more quiet than most models and is a great choice for novice coffee enthusiasts.  

The build of the Capresso is sub-par because of its plastic design rather than a stainless steel design. It’s still sturdy though and would even look great in your kitchen.

Grind consistency is great if you’re grinding between fine and coarse, but once you hit the extremes, the inconsistencies start to become noticeable. With 16 grind size options after all; it’s a decent range to experiment around with.

This has a solid steel conical burr grinder with an advanced cutting design to ensure the best grind as possible.

When it comes to maintenance, the Capresso Infinity can be a challenge to clean. Because of static cling, the coffee grounds tend to get stuck, so it’s best to use the brush for proper maintenance. 

The Capresso isn’t a bad coffee grinder. In fact, it makes a great espresso cup and is a solid pour-over brew but a lot can still be improved starting with the design. 

Overall, for its price, it’s still a recommendable option for your home or kitchen-counter.


  • Advanced cutting design features precision grinding and higher performance
  • Gear reduction motor reduces friction which in turn allows a quiet operation
  • Safety lock system to reduce spillage
  • Bean capacity can hold up to 8.5 oz while coffee grounds container holds up to 4 oz
  • Conical burr grinder allows consistent grinding for finer preferences


  • Good value for money
  • Decent Consistency
  • Easy to operate
  • Quiet
  • Great entry level electric coffee grinder


  • Material design could be improved

Who it’s for:

  • A great upgrade choice from your old coffee grinder
  • Great if you’re in the experiment stage and want to play around before the big leagues
  • A solid quiet grinder without hurting your wallet

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a Coffee Grinder

We’ve already covered different grinders for you to choose the best quiet coffee grinder whether you use it in commercial places, your home or kitchen counter.

Let’s dive deeper into questions you might ask yourself surrounding grinders in general

top view of two cups of coffee

Should I Go for a Manual Grinder or Burr Grinder?

Manual coffee grinder

The coffee grinder type you should use is fairly simple to tackle. Manual grinders, also known as hand grinders, require more work since you have to manually grind the coffee beans. A hand grinder should take you less than 5 minutes to brew your own cup of coffee.

Hand grinders are also better equipped for travel purposes or if you’re the type who enjoys having your own personal cup wherever you go. Be it at the office or even along the road, a hand grinder can be there for you.

Burr grinders are electronically operated so they do all the work while you sit back and watch. Well, not really. The only work you’d do is when you want to set the type of grind you prefer, how many cups, and other exclusive features a few premium burr grinders have.

Between the two though, manual grinders rank highest in the quiet department. However, burr grinders are preferred if finer coffee grinds are the goal.

Does It Matter to Have a Good Grinder?

glass coffee funnel

Personally, yes. Very much so. The main reason for this is similar to why food bought at a farmers market tastes so much better than when you do at the supermarket.

In this case, freshness is essential to every good cup.

Fresh coffee beans vary greatly from stale coffee beans. A fresh roast smells differently from a stale cup. This is also why pre-ground coffee beans taste differently because once grounded, the coffee beans go stale at a faster rate. 

Is it Better If You Grind Your Own Coffee Beans?

Bag of coffee beans

Speaking from someone who loves coffee, it’s a lot better. But it also matters how consistent the grinds are. If it falls short on being less consistent, you end up with an incomplete cup-full experience. This is why an even grind is so important.

With good grinders like burr grinders, this is achievable with less effort compared to cheaper grinders.

When you have a consistent grind, you extract enough distinct flavors all unique to the aroma and taste; hence the cup-full experience.

Lucky for you, there are a good number of high-quality burr grinders that are quite affordable to give you that special morning cup of coffee to help you start your day.

How Do You Maintain Your Grinder?

Man holding crushed beans

Mid range to high quality grinders usually come with its own brush and cleaning kit so these are already laid out for you to maintain with ease. 

Some grinders offer magnetic features so it’s easy to remove the different parts and facilitate even easier cleaning. 

Grinders made with poor material design cause the ground coffee to get stuck in the crevices and that’s where the challenge comes in. 

Electric grinders are usually locked at home or by your kitchen counter, so removing the parts carefully and maintenance shouldn’t be too difficult. 

A manual grinder on the other hand, is usually brought wherever so it might cause faster wear and tear. A stainless steel design or burr grinder material though, can aid in efficient maintenance.  

Our Preferred Pick

Our Preferred Pick

The Comandante C40 MK3 Coffee Grinder is the perfect choice for brewing your coffee whether that’s press, pour-over, or espresso.

Personally, I also feel much more comfortable grinding my own coffee beans manually because it tastes so much better that way. It’s also heavy on the price side, but as a coffee lover, it’s worth the investment.

That being said, the Hario Skerton Pro is an excellent manual coffee grinder that comes second to the Comandante. If you’re looking for a burr grinder type, the Breville Smart or the Capresso Infinity are great options to get that perfect cup of coffee.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this review of the best quiet coffee grinders, you may be interested to read our review on the Quietest Electric Kettles and Quietest Mini Fridges in the market.

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