10 Best Quiet Fans To Keep Your Home Cool and Comfy

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Getting a good night’s rest can be difficult. And it’s even more difficult when you’ve got a loud fan that turns sleep into an unbearable habit. Nobody enjoys the feeling of grogginess you get in the morning, and it makes getting up feel like a chore. Instead of looking forward to the day, you feel tired and low on energy.

But with a quiet fan, you could be getting comfortable, cool air, and an overall better sleep experience. How’s that for quiet?

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to give you options to choose from. To help improve your sleep experience.

Let’s get started.

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    The Quietest Fans of 2019

    Model Budget Type Unique Feature
    Lasko T42950 Wind Curve $$ Tower Fan Easy To Assemble
    Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence $$ Desk/Table Fan Silent Night Setting
    Vornado 660 $$$ Floor Fan 5 Year Warranty
    Honeywell HY-280 $ Tower Fan 8-Speed Setting
    Klarstein Silent Storm $$ Pedestal Fan BLDC Motor
    Genesis Convertible $ Desk/Table Fan Clip Attachment for High Portability
    Honeywell HT-900 $ Desk/Table Fan Economic Pricing
    Costway 16 in. Adjustable $ Pedestal Fan Stability and Safety
    Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 $$$ Table Fan Novelty
    Opolar Desk USB $ Desk Fan Convenience

    Aesthetic. Energy-Saving. Quiet. Freshens.


    The Lasko T42950 is the type of fan designed to offer diversity. With 3 quiet settings for you to adjust along with a cooling power enough for an area of 20 x 20, it makes for a strong start. Even more to the list is an energy saving auto shut-off feature including a built-in ionizer to freshen your bedroom. 

    Did I also mention it’s easy to assemble? That takes you halfway through the entire process of using the fan itself. Airflow, on the other hand, isn’t as powerful but when it comes to cooling the environment, this definitely suggests a cooler fan over power. 

    And just when you thought that would’ve been all of it, the design of the Lasko Wind Curve fan is stunning with its sleek, metallic, black design. Definitely eye candy.


    • 3 Quiet Speeds
    • Nighttime Feature
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • 7-hour Timer
    • Lasko Blue Plug (patented safe fuse technology)
    • Widespread Oscillation


    • Great for saving space
    • Adds fragrance to the room
    • Easy to Assemble
    • Aesthetically
    • Appealing
    • Diversity of Features


    • Oscillation is only up to 60 degrees
    • Difficult to clean
    • Malfunctioning remote
    • Airflow isn’t very powerful

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    While the Lasko Wind Curve offers a diversity of benefits to keep at your bedroom, some units have experienced fluttering noises when it oscillates and gets a little loud as it reaches the higher speed settings. The Lasko Wind Curve is given a 3/5 star rating because you’d expect much more in terms of how quiet it is considering the advantage of bladeless technology and not to mention, there could’ve been a better job done in regards to the oscillation feature. That said, as one of the cool fans to choose from, the Lasko T42950 works adequately for small bedrooms and is considered to be a great space-saver for your home.

    Yes, Rowenta is a Silent Killer

    Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence​

    It’s original and longer name, Rowenta VU2660 turbo silence oscillating 12 in. fan, holds true to each word. The VU2660 earns a spot of coming in as a silent yet, effective fan complete with a total of 4 speed settings including the “Silent Night” mode making it a highly recommended appliance for light sleepers.

    Apart from quietness being one of its strengths, the Rowenta VU2660 is also certified safe in European Standards, which is significant seeing as how this can be safely stored around children and pets without worry.  

    Some might say the Rowenta VU2660 is quite costly for its price; however, compared to most fans the airflow and noise levels would be considered a decent purchase. Performing beyond the standards of quiet, this 12-inch table fan makes another great option to choose among quiet fans.


    • Airflow covers up to 80 cubic ft. per minute (cfm) of airflow
    • Sound level of 50 dB at minimum position
    • Turbo boost function 
    • Silent Night Mode
    • European Standards Safety


    • Ergonomic Design
    • Has no problem moving air around the room
    • Virtually Inaudible


    • Difficult to Assemble
    • Some units come without a remote and battery
    • Shines a light and can be irritating at night

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    Quiet isn’t a joke when it comes to the VU2660. What you have here in description is a turbo silence oscillating 12-inch fan that makes you question how. it’s design has tendencies to cause vibrations which are quite audible and using a cushioning material such as a bubble wrap for instance helps counter the vibrational noise. If not for the design of the 2660’s base, which causes it to make rattling noises, this could have easily been a 5/5. Regardless, where the VU2660 falls a little short on design, it makes up for how quiet it can be in your bedroom.

