8 Best Quiet Hair Dryers

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Silent Home Hub Best Quiet Hair Dryers

A quiet hair dryer sounds pretty ironic, doesn’t it? Even oxymoronic to a fault. It’s not exactly what you call silent or noise-less, but closer to the level of a normal conversation tone. 

That’s fairly decent if you ask me. Considering the fan and the motor blowing at speeds close to 30 miles per hour.

Here’s what we’ve compiled for you in this review today: the 10 best quiet hair dryers that aren’t irritating or distracting to your ears in the morning.

Along with that, we’ll take a closer look into the essential features that don’t make you feel deaf to everything else around you and provide the best blowdrying experience with safety and operation costs taken into account. 

Best Value
Centrix Q Zone Hair Dryer
Best Overall
Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro
Best Premium Pick
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
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Our Picks for the Best Quiet Hair Dryers

After completely drying our hairs out, these are the best quiet hair dryers if you want a pleasant and quiet hair drying experience.

1. Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro

Best Overall

Rated as one of the top 3 quiet hair dryers in the market, the Bio Ionic is the quietest hair dryer worth looking into. 

First off, the technology is unique compared to most hair dryers. Using Nano-Ionic Hybrid Mineral Technology, your hair will dry a lot faster with a good shine and conditioning without damaging your hair even when used over longer drying times.

I’d say it’s quite the benefit and we’re only just talking about its technology. 

Features-wise, the Bio Ionic hair dryer is fairly simple. With 3 heat settings and a cool shot feature, that’s pretty much it. 

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity though. What makes this hair dryer such a go-to is the ergonomic design and the professional look you can achieve even if it’s simply at 3 heat settings. 

At 1400 wattage of power only, no wonder it’s the quietest hair dryer around. 

Although it carries a higher price tag, it’s a hair dryer you wouldn’t be wasting your money on.

Nano-Ionic Hybrid Mineral Tech

Moisturizes and conditions hair for a smoother, stronger finish without damaging hair

Dual Removable Filters

Easier cleaning experience and aids in catching any hair or debris efficiently

Whisper Quiet

Noise-free blow dryer for a more comfortable irritate-free drying experience

Three Temperature Settings with Cool Shot Button

Choose between low, cool, and high to adjust heat levels


  • Invaluable hair dryer tech
  • Super quiet
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Great functionality


  • Expensive
  • Features are limited

Who it’s for:

  • You’re looking for hair dryers that isn’t too heavy to carry
  • You want efficient performance at a lower price

2. Centrix Q Zone Hair Dryer

Best Value

The Centrix Q Zone blow dryer is one of the few hair dryers that offer lightweight design, quiet performance, 1500 W of power, and ionic ceramic tourmaline technologies. 

With all that put together, you get the professional hair look you’ve always wanted while keeping your hair strong, shiny, and healthy.

The decibel rating for this blow dryer range from 74 to 82 decibels, making it a decent quiet hair dryer. 

It’s not quite at the level of the Bio Ionic, which ranks as one of the quietest hair dryers, but it still performs adequately in the noise department.

What’s unique about this blow dryer is its four attachments. You’re already familiar with the diffusor and concentrator parts. 

The other two are a power booster and a pick attachment that allows you to comb your hair while you’re drying it.

To be fair, the price for this hair dryer is at a moderate level. The versatile attachments and ionic ceramic tourmaline technologies land a strong case among other quiet hair dryers.

Quiet Tech

Reduces noise pollution and allows quiet blowing

Ceramic Tourmaline Technologies

Leaves hair feeling silky smooth and healthy

Ionic Tech

Reduces your drying period

Cool Shot Feature

Two cool shot button features accessible either through handle or barrel grip


  • Fairly quiet decibel levels
  • Multiple attachments allow greater functionality and usability
  • Strong visual appeal
  • Good value for money


  • Quite bulky
  • Button placement is scattered – takes a while to get used to

Who it’s for:

  • You’re looking for quiet hair dryers that offer multiple functions/features you can use to dry your hair
  • You want that professional hair look without having to go to the salon every time

3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Best Premium Pick

No one says premium any more than Dyson. It’s elegant alright and when it comes to sound, it’s a hit as being a top entry for a quiet hair dryer. 

To explain further, there are two factors that make the Supersonic a quiet hair dryer.

First, this quiet hair dryer carries a rubber mount and reduces the vibrations in the handle. Second, instead of using 11 blades, Dyson added two more so it reduces noise even further. 

