7 Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming and Work

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Every computer’s best friend is the keyboard. Without it, inputting is rendered impossible. 

With a noisy keyboard that clacks and tacks every time you input a key, it can be annoying, frustrating, and discomforting. 

That’s what I’m here for. To share with you how a quiet keyboard turns your average stressful day to an efficient, accomplished day-to-day feeling. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through 7 of our best quiet keyboards and how to choose a custom fit keyboard for your needs..

Table of Contents

Our Top Quiet Keyboards

Model Best For Switch Type Price
Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard Office/Administrative & Media Purposes Scissors Type Switch $
Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard Office/Administrative & Media Purposes Chiclet Type Switch $$$
Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard Gaming Purposes Razer Yellow Switch $$$$
Corsair K55 Keyboard Gaming Purposes Membrane $$
Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Office/Administrative & Casual Gaming Purposes Chiclet Type Switch $$$
Perixx Periboard 512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard Office/Administrative Purposes Membrane Type Switch $$$
Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Office/Administrative & Media Purposes Chiclet Type Switch $$$

Best Overall

Compatible with: Mac OSX and Windows

Slim isn’t the only feature you’d expect to find with the Kensington keyboard. Using scissor-switch technology gives the keyboard a low profile mimicking most laptop keyboard profiles and in the Kensington keyboard’s case, quiet indeed. 

Of course, I wouldn’t say perfectly quiet. There is in fact, some noise heard when typing.

Although, it’s at a minimum level that doesn’t cause disruptions to those around you making this a contender for the best keyboard for typing in office settings. 

You’ll marvel at your own typing rate due to the small gaps between each key along with minimal pressure needed in pressing the keys. This is an essential feature for a silent mechanical keyboard. The less pressure needed to depress a key improves convenience and ease of typing. 

If you’re a fast typist, comfortable, quiet keys suit you well.


  • Slim keyboard profile of just 0.75 inches
  • 128 Bit AES Encrypted Nano wireless connectivity 
  • Tilt angle elevation up to 30 degrees
  • Scissor-switch technology for quiet, precise control, and responsiveness 


  • Scissor switch technology allows for quiet typing
  • Small footprint occupying less space
  • Slim keyboard design allows convenience and portability
  • Even placement of keys for comfortable and faster typing rate


  • Elevation of 30 degrees still feels flat
  • Layout of keyboard can be a little disorienting at first
  • Inputting at least 2 keys at once can cause slight delays

When it comes to keyboard layout and design, this is where it’s a little confusing. While the keyboard itself is advertised as a slim keyboard, the layout follows a full sized keyboard except incomplete. 

The Home/End/Page Up, Down, etc. keys are arranged in a different manner and can take a little while to get used to, especially if you’ve familiarized yourself with a default arrangement of key placements. 

Response rates can also be somewhat troublesome when inputting at least 2 keys at once on the keyboard; hence, an ideal fit for office settings and not casual gaming. 

Overall, the Kensington Slim Type keyboard is budget friendly, quiet, and offers a small footprint, which I can say, is a highly recommended silent keyboard.

Best Value

Compatible With: Windows

I know what you’re thinking. Solar-powered devices don’t exactly live up to the expected output. 

I’m quite skeptical when it comes to solar-powered devices. The K750 is a different case. It charges both under natural light (sunlight) and artificial light. 

Even better, a fully charged keyboard lasts up to 3 months of total darkness. 

For a wireless solar keyboard, what makes the K750 a great choice is its key design. Its remarkable, with a concave curve to make comfort and cushioning ideal for typing. 

As for the space bar,  well let’s just say it’s balanced well with the keys too. While the key travel is great, delays in response and repeated keys are noticeable.


