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When it comes to loud and irritatingly noisy alarms, startling and jarring noises can rouse your mood in the morning and heavily affect how you start your day.

Instead of feeling enthusiastic and motivated, a noisy, disruptive alarm is detrimental to both your ears and body. 

Smartphones might be handy, but the emitted blue light leaves you feeling restless throughout the night

A non-ticking alarm clock, on the other hand, promotes better rest and mood-boosting effects.

I’m here to help transform your mornings through this guide.

Best Value
Lbell Alarm Clock 8
Best Overall
Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock
Best Budget Pick
Marathon CL030023BK Travel Alarm Clock
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Our Top Silent Alarm Clocks

The best silent alarm clocks should guarantee that you wake up peacefully every morning. We tried and tested several alarm clocks and picked these as the best silent ones.

1. Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Best Overall

Gorgeous design. Sunrise simulation. Personalized access & control. I give credit to the Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock for such extraordinary aspects to give a pleasant morning experience.


The sunrise simulation evokes a natural way of waking you in the morning and stimulates an improved mood far from any stress. The sunrise simulation is even smooth in transition with light naturally surrounding the bedroom like an actual sunrise.

You can even adjust the settings on your preferred brightness and conveniently snooze your alarm through tapping the bulb.

What’s different is how this silent alarm clock uses light therapy, making it more gentle and natural to your sleep-wake cycle. The sound used focuses highly on nature sounds. Personally, I find nature sounds to be much more effective than any other type of noise to the ears.

Things to Note

The only headache to the Philips design is the interface.

It’s a challenge to set up and program, so expect a number of trial and error processes before successfully using this silent alarm clock. With so many additional features, it’s overwhelming to get used to all the buttons and settings you can set for your alarm.

You’ll also need to add a considerable amount of pressure when snoozing. While it suggests you can tap anywhere on the bulb to snooze, a light tap isn’t enough.


I suggest taking note of what you’re pressing and setting for your alarm in the initial stages of using this silent alarm clock. The manual is definitely going to be your best friend for a while.

Perhaps using labels for each type of setting will help the process easier on your part as it does for me. Although the interface is challenging, it’s worth every penny once the hard part is done.

Sunrise Simulation

Follow/mimics a sunrise with UV free wake up light along with 20 adjustable brightness settings

Smart Snooze

Just tap anywhere on the bulb to snooze your alarm

Simply Plug & Go

A simple plug and play process where no assembly is required

Large LED Display

Read time easily with a larger digital display in front of you

5 Wake Up Call Sounds and FM Radio Function

Choose from 5 different wake up call sounds or FM radio option

Personalized Light Settings

10 light intensities of the wake-up light and is customizable up to 200 lux

Power Back Up +

Maintains internal alarm clock settings and back-up alarm for 8 hours in the event of an outage or power failure


  • Natural, gentle way of waking you up
  • Quiet alarm
  • Non-disturbing when sleeping
  • Impressive range of attributes
  • Light therapy has long-term healthcare benefits
  • Gorgeous design
  • Variety of personalization & customizable options
  • Smooth transition of sunrise simulation


  • Challenging Interface
  • Poor control intuitive design; difficult to look for and get used to
  • Tap to Snooze button is difficult to operate 

2. Lbell Alarm Clock 8

Best Value

If you’re in the market looking for a cheaper alternative to light therapy as an alarm, I recommend the Lbell alarm clock 8.


It follows a sunrise simulation as well as giving you that natural wake process; however, the transition is not as smooth as you’d expect it to be and is rather more of an instant shifting of colors. 

Apart from its 7 nature options to choose from as an alarm, you can also opt for the FM radio if you feel more drawn to waking up to music.

After an alarm is set, both the music and light will continue for a total of 9 minutes before turning off, which is advantageous for those who prefer to stay in bed a little longer.

Configuring it is also easy except for the FM radio alarm setting as it can be a little confusing to get this silent alarm clock to accept the right station or music you prefer. 

Things to Note

As a night light, be prepared to select from a wide array of option – another great benefit to the Lbell alarm clock.

Although you can choose two customizable alarm times, what could’ve been a great addition is a weekday alarm setting, which would make it much more versatile.

Button placement isn’t intuitive either and while there’s a good number of nature sounds to choose from, the whole audio experience is mediocre. 


For price and features, this is a great choice.

You don’t find a lot of light therapy alarm clocks at this price level and also, because it uses Lithium ion batteries, so consider this clock’s alarm settings of no worry to you during an outage.

I can say it’s decent in versatility, has good personalization/customization options, and a good range of attributes. I’d recommend this for anyone looking for less expensive and adequate quality options.