The Supersonic blow dryer also seems to have stepped up the game in speed. It’s called Supersonic for a reason. 

You can expect to dry your hair in half the amount of time needed and even comes with a variety of attachments such as the Smoothing Nozzle, which provides drying and shining capabilities at the same time.

When it comes to design, the Supersonic blow dryer is a winner. 

On the surface, it’s stunning. Even with all the attachments that come with it, they’re neatly placed and magnetic so it’s incredibly easy to strap these on to this quiet hair dryer. 

The Dyson Supersonic blow dryer prices high on the market but I’d rank it as one of the quietest hair dryers and gives you the right touch even a salon visit will be less frequent. 

Dyson Multiplier Air Tech

Concentrated volume of air allows more drying power and faster speed

Heat Protection Feature

Sensor automatically stops temperature that reduces burns or hair damage

Magnetic Features

Easy slip-on feature so it's easily removable to switch between

Four Heat and Speed Settings

Wider range of levels to adjust for preferred drying capacity


  • Elegantly designed
  • Pretty quiet
  • Impressive design for both structure and attachments 
  • Lightweight
  • Drying time is halved


  • Much more expensive compared to other hair dryers
  • Overwhelming number of settings
  • Settings are too small

Who it’s for:

  • You’re looking for quiet hair dryers that saves you loads of time
  • You spend a lot on styling products. The Supersonic spares the need to invest in so much
  • You’re looking to invest in high-end hair dryers worth the price

4. Conair 1,875W Turbo Hair Dryer

Expect a low hum noise with the Conair Turbo Hair Dryer. It’s fairly loud at a decibel rating of 84 decibels but not loud enough it barely hits the list of quiet hair dryers. 

What’s most impressive is the ionic technology it uses. Using this silent hair dryer allows better reduction for those having trouble with static or frizzy problems. 

The attachments are pretty useful too. You have the option of a concentrator or diffuser. The diffuser works best for curly hair and the concentrator for better styling. 

You’ll also have your two heat settings along with an option of a cool shot setting so that’s a plus for functionality. 

What’s tough about this turbo and quiet hair dryer is the overall design, which is fragile and easily breaks down because of the poor materials used. 

When it comes to price, this turbo dryer is a great bargain.

Ionic Tech

Negative ion technology produces far infrared heat and prevent frizzing for a balanced hairstyle

Two Heat/Speed Settings with Cool Shot Lock Feature

Enhanced Heat control for desired hairstyle result

Diffuser & Concentrator Attachment Features

For improved hair customization, styling, and conditioning


  • Noise level is fairly quiet
  • Good value for money
  • Negative ion technology is an excellent remedy for frizzy hair
  • Auto shut-off feature to prevent any short fuse danger


  • Breaks down easily
  • Not the most convenient travel hair dryer

Who it’s for:

  • You’re looking for lower cost alternative hair dryers
  • You’re tired of spending hours on getting through the frizziness and static every morning

5. MHU Professional Salon Grade 1,875W Hair Dryer

Similar to the Ion Whisper hair dryer, the MHU dryer also offers tourmaline technology meaning healthier hair for you. 

When it comes to quiet levels though, it’s not as quiet as the Ion Whisper but still fairly quiet in exchange for a more compact, lightweight hair dryer.

Like most hair dryers mentioned in this article, the MHU hair dryer comes with 3 heat settings and two speed settings along with a cool shot button. 

The attachments; however, are a bonus with a concentrator and diffuser for you to choose for either frizzy hair or improved styling. 

What I love about this quiet hair dryer though is how high its usability is.

A hanging hook, easy-hold handle, and long cord all together make this quiet hair dryer convenient and much easier to use. At a lower price offering tourmaline technology, the MHU hair dryer is a solid bet.

Far Infrared Heat Tech

Infrared heat tech generates gentle heat to prevent hair damage at extended drying periods

Two Dryer Attachment Features

Comes with a Concentrator and Diffuser for better hair control

2 Speed & 3 Heat Settings

Adjust between different levels for desired hair results

AC Motor

Adds stability to the current and prolongs service life


  • Decent hair dryer blow-power
  • Easy to carry
  • Excellent portability
  • Easy to clean
  • Tourmaline technology boosts healthier hair


  • Design construction is weak
  • Attachments have been noted to fall of easily

Who it’s for:

  • Great choice for those with thin hair
  • You’re looking for compact, lightweight, and quiet hair dryers that are easy to bring around

6. GHD Air Hair Dryer

The GHD Air hair dryer is one of the more premium hair dryers in the market and packs more power in drying your hair. 