    Not just your typical fan at home

    vornado 660

    Beating the summer heat just got easier. The Vornado 660, similar to the Vornado 630 mid size fan, operates using the principles of air circulation to regulate air effectively by circulating air around the room continuously instead of blowing air in just one direction. 

    They call it Vortex Action. And this strongly makes it a cool fan.

    The design is also quite stylish and works well when it comes to bigger bedrooms considering the power levels and its ability to cool rooms quickly. 

    One thing to remember about a Vornado is because it operates as an air circulator, placement plays a huge factor in allowing the bedroom to cool effectively. There happens to be a sweet spot placement for these little tyrants and once you’ve found it, it may just be what you were looking for.


    • Whole Room Vortex Circulation
    • 4-Speed
    • Energy Saver
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Multidirectional Airflow


    • Powerful airflow
    • Value for money
    • Consistent in performance in spite of daily use


    • Always starts at full power when you turn it on

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    The 660 might not be the best option when it comes to noise or any speed setting above medium and considering it’s size, there aren’t a lot of small floor fans packing this much airflow. Compared to it’s smaller version, the Vornado 630 mid size, the Vornado 660 is lot less noisy. Despite its size whole room air flow appears to be a job designed specifically for the 660. Although, it’s precisely due to such a strong air flow, the quietness increases along with it. If you have a small bedroom, I suggest keep scrolling down and see which fan is ideal for the right kind of environment conducive to you. However, medium to larger sized bedrooms might just be a good match since it’s easier to position the 660 farther from the bed.

    It’s Whisper Quiet You Can Hear Crickets Chirping Out Your Window

    honeywell hy-280

    The Honeywell HY-280 is all about balance. Providing just the right amount of airflow though rather less powerful than most but even at higher settings, it’s quietness is consistent. 

    Balance can be a great option for the bedroom since it combines a moderate amount of power and noise to deliver a middle ground for a cool, quiet environment.

    If budget and quietness are top priorities over power on your list, the Honeywell HY-280 definitely delivers value.


    • 8-speed Levels
    • Touch button 
      Electronic Controls
    • Digital Display, adjustable thermostat
    • 1, 2, 4, & 8 hour auto shut off timer
    • Remote control w/ on product housing


    • Can’t go wrong placing it in the bedroom
    • Doesn’t need much oscillation to spread cool air
    • Balanced in power and noise
    • Budget-Friendly


    • 8 – speed setting can be misleading in terms of power
    • Difficult to Clean
    • Manual setup for rotation, sleep timer, and brightness every time you turn it on

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    While the HY-280 falls short on airflow, the quietness is definitely a quality that doesn’t disappoint and without a doubt a 5/5 rating. Most issues concerning the quietness of a fan are easily trumped by a higher speed setting, which is what you won’t see in the HY-280. The closest noise level that’s audible is either white noise or the air blowing from the fans and that’s pretty much expected. The HY-280 fan may not be regarded as a cooling fan but as a well-balanced fan, it counts as a great addition to your options for your bedroom.

    Economical At Its Finest

    Klarstein Silent Storm

    The Klarstein Silent Storm is all about a mix of power and durability making this a versatile fan delivering great airflow. Another great quality of owning a pedestal fan is their economical features.

    But that’s not the best part.

    Silent Storm comes with a Brushless DC motor meaning higher efficiency, runs quietly, and offers a longer service life – qualities that scream economical even at highest speeds. I’d recommend this fan if you’re looking at saving long-term.


    • 12-Speed Levels
    • 5 Operating Modes
    • Auto-dimming display
    • Brushless DC motor (BLDC)
    • Operates at 35 Watts of Power


    • Easy to Assemble
    • Highly Versatile with regards to its features
    • Great for conserving electricity
    • Longer Service Life


    • Instructions are terrible and assembly is difficult
    • Makes a high pitched beeping sound after oscillating for a few hours
    • Randomly shuts off at times

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    If you’re thinking humming or noises that come from the motor, that’s not quite the issue here. A common notion when it comes to a pedestal type fan is how noisy it can be in the bedroom. The Klarstein stands out a little differently than the rest, however. The issue lies in the oscillating feature, which tends to beep a high-pitched sound after oscillating for a few hours. While the beep may not be consecutive in succeeding sessions, any issues surrounding humming, vibrations, or motor sounds are non-evident.

