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5 Best Quiet Hair Clippers: Cordless, for Pros & Toddlers

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Whether it’s in the salon or at home, a loud noise from your clipper can be overbearing and even frightening for your kids!

That’s what silent hair clippers are for.

They don’t completely eliminate noise, but they’re aimed to give you a quiet, pampered experience your kids don’t have to worry about.

In this buying guide, we listed down 5 of the best quiet hair clippers you can get your hands on.

Best Features
Andis BGRc Hair Clipper
Best Overall
Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip Hair Clipper
Best Budget Pick
Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Hair Clipper
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The Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers and Professional Use: Cord & Cordless

After testing several models (yes, our hairs are fine), we listed these products as the BEST quiet hair clippers that will surely help save you money from the salon!

1. Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip Hair Clipper

Best Overall

Wahl 5 Star Hair Clipper 2

The Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip is one of the few quiet hair clippers in the market with a universal blade that makes a great general clipper for hair. Apart from a quiet operation, you also get a HIGHLY VERSATILE blade.


The Wahl Magic Clip is a cordless, lightweight clipper and is designed to give you an ergonomic grip, not commonly found in most hair clippers.

There’s roughly a 40% decrease in weight for improved comfort and navigation.

Having the right grip decreases hand strain, so it’s ESSENTIAL for all hair clippers. A good haircut matters more in comfort than most factors, and Wahl delivers this extremely well.


The premium electromagnetic rotary motor used is the perfect combination of functionality and flexibility. 

Its design provides optimal power and performance without heating up too easily, which helps in lessening the risk for blade misalignment.


The Wahl Magic Clip’s blades are quite SHARP if you’re not careful, but internally, the rotary motors ensure a cooler operation. Thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery, you get 90 minutes of operating time with just a 3-4 hour charge.

Most cordless hair clippers don’t come with this feature, so it’s a strong win for the Magic Clip in this one!

In addition, the Magic Clip has its own custom haircut kit with 8 attachment guards, clipper oil, a cleaning brush for maintenance, and a blade guard for improved safety.


  • Lightweight, ergonomic grip allows you to cut hair with less strain and enhanced comfort
  • Electromagnetic rotary motor runs with a cool, quiet operation
  • Lithium ion battery can hold up to a total of 90 minutes usage
  • Accessories include 8 Wahl guards, clipper oil, cleaning brush, and blade guard


  • Versatile blade great for general cuts
  • Excellent option even for beginners
  • Lightweight and ergonomic features
  • Great battery life
  • Rotary motor gives a quiet, solid performance


  • Blades can be overly sharp
  • Lacks battery indicator


The Wahl 5-Star is best-ranked as the most premium compared to other hair clippers. It’s easy to use and is even a great option for a novice barber.

For its cordless design, versatility, and quiet operation, the Magic Clip is light enough to easily cut hair without worrying about any strain at the end of the week.

2. Andis BGRc Hair Clipper

Best Features

Andis BGRc 2

For those in the luxury market of quiet hair clippers, the Andis BGRc is more than worth the shot.


The high-grade polymer design of the Andis BGRc is a lightweight, ergonomic design weighing in less than a pound. You don’t have to worry about hand injuries here!

This also promotes more haircuts done in a day, which is PERFECT for professionals. That’s more money saved and productivity boosted simply by being lightweight.

Just when you thought that was enough to convince you, the ergonomic shape improves usability, and you even get a quiet operation to run along with it. 


The Andis BGRc stands unique and strong against other hair clippers due to its CeramicEdge blades. That means higher durability, cooler operation, and the ability to cut hair without any issues. 

That’s more than a regular bonus for a quiet clipper with versatility and sharpness. 

Although quiet and powerful, ceramic blade designs have a tendency to break easily when dropped and aren’t ideal options for hair fades. But when it comes to heavy-duty sessions, this is the perfect go-to. 


The Andis BGRc is extremely safe. Ceramic blade designs are 70% cooler than your regular hair clippers and they’re also corrosion-resistant. In addition, the ergonomic shape and lightweight design are great bonuses to usability.


  • Runs a powerful yet quiet operation at 2900 SPM
  • Uses ceramic blades for even stronger resistance to corrosion and better induction
  • 20% lighter and 10% smaller compared to most hair clippers
  • Comes with an easy on/off switch with lock feature


  • Lightweight & ergonomically designed
  • Excellent blade quality
  • Quiet
  • Cooling and sharpness greatly improved
  • Perfect for heavy-duty usage


  • Expensive
  • Uses old Nickel Cadmium battery standard


Most hair clippers might be cheaper, but you’re also paying luxury for:

  • Lesser risk when it comes to hand strains or carpal tunnel
  • 3 times cooler and stronger in power
  • Quiet operation that cuts hair without difficulty

We’d say value like the Andis BGRc doesn’t come as frequently in most hair clippers you see today. This belongs ideally for expert barbers and rarely is there any equivalent match for this kind of premium.

3. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Hair Clipper

Best Budget Pick

Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper 2

The Oster Fast Feed is a VINTAGE clipper any barber would be pleased to hold in their hands. This classic tool would definitely catch the eye of any customer, and it boasts its Whisper Quiet motor and adjustable blade feature.


It’s true the design is unlike most hair clippers. However, it’s not in the same class as lightweight clippers. At a 1 lb. weight, it’s the standard weight for a professional clipper, though the grip is comfortable and the quality feels phenomenal.


THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING: The Oster is a versatile clipper and even has a fading action comb.

Although it doesn’t follow the same ceramic blade design, Oster does a fantastic job in cooling performance and its Fast Feed clipper ensures you’re running with a quiet clipper.

Oster also features its adjustable blade clipper that can easily switch between cutting lengths #000 – #1 through a side lever. Take it from us, these blades are the main selling point. They’re extremely SOLID and SHARP, so they’re intended for longer use clippers.


If you’re not careful, the blades in this clipper can do serious damage. BUT DON’T WORRY, it comes with a blade guard for safety and protection.

On top of that, the Oster fast feed doesn’t heat up as hot as other hair clippers and leans more towards a warmer temperature even with extended use.


  • Fast Feed Clipper allows quiet operation and enhanced performance
  • Accessories include 3 guide combs, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, and blade guard
  • Adjustable cutting lengths # 000 and #1


  • Solid blade quality
  • Cool, quiet operation
  • Decent cord length
  • Great value for mid-range clippers


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty and bulk hair cutting
  • Guards are poorly made


Granted the vintage look, quiet operation, and versatility in cutting thick hair, it’s considerably a sidekick for heavy-duty clippers. The attachments are also poorly made, although there are a few attachments that pair well with Fast Feeds.

For both beginner and advanced barbers, the Fast Feed will work great with you along with its versatile and quiet operation. As a bonus, you get a bunch of different color-coded vintage options to choose from.

4. Philips Series 1000 HC1091 Hair Clipper

Philips HC1091 2

The Philips HC1091 is the perfect quiet hair clipper to save you endless trips to the salon.

With the comfort and convenience of cordless clippers, you can easily use them at home with a quiet operation so you don’t have to worry about your child feeling frightened.


For kids’ hair clippers, the grip is important for more comfort during hair-cutting sessions.

The Philips HC1091 is smooth to touch and slopes with the right curve to fit your hand. This allows a safe, gentle glide when you cut hair.

With Philips, you also get a reliable, trusted brand to last you more than a year!


The blades feature a slim design, making it easy to get through tricky areas near the ear region. Any narrow areas can easily be cut through with the HC1091 and can trim hair to lengths between 1mm to 18mm.

With three different comb attachments, you can choose how to cut or trim hair with your preferred style.


The Philips HC1091 is rated IPX7 meaning it’s waterproof and safe to cut hair even during bath time. Most hair clippers don’t carry the IPX7 rating, so if you’re using this hair clipper mainly for toddlers or your kids’ hair, it ensures safety.

With blade design, you’re not only getting power and performance but also rounded tips to protect your child’s skin.


  • Shorter Ceramic Blades cuts uneven hair easily and safely
  • Special designed rounded tips in trimmer attachments to protect your child’s skin from scratches
  • Multiple comb settings offer easy navigation to cut hair even in narrow areas
  • IPX7 rating ensures the clipper is easy to use in the water


  • Low noise
  • Can be used with wet/dry hair
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal as a home hair clipper


  • Not great for thick hair
  • Battery life is okay


At a reasonable price, the Philips HC1091 is an inexpensive clipper for kids. The cordless design also supports convenience along with the waterproof feature to double your benefits.

You can also opt for a rechargeable battery kit for even improved convenience and a great travel companion.

If budget and high value fall on your radar, the HC1091 is an excellent option among hair clippers.

5. Enssu Quiet Baby Hair Clipper

Enssu Hair Clipper 2

The Enssu Quiet Baby hair clipper provides a noise level of only 48 decibels with vibration kept at a minimum, making this one of the quietest hair clippers you can buy.


Although this cordless clipper is smaller than most of the hair clippers you find, the streamlined curved body design makes it an easy grip and comfortable to use. 

It comes with 2 attachments: 3-6 mm and 9-12 mm guide combs.

For new mothers, you can easily cut your baby’s hair without worrying about any sharp cuts. The blade itself is skin-friendly and comfortable even for thin hair.

If you’re feeling adventurous, giving your baby a crew cut shouldn’t even be difficult or dangerous.


The Enssu Quiet Hair Clipper comes with a special R-shaped design blade along with high-quality brass in its motor to ensure the hair clipper won’t harm your child’s sensitive skin. 

The ceramic blade is also specially designed for kids aged 0-12 years old. Thanks to the Advanced Noise Reduction technology, the Enssu Quiet Baby runs smoothly, quietly, and with minimal vibrations that won’t make your child feel scared.

