10 Best Quiet Tires For a Smooth Ride On Any Road

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Looking for the best quiet tires for a comfortable, smooth drive? 

Your search is over because after this guide, you’ll know exactly which tire is best for you and suits your needs whether that’s on the highway or off-road.

So relax. Your overall ride quality is about to skyrocket in comfort.

We narrowed down the best quiet tires on the market that can give you a smooth and quiet ride.

Most Quiet
Hankook Optimo H727
Best Overall
Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Best Budget Pick
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus
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Our Picks for the Best Quiet Tires

After hours of testing and driving, these are the best quiet tires that will give you a smooth and peaceful driving experience. 

1. Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Best Overall

Tires Specifications: 205/45 ZR17/XL   88Y
205 mm || 45 Aspect Ratio || 17 inches || 1,235 lbs load capacity || 186 mph speed rating

Price: $$$

Let’s Talk Quiet: The Michelin Pilot Super Sport (PSS) follows an asymmetric tread design and 10% more lightweight than most tires to reduce sound and rank as one of the best quiet tires on the market. 

Expect a quiet ride from Michelin’s tire technology along with keeping your tires heat resistant and longer tread wear. Even more, Michelin added a rubber layer between the tires tread and reinforced material to decrease sound and lessen vibrations improving your overall driving experience. 


  • Twaron belt Variable Contact Patch 2.0 for stronger reinforcement and longer, even tread wear
  • Filament at Zero (FAZ) technology to enhance ride quality, cornering, and handling
  • Wet elastomers for better wet traction
  • Michelin Bi-compound to improve handling in wet and dry weather conditions


  • Longer tread life
  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Quiet and comfortable driving
  • Great cornering capabilities & steering precision


  • Rims prone to dirt, damage , and debris
  • Can’t be used as a winter tire

Tires fit for:

  • Tires mostly suited for luxury vehicles or exotic cars
  • Not suited for heavy-duty vehicles

2. Hankook Optimo H727

Most Quiet

Tires Specifications: P185/65 R14 85T 
185 mm || 65 Aspect Ratio || 14 inches || 1,135 lbs load capacity || 118 mph speed rating

Price: $$

Let’s Talk Quiet: Similar to the MXV4 tread design, Hankook Optimo features a computerized tread design for a more smooth, quiet ride

While the capabilities don’t come as close to the MXV4 tires, Hankook features a lot you’ll feel worth paying for.  

Solid traction is evident in Hankook’s tires thanks to its four circumferential grooves and sipes in its tread blocks design. Steering, response, and cornering perform decent as well along with its improved durability. 

Finally, the tires come with a 100,000 miles warranty, which you don’t find in any common set of tires today and quite frankly, the longest.


  • Carbon Compound Tech for a smooth, quiet ride
  • Tread blocks design to enhance traction even in light snow
  • Center rib and tapered lateral slots for enhanced steering and cornering capabilities 


  • Longer wear life; 100,000 miles warranty
  • Low tire road noise
  • Excellent steering precision
  • Solid traction in dry-wet conditions
  • Value for money


  • Deep snow traction is a challenge
  • Handling can be improved

Tires fit for:

  • Best for trucks and sedans
  • Looking for alternative lower cost high performance tires

3. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

Best Budget Pick

Tires Specifications: 215/70 R16 100T SL 
215 mm || 70 Aspect Ratio || 16 inches || 1764 lbs load capacity || 118 mph speed rating

Price: $

Let’s Talk Quiet: Pirelli features its Pirelli Noise Cancelling Technology for improved noise reduction, along with an integrated sound absorbing device created to provide the quietest tires and a quiet ride experience. 

These touring tires also follows an asymmetrical tread design that features four wide circumferential grooves for enhanced handling and cornering performance. 

Shoulder and tread blocks created with high lateral and longitudinal siping provides drivers with better grip in wet and winter conditions. 

Unlike summer tires, touring tires last longer in tread life and Pirelli’s tire features include lower rolling resistance for lesser fuel consumption. 

It isn’t a sport tire and although costly, it provides a quiet, comfort, and winter performance for the price paid.


  • Pirelli Noise Cancelling Technology (PNCS) for a smooth, quiet ride experience
  • Reinforced shoulder and tread blocks design created for enhanced grip in slippery wet & weather conditions
  • Silica-enhanced compound to reduce rolling resistance for improved fuel economy performance and lower C02 emissions


  • Excellent in dry, wet, and light winter conditions
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Quiet performance
  • Longer tread life


  • Poor performance in deep snow
  • Higher budget than most tires

Tires fit for:

  • Looking for comfort, all season capabilities, and light snow traction
  • Best for an SUV or small crossovers

4. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

Tires Specifications: P235/75  R15 105T
235 mm || 75 Aspect Ratio || 15 inches || 2039 lbs load capacity || 118 mph speed rating

Price: $$

Let’s Talk Quiet: Bridgestone Dueler touring tires is designed with a symmetrical ribbed tread pattern that follows the road surface at all times, giving you a great experience for touring all-season long. 