The power does come at a price though, with noise being on the fairly loud side, the GHD Air hair dryer isn’t so subtle so don’t expect it to be the quietest hair dryer around.

One reason for this massive power is its 2100 wattage capacity. Drying your hair is uber easy when it comes to this hair dryer. 

You also have 3 speed and heat settings placed nicely at the back frame, making it easy to switch while drying your hair. 

The attachments also come in pairs – diffusor and concentrator; however, they’re not as neatly put compared to your heat settings so it can be quite the challenge to remove them.

That said, the usability is pretty decent. It’s easy to clean, has a long cord, and its power system supports both 110V and 220V. A fair trade to travel along with.

Lastly, this hair dryer is particularly heavier than most hair dryers and while it falls in the premium bracket, it’s fairly worth the hefty price.

Advanced Ionic Tech

Allows softer and shinier hair style and also eliminates frizzing

Ergonomic Function

Improved control and blow dryer handling

Smoother, Shinier Hair

Get the salon style finish with maximum blow dryer power

Heat & Speed Control with Cool Shot Setting

Adjust between different speed and heat levels for your desired hair style


  • Superb hair dryer power
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual power system
  • Comfortable and balanced in hold
  • Dries hair fast


  • Attachments are difficult to remove/switch to
  • Quite heavy

Who it’s for:

  • If you’re willing to spend extra, this is your hair dryer
  • You’re looking for hair dryers with superb power and to quickly dry your hair

7. Kipozi 1875W Hair Dryer

The Kipozi 1875W Hair Dryer creates a silky smooth finish without adding any dampness to your hair. 

Kipozi comes with 2 speed settings along with 3 heat settings to make drying time faster. Together with the Advanced Nano Ionic technology, you can expect consistency in the airflow from start to finish. 

One of the best features you’ll love about the Kipozi 1875W Hair Dryer is its lightweight design and a 6.5 ft long cord. In effect, you get a boost of convenience and portability in its handling and usability features. 

With a wattage of 1875, it also comes in pretty quiet. Users reviewed this product to be non-irritating to the ears and some didn’t even notice the loudness either! 

Finally, this comes with two attachments: a diffuser and concentrator; however, you might have a hard time locking the diffuser in place. 

Removable Lint Filter

Allows easier cleaning experience

Three Temperature Settings

Higher range of settings for more options to adjust heat levels

Lightweight Ergonomic Design

Allows easy use and maneuverability while drying your hair


  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy to clean
  • Advanced Nano Ionic Technology eliminates frizzy effect
  • Quiet operation


  • Diffuser doesn’t lock in place well
  • Medium heat setting is lukewarm in temperature

Who it’s for:

  • You’re looking for precision styling; helps define natural curls
  • Great for those who have curly, fine, or thick hair
  • You’re looking for a dryer that can dry hair quickly

8. Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer

True enough, the Revlon hair dryer is both lightweight and quiet with the lowest setting, hitting a decibel rating of 70 decibels. That’s a big jump for quiet when you have a fan inside blowing air with 1875 wattage of power.

Thanks to its lightweight design, you can easily switch this quiet hair dryer from your right to left hand or vice versa, meaning less work and energy needed to dry your hair. 

Revlon’s hair dryer technology also uses a 3-layered ceramic coating for solid heat distribution without damaging your hair. 

Two speed and heat settings also come with this model along with an auto dry feature designed to dry your hair without heat. 

Unlike the Conair 1875 hair dryer, you’re limited to one attachment and, a concentrator, which is still a solid deal considering price, how quiet it is, and the convenience of a lightweight, quiet hair dryer. 

Quiet Fan Design

Improved noise level control and quieter operation

U-Shaped Air Inlets

Boosts drying time

Two Heat/Speed Settings

For better control in drying hair

Smoothing Concentrator Attachment Features

Allows precision hair styling


  • Quiet with decibel levels of 70 dB
  • Efficient blow dryer power
  • Lightweight


  • Fairly larger than most hair dryers rendering difficulty if you decide to travel
  • Auto dry setting does not carry a switch on/off design

Who it’s for:

  • You’re looking for a hair dryer that isn’t too heavy to carry
  • You want efficient performance at a lower price

Review These 5 Features Before Choosing A Hair Dryer

5 Features Before Choosing a Hair Dryer

1st Feature to Review : Motor & Wattage

You might wanna check the motor when you’re in the market for noise-free blow dryers. An AC motor will save you the irritating noise level and annoying fan blow although, you’ll most likely have to sacrifice weight for a more quiet blow dryer.