The battery life is also fairly decent. In a fully charged setting, this cordless clipper runs for 60 minutes.


Safety is one of the most essential factors to look for in a hair clipper. In the case of the Enssu Quiet Baby, it passes with flying colors. 

Apart from its IPX-7 waterproof treatment, the hair clipper comes with a cleaning brush made specifically for cleaning the blade, giving you the proper maintenance needed to keep this clipper in tip-top shape.


  • Noise Reduction Technology for a quiet motor operation
  • Guide combs features 3mm – 6mm and 9mm – 12 mm trimmer attachments
  • IPX7 waterproof ensures safety even in the bathtub
  • R-shaped blade design increases protection for your child’s skin
  • Comes with a cleaning brush


  • Very low noise
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • High safety rating
  • IPX-7 waterproof treatment
  • Comfortable grip


  • Material design is fragile and can break easily


The Enssu Quiet Baby is undoubtedly one of the safest and quietest hair clippers for kids and toddlers. Some users even commented how it works perfectly even for children who have autism. They felt this hair clipper was perfectly safe and easy to use. 

What we love most about the Enssu Quiet Baby hair clipper is how the manufacturers made safety a high priority in its design. Knowing that kids can feel safe during a haircut is worth the spend!

Pro Tips for Proper Hair Clipper Maintenance

Quiet hair clippers might be sturdy tools, but they’re also machines.

Considering how often you use your clipper, cutting hair leads to the usual wear and tear, so it’s ESSENTIAL you properly clean them regularly.

Most come with accessories already available for use, but we’ll take a more in-depth discussion apart from the quiet hair clipper talk.

Here are 4 pro tips you need to keep in mind.

Pro Tips for Hair Clipper Maintenance

Tip #1: Brush Your Blades Often

A well-maintained blade needs to be brushed often to prevent clogs or any stuck debris whether that be as small as it can be.

There are a lot of clipper hair kits that come with your standard accessories needed to clean the blades and trimmer efficiently and effectively.

Unless you want your blade to last more than a year’s use, we suggest a sound, decent cleaning every end of the day.

Tip #2: Lubricate Always Before Use

Good lubrication doesn’t just maintain your clipper’s blades, it also makes your clipper silent and helps keep the noise level at the minimum. Well-lubricated motors produce fewer vibrations and sound, thus, a silent operation.

Of course, without good oil as well, you’re bound to buy a clipper every year or even less. Every time your clipper runs, the heat produced can wear the internal parts faster if it runs on poor lubrication.

Using either vegetable or olive oil should do the trick.

Tip #3: Sharpen Your Blades

The blades you see are also considered the teeth of clippers. Hair often gets caught in between the teeth spaces, and along with extended use, these eventually lead to a dull blade. 

A knife, for example, is regularly sharpened at the start of the day to keep it in sound, tip-top shape. The same mechanic works with clipper blades and other hair-cutting tools.

Sharpening your blades between 2 to 6 months is a healthy way to go about keeping your blades in mint condition and carry less costs long-term.

Tip #4: Correct Any Blade Misalignments

This is particularly more important than the rest and is recommended you do this every time you cut hair in a salon or at home.

Hold the clipper sideways and look down to see if the blades are parallel with the cutter blade or set slightly back. 

If you notice any teeth protrusion in a curved manner or a strayed tooth, it means you have to align your blade. Should you opt not to, this leads to cuts, which will mean an unhappy customer or a crying toddler.

This is fairly simple to do, though. Using a screwdriver will help loosen the blade screws to wiggle the blade enough to straighten the teeth. 

With 4 tips to use for proper clipper maintenance, make sure you change the blade every once in a while as well. Throughout your entire clipper’s life, you only need to change the blade once or twice. It also helps to have a spare just in case of any accidental drops.

Final Verdict

The Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip is our top-rated clipper that gives an excellent and silent performance overall.

It’s the IDEAL professional hair clipper that can be used at home or in the salon because:

  • It has a lightweight design
  • It can EASILY cut hair
  • It has a 90-minute run time

Although it doesn’t carry any ceramic blade design for a stronger cooling effect and corrosion-resistant features, the Wahl 5 Star Magic clip still performs strongly in the cooling department and delivers excellent value for everyday use.

Lastly, for great value, you don’t have to pay a steep amount to get your hands on it. It’s even easily usable by a beginner, which goes to show just how impressive the usability is on the Wahl’s design and overall structure.

However, if you’re looking for the QUIETEST hair clippers, the Enssu Quiet Baby Hair Clipper is the top pick for you with a 48 dB noise level that’s as quiet as light rain.

While a COMPLETELY silent hair clipper is unheard of, you can take the extra mile of lowering noise levels from your bathroom altogether with a few extra steps. You can check out our Guide on Bathroom Soundproofing to get started.


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