This adds flexibility to the tires and evenly distributes pressure lowering the rolling resistance. 

The reduced rolling resistance along with reinforced sidewall allows the tires to absorb driving shock for a comfortable and quiet ride. 

The Alenza model compared to the Bridgestone Turanza serenity model is an SUV type and eco-friendly touring tires while Turanza is a grand touring type. 

Thanks to the tires’ shock absorption and lowered sound vibrations, the touring vehicle carries one of the quietest tires and a secure driving experience year round.


  • Symmetric ribbed tread design with high silica & polymer compound for better flexibility, even pressure distribution, and reduced fuel consumptions and CO2 emissions
  • Wide circumferential grooves for all weather traction and improved comfort and driving experience
  • Continuous center rib boost and notched shoulder blocks to improve responsiveness and handling
  • Optimal siping detail prevents hydroplaning
  • 80,000 miles warranty


  • Great traction in rough weather conditions
  • Handling and steering are responsive
  • Comfortable ride quality & reduced sound levels
  • Great cornering capabilities & steering precision
  • Great for touring all-season long


  • Braking on ice is difficult
  • May start to develop road noise halfway its tread life

Tires fit for:

  • Drivers who are SUV enthusiasts or own light trucks
  • Safe performance on ice and snow covered road surfaces

5. Hankook Ventus V12 evo 2 Summer Radial Tire

Tires Specifications: 225/40R18 Y 
265 mm || 50 Aspect Ratio || 15 inches || 1709 lbs load capacity || 112 mph speed rating

Price: $$

Let’s Talk Quiet: Hankook’s tire features are impressive by mark. 

Its tire tread design features intermediate blocks that suppress sound at outstanding levels. These blocks are integrated with stealth technology and wingtip design also making Hankook carry one of the best budget quiet tyres.

The summer tires on the V12 evo2 model comes with a central continuous rib with 3D designed intermediate ribs created for greater handling in dry conditions.  

Efficient wet traction is also evident through its jet lateral grooves for evacuating water efficiently from the tire.


  • Styrene polymer with high-silica tread compound for better fuel economy
  • Stealth and wingtip design in blocks allow a quiet road experience
  • Nylon wrapped wide-steel belts for durability
  • Aqua jet grooves for greater resistance to hydroplaning


  • Highly suppressed tire sound
  • Fuel efficient
  • Value for money
  • Great precision steering, handling, and responsiveness


  • Tread life is mediocre
  • Sidewall stability could be improved
  • Low temperatures affect traction

Tires fit for:

  • Drivers looking for budget high-performance tires
  • Best for compact or sports cars, coupes, and sedans
  • Not recommended for track touring or even with a sports car, at an acceptable speed limit

6. Goodyear Wrangler Radial

Tires Specifications: 235/75 R15 105S SL 
235 mm || 75 Aspect Ratio || 15 inches || 2,039 lbs load capacity || 112 mph speed rating

Price: $

Let’s Talk Quiet: When it comes to off-road terrain, Goodyear manufactures one of the best quiet tires ideal for light trucks, crossovers, vans, and two & four-wheel drives.

Tread blocks design improves traction in both loose and muddy terrain and also comes with a decent aspect ratio. 

The radial tires are best known for its budget friendly offers, versatility, and used mostly as original equipment replacements.


  • Large tread blocks for improved weather traction capabilities
  • Tug lug spacing for enhanced fuel economy
  • Circumferential grooves gives decent wet grip and hydroplaning resistance


  • Good value for money
  • Solid off-road traction
  • Decent stability even at higher speeds
  • Can be an Original Equipment replacement tire


  • Sidewall construction is poor
  • Mediocre traction on wet and snow conditions

Tires fit for:

  • Need tires to drive you around town and off-road at times
  • Best for jeeps, pickups, and light trucks

7. Michelin Primacy MXV4

Tires Specifications: P205/55 R16 89H 
205 mm || 55 Aspect Ratio || 16 inches || 1,279 lbs load capacity || 30 mph speed rating

Price: $$

Let’s Talk Quiet: Michelin Primacy grand touring tires features Comfort Control tech created to produce less vibration, road noise, and a quieter drive in all speed levels. 

The computerized tread pattern also boosts the reduction in sound levels giving Michelin another mark as carrying the quietest tires to drive in. 