    Home. Work. Gym. Outdoor Activity.

    Genesis Convertible Fan

    The Genesis Convertible is best described as a fan that focuses on the portability apart from its quietness. 

    The clip that also serves as a dual feature also comes in handy when you’re in a stationary position or say, running on the treadmill. As a desk fan, airflow is also pretty decent to keep you feeling cool when placed at your nightstand. 

    One more thing. It’s amazingly cheap!


    • 2 Quiet Fan Speeds
    • Dual Features for a Clip-on Fan or Stand Fan
    • User-Friendly
    • Sturdy Design


    • Makes the perfect white noise in high setting
    • Dual Features as a Stand or Clip-on allow great portability
    • Both speed settings deliver the right amount of airflow


    • Cord lacks flexibility
    • Poor range of motion
    • Rattles when you put it on a flat surface

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    The Genesis Convertible is quite the novelty fan in regards to its clip-on attachment allowing you to take convenience on a whole other level. It’s a shame that vibrational noises are highly evident due to the structure of its base where almost no weight is found, making it susceptible to a lot of noise without any support. But as a quiet fan, the Genesis Convertible is a sufficient piece for its many applications including in the bedroom.  It’s even quite stylish in design and comes in either black or white.

    The Fan That Makes You A Fan


    The Honeywell HT-900 despite its small and lightweight design packs a “turbo” flow of air, though an oscillating feature would’ve made for a nice upgrade.

    When you get power and portability to go as one, you could consider the Honeywell TurboForce as an option worth looking into.

    It makes for a great tabletop fan and because you can practically bring it with you wherever you want to. Some would say the Honeywell HT-900 is a good remedy for hot flashes and even quite the solution for tropical environments.


    • Aerodynamic Turbo Design
    • 3-Speed w/ 90 degree pivoting head
    • Air Circulation Technology
    • Can be Mounted on Wall to Save Space
    • 25% quieter than comparable fans


    • Easy to mount
    • Impressive airflow for its size
    • Lightweight Design


    • Fan blades can’t be cleaned

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    Here’s why it makes you a TurboForce fan: It’s lightweight, portable, powerful, and not in the very bit noisy compared to most desk or table fans. The HT-900 even offers the option of a wall mount, which can be convenient when mounting the fan on the wall to save on installation costs. There’s just one slight problem. Because of its turbo effect and powerful air circulation, the HT-900 on the highest setting cranks a fair amount of noise. But, it’s not noisy enough that it disrupts your sleep.

    Simplicity is Key


    If you’re looking for a fan that’s simple and solid, Costway spells that out accurately. And that’s evident in its double metal rings on the cover making the front anti-shock and anti-pressure. That’s safety for you.

    To add even more to its simplicity, it’s a budget friendly alternative to look for in pedestal fans and inexpensive at most. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that’s both stable and simple, this might be your type.


    • Dual-Blade Design, up to 6 blades
    • Double metal rings; anti-shock & anti-pressure
    • Timer up to 7.5 hours
    • Weighted base


    • Great Stability
    • Anti shock & Anti-pressure
    • Doesn’t take long to cool the entire room
    • Great for saving electricity


    • Instructions are terrible
    • Poor Assembly
    • Light is too bright at night

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    It’s quite surprising that simplicity goes a long way especially when it’s budget friendly. There isn’t much diversity when it comes down to it, but an accurate description would be that it does the job and meets the expectations at par but, at the same time, it also doesn’t exceed them. When it comes to vibrational noises, it’s not a problem because of its sturdy weighted base giving it stability though it does add dramatically to its weight. It’s quite appalling the Costway’s noise levels are low almost as if it’s super quiet. One thing to remember as well about a pedestal fan is their durability along with their longer service life. While the materials used to build the Cosway fan are a somewhat cheap in design, it speaks an important feature, simplicity.

    A Leader in Novelty


    I have to admit. The designs manufactured at Dyson are stunning. Especially that it’s bladeless makes it a novel piece. White as its natural default color adds to its visual appeal. 

    But. Yes, there’s always a but.

    The price you pay for novelty and bladeless design gives up potential for stronger airflow. This oscillating table fan, instead of feeling intensity of air moving across the room, what you feel is closer to a natural breeze-like flow of air as if you’re feeling outdoor wind.

    Don’t let it stop you there though.