  • Solar power eliminates the need for batteries; keeps your keyboard charged even indoors
  • Laptop-like keys built for comfortable, quiet typing
  • Media keys to bring an even broader customer user experience
  • Use of concave designed keys to make every keystroke fluid and whisper quiet
  • Unifying receiver allowing you to pair easily with any compatible mouse or keyboard


  • Hassle free installation; plug and play simplicity
  • Limitless solar power
  • Impressive typing action
  • Exceptionally Quiet


  • Connectivity is limited to a short distance

Connectivity isn’t very reliable. So much as 6 ft of a distance is enough to cause inconsistencies to the connection. 

Although, with close enough distance, the response rates are efficient. It’s a bummer since this keyboard vouches for connectivity up to 2.4GHz. Since wireless keyboards don’t rely on batteries, strong connectivity should be an essential feature to look for.  

What I love though about the K750 keyboard is how exceptionally quiet it is and the ease of its installation setup process. There’s absolutely no need for pin codes or any complicated setting, almost like a plug and play concept.

With limitless solar power, the K750 solar keyboard combines quiet along with smart convenience and accessibility for its charging ability and battery life. An Apple version might also be available in the market today.

Premium Pick

Compatible With: Windows XP, Vista, 7 – 10, and Mac

I’ll start this off with switch type. The Razer yellow switch type is superb in durability, responsiveness, and quietness. That goes with an impressive 80 million-keystroke service life.  

This just might make it the quietest mechanical keyboard. 

With the Razer Elite’s keyboard full-RGB backlit keys, it is stunningly beautiful, fully programmable & customizable for every key. 

The keys work like a dual combo, having control for backlighting and can serve as a double function. Finally, the media controls for the Razer Elite keyboard provide aesthetically pleasing circular buttons that work as a multi-functional digital dial for better media control.


  • Razer yellow switch keys for longer durability and improved quiet, responsive keys
  • Full RGB color spectrum experience for an immersive gaming experience pivoting head
  • Multi-functional dial for a dual combo to customizing and controlling audio​
  • Integrated magnetic wrist rest for ergonomic keyboard factor​
  • 80 million keystroke life span


  • 10 key rollover for optimized gaming performance
  • Gorgeous functional design
  • Superb quietness and responsiveness
  • Fully customizable and programmable keys for backlighting and secondary functions
  • Great media control features


  • Expensive
  • Occasional ‘buggy’ software

The ergonomic design for this keyboard; however, is a drawback. It’s hard to operate with the media controls while typing or while actively using the keyboard. 

On the plus side, the wrist rest is magnetic and sensationally comfortable. For a quiet gaming laptop, the Razer Elite is an eye-catching prize sitting on your desk. 

It’s also important to note that with so many customizations allowed in this keyboard thanks to its most recent software upgrade, it occasionally encounters ‘buggyness’, but apart from that, the silent keystroke and overall design is gorgeous.

Compatible with: Windows 8, 9, 10

When it comes to video games, the Corsair K55 keyboard carries a strong contender lead in budget-friendly options among quiet, gaming keyboards. 

At first, membrane switch types don’t exactly call out quiet; however, the build by Corsair in its K55 model carries better membrane technology without the issue of any clicking sounds. 

Although membrane switch types aren’t as durable, the whole keyboard is well-built and sturdy in design. 

Greater pressure is needed for the keys, so it’s best to make use of the wrist-rest that comes along with the keyboard. Wrist rests are substantial additions to a keyboard due to their ergonomic benefits.


  • Immersive RGB backlighting
  • 6 fully programmable macro keys
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Detachable wrist rest for additional comfort
  • Media keys for better customization and control for your audio
  • Quiet and responsive keys


  • Keyboard is well-built and has a sturdy design
  • 6 dedicated macro keys easily customized ‘on the fly’
  • Anti-ghosting feature/8 key rollover for optimized matrix gaming
  • Great features and excellent software


  • Keyboard surface is prone to scratches, dust, and stains
  • Membrane type switches tend to wear out faster 

When it comes to response rates and performance, the Corsair K55 delivers notably: 6 dedicated macro keys easily programmable on the fly along with excellent software design and a lock windows key feature.  