Another impressive design in the tires is its tread compound molded by combining notched shoulders, independent tread blocks, and continuous center ribs for overall boosted all season traction in dry, wet, and light snow conditions. 

The MXV4 tires rank as one of the premium choices among all season touring tires offering outstanding tire features, design, and capabilities. 


  • MaxTouch Construction to increase wear life
  • Active Sipes for boosted all season traction in all conditions including light snow
  • Banded at Zero degrees (BAZ) tech for high durability and comfort
  • Comfort control for a quiet drive in all speed levels


  • Tire noise is virtually nonexistent
  • Great traction in dry and wet conditions including light snow
  • Impressive wear life
  • Outstanding responsiveness
  • Great for touring all-season long


  • Limited as a winter tire

Tires fit for:

  • Best for sedans, crossovers, minivans, and coupes

8. Yokohama EnVigor

Tires Specifications: 195/55 R15 85V   SL 
195 mm || 55 Aspect Ratio || 15 inches || 1,135 lbs load capacity || 149 mph speed rating

Price: $$

Let’s Talk Quiet: Yokohama tires are a solid choice in the department of all season tires and noise levels. 

Its Six Pitch Tread design created to stagger and separate the tread blocks aid in reducing road noise making it a quiet tire indeed. 

Yokohama designed the tires to be lightweight, adding more fuel efficiency to the vehicle. Although light, the tires steel belts are reinforced by a spirally wound nylon belt for improved durability and stability even at higher speeds. 

This also increases the overall comfort and puts the EnVigor tires as a strong contender as an all season tire.


  • Groove-in-Groove technology boosts stiffness of sidewalls
  • Intermediate blocks, 3-D sipes, and angled grooves reduces hydroplane resistance and dry-wet traction
  • Six Pitch Tread Variation for silent tire noise
  • Silica tread compound with Uni-bloc shoulders for better handling


  • Above average braking & grip cornering capabilities
  • Solid traction in dry & wet surfaces
  • Great value for money
  • Smooth, silent drive


  • Wear life could be improved
  • Precision steering is okay
  • Slush or ice traction is okay

Tires fit for:

  • Best for crossovers, sport coupes, and sedans
  • Solid choice for a reliable all season tire 
  • You don’t need the latest tire tech nor aggressive driving

9. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus

Tires Specifications: 205/55  ZR16 91Y   SL 
205 mm || 55 Aspect Ratio || 16 inches || 1,356 lbs load capacity || 186 mph speed rating

Price: $$

Let’s Talk Quiet: The A/S 3 Plus model carries relatively quiet tires. 

These tires fall as Michelin’s ultra high performance tire and focus more on traction, responsiveness, cornering, and how it handles dry, wet, & occasional snow conditions.  

It also features an aggressive asymmetric tread for cornering capabilities along with Variable Patch 3.0 tech to lessen heat distortion. 

Although road noise is fairly audible in the A/S 3 plus model, it doesn’t disappoint in its capabilities and still delivers outstanding value. Value I would strongly recommend.


  • Helio + Compound for enhanced grip in light snow and wet surfaces 
  • 6-rib design features more rubber and rigid blocks to improve dry cornering & handling
  • Variable Contact Patch 3.0 technology to aid in hydroplaning resistance and wet traction
  • Steel belt reinforced with spiral-wrapped polyamide to enhance durability, tread life, and comfort


  • Superb cornering and steering capabilities
  • Impressive traction in dry-wet conditions
  • Improved traction in snow and ice conditions
  • Solid stability


  • Ride quality and comfort needs slight improvement

Tires fit for:

  • Looking for a higher performing tire and more aggressive action in dry-wet conditions
  • Drivers of sport cars, coupes, and sedans

10. Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Tires Specifications: 205/50  ZR15 86W   SL 
205 mm || 50 Aspect Ratio || 15 inches || 1,168 lbs load capacity || 168 mph speed rating

Price: $$$

Let’s Talk Quiet: The Continental ExtremeContact is a serious upgrade from the DW model with 86% increase in sidewall strength, 6% more ride stiffness, and 20% boosted tread life, all while maintaining its already extremely silent tire. 

The new upgrade is due to the new two-ply construction and tread pattern with larger shoulder blocks and reinforced edges. 

Even when competing against the Pilot Sport, Continental takes the lead in demonstrating superiority in dry conditions. 

What you can get most out of the Continental apart from silent drive is a solid balance of grip, exceptional wet traction, and overall comfort.


