6 Best Quiet Garage Door Openers For Your Garage

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I’ve met a lot of people complain about loud noises from a garage door’s opening and closing. This can disturb your quiet hours inside the house, especially during the middle of the night. You might even have a few neighbors ranting too.

This is the perfect time then, to consider a quiet garage door opener.

So before you begin soundproofing your garage, here are our recommendations on the Best Quiet Garage Door Openers.

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Our Top Quiet Garage Door Opener

1. Chamberlain B970 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

Best Overall

Chamberlain B970 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener (Overall Best Quiet Garage Door Opener)

Let’s start with the best on the list!

The Chamberlain B970 garage door opener is our best choice because it is a great all-rounder. It has all the excellent features you would need in a garage door opener, and it’s the most powerful opener on the market yet!

The Chamberlain brand is no stranger when it comes to high-quality products. They kept this dignity over the years because of their rigorous product research and testing.

The Chamberlain B970 is one of their most significant models available to date.

Power is a quality people admire in this garage opener. With a motor rating of 1.25 HP, this unit can easily lift residential and garage doors without causing extra wear and tear. It has a strong belt lift system proving its ultra-quiet operation.

Another feature we love is that the Chamberlain B970 comes with a built-in backup battery. You don’t have to worry about having trouble having your garage door open or close in the event of a power outage.

This unit comes with two 3-button remote controls and a built-in Wi-Fi for you to access the door using the myQ app. You can now open and close your garage door remotely.

Even better, you’ll have real-time alerts of your garage wherever you are in the world with just your smartphone!

An extra feature in this model is its anti-vibration technology. This system helps it to withstand extreme conditions. It  also features a precision engineering system for a smooth, reliable performance.

For safety and security, the Chamberlain B970 comes with a full function wall control system, wireless keypad, and safety sensors.

It has over 100 Billion code encryptions for protection against hacking. A posi-lock anti-theft protection system automatically stops the garage door and alerts the owner.

Both the belt and motor have a lifetime warranty, while other parts get five years of warranty. What a deal! No doubt this is the best garage door opener you can get your hands on.

Key Features

  • Strong Belt-Drive
  • Battery Backup included
  • Maximum Lift Power 1.25 HPs motor
  • Smart control with MyQ App
  • Reliable safety and security


  • Super quiet motor performance
  • Easy to install and use
  • Motion detectable control panel
  • Energy efficient
  • Very durable and long-lasting


  • Frequent Wi-Fi connectivity problems

2. Genie 1035-V

Most Budget-Friendly

Genie 1035-V

If you’re looking for garage door openers that won’t break the bank, the Genie 1035-V is your best bet. Sometimes, all you want is a product that can get the job done.

This garage door opener uses a chain-driven system. Thus, it might not be the quietest of most garage door openers on this list. But you’ll find this to be tough and durable. It can open a residential garage door of 7ft high, 350lb heavy with ease!

This is a basic model and does not contain lighting, a back-up battery, Wi-Fi, or an app. But this is nothing to worry about.

If you need these functions, you can purchase its add-on function: Aladdin Connect system. If you’re good with the popular built-in car remote systems, you’ll always have HomeLink and Car2U come in handy.

The Genie 1035-V includes a push-button wall control, car remote control, and a Safe-T-Beam system that reverses the closing door action if anything passes through the infrared beam.

Although the Genie lacks the more modern and innovative functions, it abundantly provides the basics. This is what you should consider if you’re working on a tight budget.

Key Features

  • Chain-drive system
  • 1 remote control
  • HomeLink and Car2U compatibility
  • Reliable safety and security


  • Budget-friendly
  • Tough and durable
  • Works with HomeLink and Car2U


  • No back-up battery
  • No Wi-Fi

3. Chamberlain B1381 Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener

Best Smart Quiet Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain B1381 Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener

Lighting is an aspect to consider with garage door openers. However, it tends to be an extra cost. You can find these in more expensive models, like the Chamberlain B1381.

This model basically has all the excellent qualities of the Chamberlain B970 we mentioned above, with integrated LED lighting. It also comes in a much more sleek looking case.

The Chamberlain B1381 LED outputs 3,100 lumens. This is quite enough to light up most garages. This is especially useful if you use your garage space for some car repairs, as a workshop, or simply a place for hobbies.

You can control the lights manually or with a motion sensor. It comes with an automatic shut-off feature too.