    Dyson designs make it extremely easy to clean compared to most fans and it’s also highly safe around children and pets. If price isn’t an issue for you and you’re looking for a nice, quiet touch to your bedroom, add this to your list of options.


    • Air Multiplier Technology, no blades, no choppy air
    • 40% less power consumed
    • Sleep Timer
    • Easy to Clean
    • No fast-spinning blades making it safe


    • Easy to Clean
    • Great industrial design w/ built in magnet for remote
    • No visible moving parts
    • Air feels natural, like outdoor breeze


    • Too expensive
    • Noise has a high pitch
    • Without the remote, you lose 50% of the fan’s functionality
    • Oscillating feature is too fast

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    The Dyson Multiplier AM06 table fan is all about aesthetic and industrial designing. Fans like these make great home décor and add stunning value to your bedroom space. The design also advocates a minimalist quality. An innovative design you won’t find in most fans; however, the design doesn’t offer powerful airflows and not exactly as quiet you would expect it to be. On that note, powerful airflows are normally linked to higher noise levels but in the case of the AM06, high-pitched sounds are quite evident and speeds between 5 and 10 are a little loud.

    Your Very Own Personal Entourage


    Convenience is your best friend with the Opolar Desk USB. Some would rather believe it to be inconvenient due to the need of a USB port to operate but it is should rather be seen as a unique feature considering how USB ports seem to be everywhere now. Even more so, it compliments the setting of a workplace and utilizes less energy. 

    So think of being able to use the Opolar Desk USB in the bedroom, while you’re focused at work, while you’re relaxing at work, and even an alternative to the air conditioner of your care.


    • High-speed noise less than 50 dB
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • USB Powered Cable (4.9ft)
    • Easy to Clean


    • Perfect for desk placement
    • Great cooling sensation
    • Value for Money
    • Great Airflow


    • The structure and cord are fragile

    How Quiet Would You Expect It to Be:

    The Opolar Desk USB fan although powerful in airflow and small in design doesn’t elevate noise to levels that become unbearable or too loud. This type of fan favors portability above all the rest and delivers impressive cfm for the price you pay. Its value extends beyond just as a personal fan but also, it could even be considered a great gift for friends and family. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly super quiet as its description implies and yet, still counts as a great addition to the bedroom, work, or even outdoors (e.g. garden, poolside, coffee shops) because of its flexibility as a desk fan.

    But wait, there’s still more…

    What you’ve just read is only icing on the cake and there’s still more we want to share with you. 

    You now have a basic understanding of the best options to choose from but how do you know exactly which quiet fan works best for you? 

    We’ll get into that section in just a minute. Because your sleep matters and so does the price you spend for a better well-rested experience.

    To get an even better in-depth understanding of which quiet fan specifically works for you, let’s dive first into how a quiet environment can affect your lifestyle

    Choosing the Right Quiet Fan For Your Home

    We’re finally here, the cream of the crop. Before we start, I’d like to outline a few things of what to expect after you’ve finished reading this section.

    What To Expect In This Section:

    • Understand the type of fan you need for your home, bedroom, office, or prefer to bring with you
    • What metric matters most to you

    What Type of Fan Are You Looking For?

    There are 4 types of fan we’ll be discussing. These are your tabletop/desk fans, pedestal fans, floor fans, and tower fans. I personally prefer a tower fan but it might be different for you. Any type can be great for your bedroom but it’s also a matter of personal preference on which you need most. Let’s begin.

    1. Tabletop/Desk Fans

    These are perfect when you’re looking for something resembling that of a personal fan you can use. Whether that’s in the bedroom, around your house, office, or any outdoor activity. Desk Fans are smaller in size compared to all other types and they’re quite affordable within the ranges of low to medium price.

    Using This Fan In Your HomeA desk fan works primarily when it’s closer to you for the full experience of good airflow. Although, the close distance can sometimes cause you to hear the noise a little bit more. Some desk fans are quite strong on their own and release a lot of air despite their size. Because desk fans are smaller in size and don’t produce as much airflow, you can save a lot more due to needing less wattage (W) to operate.

    2. Pedestal Fans

    Pedestal fans also known as oscillating fans are solid, sturdy machines. Pedestal fans are relatively easy to move around but some are manufactured with a weighted base to keep them from being knocked over easily. The available height stand for pedestal fans can range between 12 in. to 6 feet and most pedestal fans are manufactured with adjustable heights.