  • +Silane Tech for enhanced traction and improved contact on dry and wet surfaces
  • SportPlus tech for better steering and responsiveness along with stability
  • Optimized footprint with grooves for greater hydroplaning resistance
  • Y-shaped sipes for stiffness maintenance for dry grip and enhancing wet traction


  • Extremely silent while maintaining comfort
  • Superb traction and braking for dry & wet conditions
  • Great stability and cornering capabilities
  • Much improved precision steering and responsiveness


  • Unable to perform as winter tire

Tires fit for:

  • Best for driving enthusiasts 
  • Looking for better maxed high performance tires
  • For sports cars and sedans

How You Can Make Your Tires Even More Silent

With so much innovation and the latest tire tech booming by the day, it also helps to know the basics or fundamentals that contribute to giving you the best quiet tires possible. 

Back before any high tech design came into play, here are a few ways you can add value to the overall quietness of your tire.

How to make tires silent

1. Tire Wheel Size

The thicker the tire’s rubber that comes in contact with the road as you’re driving, the noisier it sounds. Basically, smaller dimensions in your tire means less noise. You can easily find the dimensions of your tire, measured in inches, at the numbers written on the sidewall. 

An example would be, P185/65 R14 85T, where the dimensions can be found after the “R”, so in this case, 14 inches would be the measurement for this certain model. A 14 inch tire is less noisy than a 16 inch tire.

2. Tire Width

Similar to tire size, your tire width is measured in millimeters (mm). This can also be found in your sidewall and using the same example, P185/65 R14 85T, the measurement is found right after the “P”. 

In this case, it measures up to 185 millimeters (mm) in width and so 185 mm is more silent than a tire at 195 mm.

3. Load Index & Speed Rating

These are both independent from each other but both have charts you can quickly pull up from Google. The mechanics behind these two contributors to reduced road noise is the lesser the load index/speed rating, the more silent your tires.

Taking again from the same example used earlier, P185/65 R14 85T, your load index and speed rating are the last three digits you see: “85T” where 85 refers to your load index and T refers to the speed rating

The “85” will correspond to a certain pound (lbs) your tires are capable of lifting and the “T” corresponds to the speed level and type of car suited for its speed. This information is easily accessible online.

4. Tread Design

Your tires’ tread design, also known as the grooves, are the patterns you see on the middle part of your wheel usually following a repetitive pattern. Believe it or not, this too can either make your tire louder or quieter. 

Look for rib tread patterns as these are the quietest followed by rib-lug patterns and finally your lug and block patterns. 

5. Tire Materials

Better tread rubber and softer rubber used to manufacture tires generates less noise than rougher or harder tread rubber. 

I’d be careful with this part though. While softer rubber gives you a more silent drive, you pay a lot more with a softer rubber composition since this can wear out faster. In the case of better tread rubber, go for it. 

Softer tread rubber gives better grip during wet or rainy conditions making this beneficial for your tires. You can ask tire manufacturers more about this.

6. Tire Pressure

This might be one of the most common overlooked factors and yet it highly contributes to tire noise.

Under-Inflated: Generate more noise, lesser fuel economy, and edges wear out rapidly

Over-Inflated: Generate more noise, poor grip and traction, and center wears out rapidly

Appropriately Inflated: Optimized fuel economy, noise levels, less wear prone and traction

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to inflate your tire every once in a while especially after traveling long distances. Keeping your tires maintained regularly with the appropriate air pressure improve your driving more than you think.

7. Blocks and Shoulders

You probably noticed the term ‘blocks’ and ‘shoulders’ a few times throughout the article, which leads me to share with you how essential they are in the quietness of tires.

Reinforced shoulders dampen the noise of your tires and the sizes of blocks if smaller also improve quietness. In contrast, larger blocks mean a louder tire and also, a smaller gap between blocks dampens noise even more. 

8. Tire Wear

Tire maintenance is essential and improper maintenance usually leads to tires that eventually wear down. This ‘wear’ or tread life affects tire noise greatly. 

Tire pressure is one of the maintenance for your tires. Another is changing your tires when needed and doing check-ups at least after 6 thousand miles. Wheel alignment, suspension, and properly bolted lug nuts are high contributors to wear life as well. 

Not doing so affects fuel engine economy, comfort, driving control, and tire life. 

Assuring your tire is in good condition saves you money as well on having to spend for new tires and your vehicle as a whole. 

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport ranks number one for delivering quietness, precision steering, tread life, and excellent traction as a high performing all season tire. This brand is also one of the best tire brands out there, so they surely won’t disappoint.

It’s fair to say the ExtremeContact came close to the Pilot model in almost all metrics and even ranked slightly higher in dry traction handling. The Super Sport; however, is in its own league when it comes to durability and dry traction.

Coming in as our top two and three contenders are the Hankook Optimo H727 and the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus. These two rank not only because of their quietness but also because of their performance and affordability.

You can also check out our article for the best quiet mud tires on the market today.

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