In the event of a power cut, you’ll be pleased that this model comes with a battery back-up as well.

Just like the B970, the Chamberlain B1381 is also compatible with MyQ. Even better, you can set this garage door opener to shut off automatically after a specified period of time.

With impeccable lifting power, illumination, smart capabilities, and informative LED keypad, this high-end garage door opener is a worthwhile upgrade.

It may not be the cheapest, but it gives you plenty of reasons to invest in this reliable product!

Key Features

  • Strong Belt-Drive
  • Battery back-up included
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • 1.25 HP Lifting Power Motor
  • Wi-Fi and Smart control with MyQ App
  • Reliable safety and security


  • Quality parts and good warranty
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Smartphone controlled
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent motion detection


  • Opens and closes slowly
  • extra Wi-Fi charges
  • Not the cheapest

4. LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Jackshaft Operator

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Jackshaft Operator

If you prefer a space-saving design, the LiftMaster 8500 is the garage door opener of choice. This one mounts to the side of your garage instead of taking up space from your ceiling.

The LiftMaster is quiet for two reasons. First, it has a built-in sound and vibration muffler. Second, since it is installed to the other side of your garage door, it won’t send vibrations through the ceiling. This assures you a quiet living space!

Just like the Chamberlain products, this comes with MyQ technology too. You can access its functions through your smartphone wherever you may be.

It also boasts a system that stops and reveres the garage door if something comes in the way of its beam of light.

In addition, the LiftMaster 8500 has a Security+ 2.0TM rolling code technology that uses a unique code every time the remote controls the garage door.

This stops potential thieves from gaining access over your garage. It also includes a garage door deadbolt that is set to automatically lock.

Apart from that, motion sensors kick into gear and activate garage lights when someone enters your garage. This also helps users see better by illuminating dark places at night.

All of these security measures surely run with a lot of electrical help. Not to worry, this unit comes with a battery back-up.

If security and safety is your top priority in making the final purchase decision, the LiftMaster 8500 is the product for you.

Key Features

  • JackShaft Drive System
  • Protector System
  • Wall-mounted
  • Battery Back-up
  • Lifetime motor warranty, 5-year parts warranty


  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Reliable and safe
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No annoying rails


  • Require different wiring
  • Auto-lighting won’t work when the door is slightly opened

5. SOMMER 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener

SOMMER 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener

With SOMMER 1042V001 eliminating the need for chains, belts, or screws in the driveline, this makes it a very quiet garage door opener indeed. This direct drive system is ideal for garages who have bedrooms or offices above them.

Security has been carefully thought of with the twin opener remotes that operate on a rolling code system. This means the code changes every time the door garage door opens and closes. You don’t have to worry about thieves and hackers on this one!

Another great thing about the SOMMER 1042V001 is its motor doesn’t compromise on power. It even has a soft start and stop technology. It is very energy efficient. They’re easy to install to as it comes with a full installation kit.

With today’s obsession with quiet products, you’ll be glad to add this to your list. No matter what time you get back home, you can easily use your garage without having to wake up others.

Key Features

  • Direct drive system
  • Includes rail for 7-8 ft. door height
  • Secure Rolling Code Technology 310 MHz
  • Safety beam sensors
  • Two 2-button transmitters and One interior wall station
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Extremely quiet
  • No vibrations
  • Compatible with HomeLink
  • Great security


  • No Wi-Fi
  • No battery back-up
  • No keyless entry pad
  • No Motion detector lights

6. Ryobi GD201 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Ryobi GD201 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The Ryobi boasts a 2 HP motor, giving you faster openings and prolonged motor life. Since it uses a belt system, this makes it one of the best garage door openers that produce minimal sound.

The Ryobi GD201 is an ultra quiet garage door opener that is more than capable of opening the heaviest of doors. Its belt is reinforced with steel for extra durability. They are quick, quiet, and versatile. What else can you ask for?

In terms of other functions, it also has a built-in Wi-Fi, two remotes, a wireless keypad, an outdoor keypad, and safety sensors. You can download the Ryobi to monitor and control your garage remotely from your smartphone.

Ryobi has a lot of products and accessories for you to add on. The Ryobi GD201 does not come with a built-in battery back-up but is readily compatible with the ONE+ battery system.

You can plug in the ONE+ battery and the unit should function even in the event of a power cut.