An anti ghosting feature as well or better described, as an 8 key rollover is amazing for gaming performance. 

For a gaming keyboard, silent feels like a bonus considering its wide array of features. What can be a little disappointing is the keyboard surface as it’s quite prone to scratches, dust, and stains. 

Overall, the features that come within this price range aren’t common in the market today and its quality is considerably high. If you’re looking for a silent keyboard for gaming, this is a great option.

Compatible with: XP, Vista, versions 8, 9, 10, and Mac

What makes the Jelly Comb keyboard and mouse combo stand out as a quiet keyboard is its aluminum build, making its compact design a durable quality. 

For a wireless keyboard, connectivity as far as 26 feet away with minimal interferences in between reflects the efficiency of its USB receiver.  

Response rates also follow through quickly. Although, some keys on the keypad are either faulty or extra sensitive. Key travel is nearly virtually zero, so the displacements of keys are spread evenly on the keyboard. 

Quiet-wise, the Jelly Comb doesn’t disappoint. 

For a silent keyboard, this would be the perfect choice if not for the slight delays due to some of its faulty keys. 

That said, a 3 million-keystroke service life is pretty decent along with its outstanding battery life. Since the Jelly Comb is a lightweight keyboard, the portability of bringing this keyboard around is a substantial convenience in daily use.


  • Aluminum keyboard build;
    durability & long lasting
  • Quick response rate
  • Quiet to type with
  • Keyboard service life of 3 million keystrokes
  • Range of connectivity as far as 26 feet away


  • Key travel on keyboard is nearly virtually zero
  • Amazing battery life
  • Small footprint allows less space occupancy on your desk
  • Offers a keyboard and mouse combo


  • Some keys are faulty or extra sensitive
  • Mouse has weak connectivity
  • Small mouse size causes a weird arch in positioning hand placement
  • Mouse scroll wheel bar is a little loud

What’s great as well with the Jelly Comb is the combo package of a mouse and keyboard. While the keyboard makes for notable features in quietness and performance, the mouse is a downside unit. 

The scroll wheel bar can be a little loud and its connectivity doesn’t come as effective compared to the keyboard. 

Lastly, the mouse is somewhat small for its size, causing an arch when holding it. This can be uncomfortable and straining over long durations as well. 

Overall, the Jelly Comb keyboard and mouse combo meet the standards for quietness and performance. I’d say this silent keyboard is a great recommendation indeed. If a mouse if considerably significant in the work you do, weigh in your options with at least one alternative, just in case.

Compatible With: Windows XP, Vista, & versions 7 – 9

As you’d expect from the name, the Perixx Periboard was specifically manufactured for the purpose of ergonomic typing; a personal care trait. 

Shaped in a V layout and 3-D design, this keyboard facilitates lesser wrist movement along with an integrated palm rest to give you silent, comfortable typing. 

Quiet-wise, Perixx does a decent job on noise levels. The space bar could use some improvement in quietness. The keys also give a more tactile feedback, a common experience in membrane switchboards. 

In fairness, it’s still an adequately quiet keyboard and ideal for typing on longer hours than most keyboards. 

Having 7 multi media keys is also a good feature to this keyboard. Located directly at your line of sight allows an easy shift of eye movement while typing. 

If you’re shifting from a traditional keyboard model to the Perixx keyboard model, it can take some time to get used to. The split design technology allowing two space bars on the keyboard can throw your hand coordination off the first few times.


  • Integrated palm rest for improved comfort while typing
  • 7 multimedia hotkeys for better access to customization & control
  • 3D design as ergonomic factor
  • Split keypad with two spacebars


  • Affordable Keyboard
  • Keyboard has strong durability
  • Keyboard design offers good ergonomic factor
  • Follows natural curves of hands and wrists
  • Decently quiet to type on


  • No gel or memory foam padding
  • Difficult to clean
  • Arrow keys follow a vertical rectangular layout; too close to each other

The arrow keys follow a vertical rectangular layout, keeping them closer together and a little harder to adjust to. While the palm rest makes comfort a strong feature of this keyboard, it would help to have padding too. 