    Using This Fan In Your HomePedestal fans provide strong airflow and are great for large rooms. Depending on the height stand, a taller height broadens the area covered while a medium height is great for medium-sized rooms. Pedestal fans tend to be noisy; hence, their ideal placement in medium to larger rooms. With modern technology ever rising; however, you can find pedestal fans that can achieve levels as low as 47 decibels.

    3. Floor Fans

    Floor fans are built for their portability making them easy to move around as well along with the ability of improving ventilation at ground level. Standard floor fans can oscillate at 180 degrees for a wider coverage of the area. Floor fans, on an important note, due to their great air circulation properties rank as one of the effective types of cooling fans. 

    Using This Fan In Your HomeFloor fans don’t directly propel cool air to the ground or room. They operate through a different system by pushing air from the back towards the front so think of it like cold air moving around the bedroom instead of directly cooling you in one direction. When it comes to noise levels, floor fans aren’t the loudest but they also aren’t the quietest. Some can be fairly loud and some are even whisper quiet.

    4. Tower Fans

    Tower fans are more of the modern type of fans, which come with bladeless technology making it safe around guests, kids, and pets. One great feature of tower fans is how little space they take up in a room. A tower fan, also considered to be a stand fan, are known for their efficient cooling properties. 

    Using This Fan In Your HomeTower fans are great options for smaller spaces and efficient in cooling your home. Airflow can range from low to high power but what you should expect from tower fans is their ability to cool and not so much on power. This makes tower fans generally more quiet than the other types.

    Fan Type Table/Desk Pedestal Floor Tower
    Average Quietness Level *** ** *** ****
    Airflow Low to Medium Medium to Strong Medium to Strong Low to Medium
    Benefits Portable, Versatile, Convenient Low power consumption, Economical, Budget-Friendly Great air circulation, Portable, Affordable Space saving, Efficient, Aesthetically Appealing

    Understanding the Metrics

    Metrics are a matter of personal preference and respectively, different for every person. This reveals what is most important to you in the purchase decision process. For some, budget comes first and for others, design. 4 metrics will be discussed in this section, budget, design, service life, and airflow, respectively.


     If you find yourself aligning most with the budget metric, price shouldn’t have to be the only feature to pay attention to. Various suggestions include the materials used and wattage. Materials that come in plastic can sometimes be cheap in and lead to breakdowns as soon as 3 months. Wattage not only saves the price you pay for the unit but also, your cost long-term.


    Don’t get me wrong. Design and aesthetic features as you’ve seen with the Dyson models can be costly. Great design doesn’t only mean visual appeal. Design goes hand-in-hand with innovation and with innovation comes value. In Dyson’s case, value can be seen by cleaning with ease and uncluttered placement of space. This way, maintenance fares higher compared to various models.


    I believe most of you can agree with me how this affects your value for money. Service life extends not only the overall life of the product but also through warranty, and in cases surrounding extended product lives for fans, the motor can be integral in extending product life. If this metric aligns with you most, be sure to look out for good warranty offers and a brushless DC motor (BLDC).


    Ah yes, power. When you have value in reduced noise levels along with powerful cooling, it’s definitely a treat. Airflow also goes along with decent oscillation to maximize air ventilation. If this metric aligns with you most, remember tower fans focus more on efficient cooling over power. Pedestal fans focus on better oscillation and power over cooling and floor fans focus on regulated cooler flows of air circulation. The nest step depends on what you’re willing to minimize for greater airflow.

    Our Top Pick

    With an abundance of great quality quiet fans to choose from, it all comes down to the core competencies each fan has to offer. Core competencies relate to the unique value every product/service innately has to offer each customer. A general merchant store for example, could offer convenience for its customers with strategic location planning. In another example, the Dyson product line of fans offers aesthetic as its core competency. This however, is a matter of personal preference. So if budget is important to you, it is highly encouraged to choose the fans that satisfy this quota or if value for money is at the top of your list, it’s best to make smart choices that add the most value to your bedroom. From every review of each fan presented, the best quiet fan with regards to value for money, economical features, and value for money would be the Klarstein Silent Storm. Overall, as a stand fan, not only does it provide value in terms of air flow and quietness but also, a great coverage of the area through its oscillating feature and its brushless DC motor (BLDC), which can be extremely useful over longer periods of use and a great return for the price paid. There might be a few malfunctions in terms of its sound but consistency is a strong driver here for its ability to provide airflow and quietness conducive to building a quiet environment for the bedroom. It is well liked by many users and most especially how it uses an average of just 35 Watts of power really allows you to save on electricity costs.