Other accessories compatible with the Ryobi include a Bluetooth speaker, laser lights, a fan, and an extension cord reel.

The laser lights help a lot when you park. People also point out the benefits of the extension cord for all sorts of projects you’d make in the garage.

This makes it the best garage door for customization. It’s great for people who use their garage as a workshop or simply just a spot for some weekend relaxation.

Key Features

  • Belt-driven System
  • 2 HP Lifting Power Motor
  • RYOBI GDO App Control
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Ultra quiet
  • Reliable safety sensors


  • Battery is not included
  • Difficulty in using the App

What Are The Types of Garage Door Openers?

Garage door openers work in a variety of ways. There are many types of door opening systems for you to choose from. Each has its corresponding pros and cons that ultimately influence your final selection.

The main difference to consider; however, is the amount of noise they make during operation. In the end, it boils down to your preference, budget, and suitability to your need.

Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener

A chain drive door opener can open and close the garage door with a metal chain. This option is great for those on a limited budget. They are the most popular and most durable garage door openers on the market.

Installing one on your own might be too much of a challenge. So we recommend you get a professional to install for you.

They are reliable and don’t require too much maintenance. You just have to keep the chain clean and lubricated. The only downside to this type of door opener is that it is much louder than other types.

If your garage is close to a bedroom, this garage door opener will be too disruptive.If you still wish to get this type of door opener, keep the noise to a minimum. The Chamberlain B970 is highly recommended for this variety. It might not be the cheapest, but it’s worth the extra bucks!

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

If a quiet garage door opener is your priority, you can never go wrong with a belt drive garage door opener. It is by far the quietest on the market. Quieter than the chain-drive and screw drive openers.

It has the same mechanism as the chain-driven door opener but instead, uses a rubber belt. This way, there are no banging metal parts. The smoother and quieter operation also means there is no jumping off the door and fewer vibrations.

One reason people prefer this type is because it is easy to install. Eventually, over time, you might need to replace the broken belt. It’s definitely easier to replace than a metal chain.

This is the ideal choice if your garage is located close to a bedroom or shared living space. Choose a rubber belt of high quality, and steel-reinforced so you don’t have to worry so much of the maintenance.

The belt drive garage door opener costs more than the chain-drives. However, with all its benefits, it’s worth the extra expense. Other than our recommendations above, the Chamberlain B1381 Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener is a great choice!

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

A screw drive door opener works differently than the first two. It lifts doors with a threaded steel rod. As the rod rotates, it drives the trolley along the track to lower or raise the door.

They operate quickly, and it’s ideal for heavy doors. You’ll want to get this type of garage door opener if your door is heavy, double, or wide.

Due to its construction, it will have the strength to open and close the garage door safely. It requires little to no maintenance too.

In terms of noise levels, it’s between the belt and chain-drive systems. This is a compromise to its stronger and much faster operation. Do consider this.Apart from the ones mentioned, the Genie 1035-V may be another good choice for its ease of installation and quiet, smooth operation.

Direct Garage Door Opener

It is the lesser-known types of door opener model. However, a direct-drive opener perhaps is the quietest and smoothest among all garage door openers.

It has a stationary chain that operates in a steel rail.  Its approach has the motor moving up and down the rail, by pulling itself along a chain with the door in tow. Since the motor moves instead, these models are quiet.

It has a very clean appearance as it has fewer moving parts. This makes it less likely to break, and easy to maintain. They cost about the same as belt drive openers and often come with lifetime warranties, since the only real moving part on it is the motor. If you opt for this kind, check out the SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001.

What To Consider When Choosing Garage Door Openers?

The type of garage door opener is perhaps the most important factor to consider when making your final purchase decision. It already considers functionality, noise level, and price.

Of course, we’d love to help you make the best decision. No regrets!

Here are a few more important factors you should consider. These are the same factors we kept in mind upon choosing the quiet garage door openers on this list.

Weight and Size of Garage Door

First things first, determine the weight and size of your garage door. This will help you know how much horsepower (HP) your garage door opener will need.

Horsepower is the force behind the up and down movements of a garage door. For door openers, HP ratings typically range from 1/3 on smaller and cheaper models to 1 1/2 on high-end systems.

Standard garage doors made of aluminum require less power, but they’ll be slower. Also, consider the higher the horsepower required, the higher the noise level too.

If you have a garage door around 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall, that’s about the size of a single car. Ideally, 1/3 HP of this device motor will do.