DC motors, on the other hand, work best for reducing any strain while drying so they’re more on the lightweight side.

Wattage is a different story. The higher the watts rating, the more power your dryer can blow.

For a safer noise level, check for those with a 1,875 watts capacity, which is what you’ll find in most blow dryers today. For even lower noise levels, try to check for any watts capacity below 1,875.

Some, however, are much lower as you’ve read in this review. The Centrix Q Zone dryer, for example, carries a watts capacity of 1,500.

That’s much lower than the standard or usual 1,875 capacity. The Centrix Q Zone dryer performs more than adequately and also delivers silent performance.

2nd Feature to Review: Ceramic, Ionic, & Tourmaline technologies

The type of technologies your dryer uses are just as significant to noise output. Ceramic technologies are usually the loudest but when combined with either two, this helps in reducing sound.

Ionic, on the other hand, uses negative ion technology and is considered the most silent. Tourmaline technologies are also fairly quiet but focus more on a healthier, stronger, and silkier finish.

Check for at least a combination of two technologies for a stronger blow and lower noise.

3rd Feature to Review: Noise Output

Manufacturers aren’t obligated to label the decibels (dB) range or rating but that shouldn’t stop you. You can easily check through a smartphone app to measure the sound and just how loud it is.

Generally speaking, a range between 70 to 80 decibels is considered decently silent.

In this range, you can hold a normal conversation without the need to shout or raise your voice.

I would say even if you came across a noise output of 64 dB, that’s still probably in its lowest setting. Doing a thorough check might lead you to discover the highest setting to produce 70 dB noise output, which is still great and solid in the silent mark.

4th Feature to Review: Heat/Speed Settings

Most heat settings are pretty standard for a considerable number of hair dryers.

Quiet isn’t exactly a factor affected by the number of settings you have but rather, the style ideal for you along with reducing damage to your hair.

If your hair falls on the thinner side, higher temperatures cause damage faster compared to those who have thicker strands.

Thinner strands require lower heat temperatures to reduce extensive damage long-term and most especially, to be careful with ionic technologies.

Ionic technologies tend to blow more heat compared to tourmaline and ceramic by breaking down water and thus, reducing drying time. Since moisture is low, this can actually lead to over-drying and the hairline, as a result is affected detrimentally over time.

While more heat and speed settings are better for improved versatility or styling, be sure to check and review the technologies it employs as well.

Check thoroughly whether your hairline falls either on the thinner or thicker side to identify what suits you most beneficially.

5th Feature to Review: Design

Ergonomic functionality plays a huge role in adding comfort and usability to the product. Without it, your overall drying experience is compromised.

What you should check for is button placement, handle, and the ease of switching between attachments. Most blow dryers come with an attachment to allow better styling and eliminate your usual frizz in the morning.

If these attachments are hard to detach or should the product itself be poorly made, you aren’t getting much return for what you paid for.

Poor button placement also leads you to switching through different settings accidentally, which can be irritating long-term.

Be sure to check for how comfortable the grip is in your hands along with the ease of movement between your right and left hands. 

This may not seem as important short term wise, but comfort goes a long way with any product you’re using.


  • Check and review the motor type and watts capacity for reduced sound levels 
  • Review through the different technologies employed and preferably choose a combination for a stronger blow and lesser hairline damage
  • As much as possible, stick between the ranges of 70 – 80 dB as longer exposure causes adverse chronic effects
  • Choose versatility for better personalization purposes but be careful to check how the heat/speed settings affect thin and thick hairlines.
  • Make comfort a priority to ease the use of the product so it allows better grip and handling

Our Preferred Pick

Our Top Pick

The Bio Ionic stands champion for its impressive silent performance and is overall, an invaluable product.

Had the Dyson Supersonic been cheaper in price, this would’ve made the top bracket. 

It’s still fair to say the Supersonic is outstanding in design, usability, and performance.

Not all blow dryers are built the same and come with its own pros and cons. These pros and cons make it more suitable for specific needs and wants whether that might be a more professional look, better personalization, or value for money

With a number of metrics and specificity catered to every individual, don’t be discouraged if one might seem better than the other.

Instead, look for what benefits you the most even if it doesn’t hold the same effect on others. 

Your style is unique and so, your choice should be too.

We hope this article helped you find the best quiet hair dryer for you!

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