Perhaps gel or memory foam as an addition would be exceptionally comforting while typing.

Overall, as a quiet keyboard, Perixx does a decent job in providing performance, quietness, and ergonomic benefits. The design could take a little time adjusting to. After all, the benefits are long-term and in addition, it’s reasonably priced.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, & versions 7 – 10

Ahh, wireless and illumination. What I love about wireless keyboards is the hassle-free need of batteries, and to add illumination is pretty convenient. 

The benefits of a backlit keys not only make it easier to read when it’s dark but also, versatility is the main point here. If you ever find yourself working late nights at home while everyone’s asleep, backlit keys are essential. 

Except, that’s not the only benefit to come from the K800 illuminated keyboard. The keys are well-spaced allowing shallow distance movement from key to key and considerably, a quality in one of the best keyboards for typing.

Input lags and the issue of stuck keys are also non-evident. 

From there, I can say response rates for the K800 as a quiet keyboard are remarkable. 

A special and unique feature of the K800 keyboard is its Hand Proximity detection feature where the backlight dims as you pull your hands and brightens as you return closer to the keyboard. 

Even more, the illumination can be modified at different levels of brightness. Just in case it gets too bright, you can always adjust the level to fit your needs.


  • Available wrist rest to improve user comfort
  • Hand proximity detection
  • Laser-etched backlist keys and adjustable levels
  • Perfect keystroke system for comfortable, fluid, and whisper-quiet typing


  • Seamless typing and comfortable to type on
  • Hand Proximity detection is a novel and convenient benefit
  • Great wireless connectivity
  • Low noise when typing on keyboard


  • Short battery life
  • No Num Lock indicator
  • Short wrist rest

A few drawbacks of the K800 model though are its short battery life and wrist rest

Being a wireless keyboard, battery life is important as you’re bringing it around with you often or if not, charging it multiple times in a day can be an inconvenience. 

The wrist rest too, although great, is a little short. A great wrist rest ensures the end of your palm by the end of the pad for maximum comfort. 

Other than that, a backlit Num Lock key would have been useful. That said, the K800 illuminated keyboard is a strong win in its features, comfortable typing experience, and quietness thanks to its chiclet type switch. 

The Logitech K800 is a great recommendation for anyone looking for both a wireless and quiet keyboard.

Don’t let this be the end…

Quiet isn’t the only feature that you need in a keyboard. It’s true that silent keystrokes provide exceptional benefits on your part; however, I’d like to share with you more tips or suggestions about what else could be suitable and appealing to your needs. 

If you prefer a mouse to go along with your keyboard or perhaps keyboard accessories, your local store would most likely have them, but it also highly depends on the kind of user you are. 

When I say user, that’s what we’ll be discussing in the next section. Don’t stop with just how quiet your keyboard is. I’d like to help you even further on from here.

Choosing a Custom Fit Keyboard For Your Needs

A custom fit keyboard is dependent on what kind of user you are along with narrowing down the characteristics most essential to your needs as a user. There are 3 types of users specifically, office user, media user, and gamer.

What To Expect In This Section:

  • What kind of user are you and how this relates to the keyboard beneficial to you most.

  • What you should look for specifically relative to the type of user you are. Seeing as how each type of user has separate needs, this will be discussed in the section to follow below.

What You Should Look For?

1. Office User

Office User

  • Ergonomic features
  • Response rate
  • Numeric keypad

You spend hours crunching in data and most of the day your hands are pinned to the keyboard which makes you an ideal fit for ergonomic features, decent response rates, numeric keypad.

Ergonomic featuresErgonomic features are all about long-term comfort and strain prevention. With so much typing involved, you’re better off investing in hardware that can also benefit you in other areas apart from just productivity and focus. 