If your garage door is made of wood and weighs in around 500 pounds, go for a 3/4 HP. These are great for wider garage doors too. It’s preferred that you get one of these if you frequently use the garage door multiple times a day.

Motor Type (AC or DC)

There are two types of motors for garage door openers. These are alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). For a lot of good reasons, DC powered garage door openers have been the standard motor in the market.

For this, it is important to note the number of times the garage door opener will be used. The AC powered motor product is for those whose garage door opens many times a day and do not mind the noise.

The DC motor is quieter, faster, smaller, and smoother in operation compared to an AC motor. This is for people who want no noise at all.

The DC motor also allows additional features on the door openers like a soft-start and soft-stop. This technology reduces wear and tear on the motor and the garage door.

The DC motor even offers a battery backup system. For less electricity consumption, lower noise levels, and prevention of accidents, a DC motor is your bet!

Noise Level

As mentioned, the type of opening mechanism system greatly affects the noise produced by the garage door opener.

Other factors of noise may also be the fact that the space inside your garage might be empty or full. The emptier the garage, the more sound is reflected.

If you have a living space on top of your garage, go for a door opening model that sits by the side of the garage door rather than the ceiling. This prevents vibrations from entering into your home.

Noise is measured by vibration counts. A quiet product vibrates less than a louder product. A quiet garage door opener usually comes with a sound and vibration insulation chamber.

These may be costlier than a normal model, but you can definitely benefit from noise reduction.

Ease of Use

Modern garage door openers today take advantage of the age of connectivity and the smartphone. These systems allow you to use your phone as a door opener remote. This allows you to open, close, and monitor the garage doors when you’re away.

This keyless entry will easily connect you through a Wi-Fi router. Choose a garage door opener with this feature. For Chamberlain products, they have the innovative MyQ app.

This is a great advantage as it allows you to open your garage door for deliveries. Better than to leave it outside your doorstep where anybody could steal them!

You can also allow access to members of your household who have probably lost or forgotten their keys that day.

Remote Control Technology

Apart from the smartphone, there are also other systems such as HomeLink and Car2U. These provide in-car alternatives to using remotes to open and close garage doors.

There is also the Tri-Band remote control technology that can operate on three separate frequencies. You can access your garage door opener from a range of even over a thousand feet.

This makes access very convenient. Just make sure you don’t easily lose your remote controls in your handbag!

Battery Backup

A garage door opener should be connected to your mains. This is where they derive power. But what happens in the event of a power cut?

This is where a 12-volt battery backup comes in handy! You definitely don’t want to get locked inside your garage or be unable to gain entrance from the outside.

A backup battery system ensures continued operation. Having this type of battery system will allow you to continue any security and safety alerts, and garage lighting.

For ultimate reliability, make sure to get a garage door opener with a battery backup.


A garage door is big and heavy. When opened, they suspend overhead. With this, safety is a major consideration.

You should look out for a garage door opener that projects a light beam across the opening of the garage and stops the door from closing when it senses the beam being interrupted.

Some door opener systems sense when the door has touched an object or a person on its path towards the ground. It won’t allow the door to close, or reverses the process of closing.

These safety sensors should be a priority consideration. You wouldn’t want to have any accidents in your garage. Let’s keep our pets and small children safe!


A lot of us fill our garage with valuable items. Tools and equipment and other stuff burglars might want to get their hands on. The garage would be the easiest way in, and they’d get their buck without having to go further into the house!

Fortunately, modern garage door openers come equipped with security systems. Look out for openers that allow you to vary the codes sent between the opener remote and its receiver.

This type of system stops thieves from recording and mimicking your remote’s code when you’re not around. Some garage doors openers even come with a vacation mode setting. Who wouldn’t mind some peace of mind and extra security when they’re out of town?

Our Top Choice

Our choice for the best quiet garage door opener has to be the Chamberlain B970 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener.

It is, without a doubt, a very well constructed product. It has all the excellent functions and innovations you would need to make your life easier.

With a powerful motor, quiet operation, smart accessibility, durability, a battery back-up, and reliable safety and security measures put in place, what’s not to love?

Any garage door opener on this list you give a shot, we’re sure it will bring about positive changes in your experiences with your garage. 

We know how irritating the garage door opening and closing could get, especially when it comes to the noise. We hope this article has influenced you in making a final decision.