Response rate: Response rates refer to typing action and minimizing delays or input lags, which can be annoying and frustrating to deal with considering the amount of work needed to finish in an 8-hour timeframe. What you’re benefitting from most here is a fluid process flow in your work output. 

Numeric keypad: A numeric keypad comes as a feature with full-sized keyboards. While this might take up more space at your desk; however, there are full-sized keyboards with slim designs in the market today. 

It’s difficult to have a keyboard without the numeric keypad easily accessible on the right side. Full-sized keyboards deliver that kind of value. Whereas slim sized keyboards have the numeric values on the top of the QWERTY keys, this can be inconvenient when encoding data.

2. Media User

Media User

  • Media keys
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Backlight

You love movies, music, and any kind of entertainment that involves the media. This can be anything from watching movies to editing videos or listening to music and recording music.

From here, media keys, wireless keyboards, and a backlight are substantial fits to improve your overall user experience

Media keys: Media keys are a great benefit because you have all the master controls right in front of you in one go. Volume control, track skipping, background control, and any other additional controls are vital to improving your user experience. Why not go for a keyboard that’s both silent and makes you feel in total control?

Backlight: A backlight is more of an optional consideration as a media user. This is a bonus to give you an easier handle of your keyboard or when the ambience isn’t as bright as you would expect it to be. 

As a benefit, a backlight adds to the overall convenience for the user in regards to an easier access to media keys without having to crunch your eyes while in the dark.

Wireless keyboard: Digital advancement has allowed both music and movies to be hooked on to a TV. It also provides an even more ultimate experience at home or any place that gives you access to the media. 

Wireless keyboards make your job a lot easier without needing batteries and having to figure out cables that match directly to a device’s equivalent color or label. Why settle for cables when you can go wireless. Honestly, the whole trial-and-error game is getting old. Make it easier by using a keyboard that directly suits your needs.

3. Gamer


  • Programmable keys
  • Wrist rest
  • RGB backlight
  • Switch type

Programmable keys: For an even better gaming experience, allowing yourself to be fully control in-game with programmable hotkeys and media control are essential. 

Key sequences are important to every gamer and allow faster, efficient gaming. Media control has a similar effect. Strapped to headphones and to virtually feel as if you’re inside the game itself, that’s where media keys come in.

Wrist rest: I don’t know about you but, sometimes I think wrist rests are highly underrated. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be comfortable while spending hours on a keyboard. Wrist rests aren’t only comfortable. They also make great uses for longer durations of game time and consistency. For me, you’re getting both comfort and efficiency.

RGB backlight: A backlight is great and to have a full spectrum of colors relative to the game or even if it’s a rainbow of colors, this is more of an optional choice for me. 

Still, this makes a substantial addition to the whole experience. A simple backlight for the keyboard is decent enough. As for full RGB backlighting, it’s more of a personal preference or price standpoint.

Switch type: Switch types come in diversity. Common switches I’m familiar with are your membrane & Chiclet switches and Cherry MX switches. The most recent switch I’ve come across are the Razer switches.

These are all great switches that are quiet to type on ranging from fairly quiet to incredibly quiet. However, switches aren’t only just about noise levels. Durability also plays an integral role in all this. Gaming usually involves a high keystroke rate, so it’s also best to weigh in durability as a factor too.

Our Top Pick

Having a quiet keyboard makes a big difference. 

These benefits include an improved wholesome experience at work, home, and even in a gaming perspective, which leads me to my personal and preferred keyboard overall. 

The Logitech K750 takes the stand as top choice.

Not just because of how incredibly silent the keystrokes are, but the wireless solar power of the K750 is appealing in almost every way in design,economical saving, and versatility. 

It’s incredibly quiet and superb in typing action making it an ideal fit for my needs and honestly; the poor connectivity is quite adaptable. 

At the cost of better saving power, battery life, quick typing, and quietness, it’s an exceptional bargain. 

I hope this guide has helped you decide which keyboard truly fits you and most importantly, to lessen any overwhelming decision needed to be made in choosing a quiet keyboard.

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