Sleep Aid Sunrise Simulation

Simulates a wake-up light similar to a sunrise starting from dark red to bright yellow and can set brightness, duration, music, and volume in advance

FM Radio Alarm Clock

Save up to 40 channels and long press FM button for 2 seconds to start and automatically scan all stations

Dual Alarm Clock

Choose setting one of your alarms for weekdays and another on weekends

7 Different Natural Sounds

Choose up to 7 different options including ocean waves, piano, and birds chirping

8 Colors Light Alarm & USB Port

Have the option of choosing 8 different colors for your night light and 20 levels of warm light. You’ll even have a USB charging port located behind the alarm clock


  • Budget-friendly alternative for light therapy
  • Follows a sunrise simulation effect making it an effective sleep aid for your bedroom
  • Configuration for alarm is easy to set up
  • Wide array of color options to choose from as a night light
  • Impressive range of attributes


  • Sunrise simulation transition is not smooth
  • Configuring the FM radio alarm is confusing to set up
  • Button placement is not intuitive
  • Audio experience is mediocre

3. Marathon CL030023BK Travel Alarm Clock

Best Budget Pick

The dualistic properties for the Marathon CL030023BK make a great introduction functioning as either a travel alarm or personally by your bedside. 


The design provides a slightly angled tilt to increase visibility along with a sharper display; however, viewing the display at a height lower than its placement is blurry to the eye. 

Noise levels hit the spot, adding a check to your list of quiet alarm clocks. Starting off with two beeps and followed by a rapid beep, Marathon offers a more gradual, gentle way to wake you up. 

An ergonomic aspect of the Marathon CL030023BK is its stop/light/snooze button. A round silver concave button sits in prominence of this clock’s design, allowing accessibility when you wake and sleep to a high extent. 

Some additional, interesting features include indoor temperature reading, calendar date, and the option of reading the alarm clock in 5 different languages. It’s definitely great for personal use and even more as a travel alarm considering its compact design. 

Things to Note

What can be upsetting is how easily exposed the light button is upon folding the alarm clock. 

The other keys used to set the time, alarm, temperature, etc. are also small and rather difficult to use that you’d need your fingernail to add appropriate pressure. The night light could also use a few more seconds to stay on rather than shut off a second or two after turning it on.


As you pack it in your luggage, I suggest being careful in storing it as the light button can easily be pushed, which might cause issues for battery life long term.

All in all, I consider these to be fairly minor issues and still recommend the Marathon CL030023BK to be an exceptional alarm clock you can find in the market today.

Built in Stand

Foldable and design with 180-degree rotational alarm clock face

Snooze Alarm Button with Backlight Function

All in one button for easy access to alarm/snooze & backlight functions

Temperature Display

Displays internal temperature in 12 or 24 display formants and Celsius or Fahrenheit

Calendar Display

Digital display of month, day, and year.

5 Language Option

Can be set in 5 different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian


  • Can be used as a travel and personal alarm
  • Ergonomic button feature for snooze/alarm and backlight
  • Compact design w/ great attributes such as temperature and calendar display


  • Button is easily pushed when packed; might shorten battery life
  • Buttons aren’t intuitive

4. Marathon CL030053SV Classic Silent Sweep Alarm Clock

The Marathon CL030053SV is a simple, stylish alarm clock effective for waking you up from sleep without any jarring or startling noises. The features, as advertised, are all adequately functional. 


A few features of high note are its non-slip feature allowing less accident-prone drops that could cause the alarm clock to malfunction. Its auto night light feature is a unique quality as well. 

Being able to sense the dimness of the room to adjust night light levels is an innovative concept Marathon offers. 

The smooth sweep hand aspect of the Marathon CL030053SV, clearly visible on the product label, holds true to its word. You won’t hear any ticking noises and with quiet at the top of your list, this elegant & quiet device delivers.

Things to Note

A drawback for the Marathon alarm clock would be setting the time. While the alarm clock is easy to use, it follows a 12-hour time setting. So should you opt to set your alarm say at 6 p.m. for 7 a.m., the alarm clock will read this as 7 p.m. which can be slightly inconvenient since you’d have to wake just 30 to 45 minutes after your fall into bed.  


Altogether, the Marathon CL030053SV offers elegance in design, especially in black, simplicity, and the basic functions of an alarm clock that prepare your morning moodiness free of nerve-wracking sensations. 

Silent Smooth Sweep Hand

Engineered with quiet hand quartz movement to eliminate any tick-tock sound when running

Auto Night Light

Auto-sensing feature that triggers a soft glow to illuminate the dial as the lights go off

Battery Operated

Runs on 2 AA batteries and minimizes the worry for any potential electrical or power outages

Snooze Alarm

Easy to set alarm along with easy placement of buttons


  • Ease of Use
  • Non-slip pad for greater stability
  • Quiet alarm; not irritating to ears


  • Manual setting of time due to 12 hour time settings is slightly inconvenient

5. ShakeAwake Vibrating Alarm Clock

Pocket-sized comfort is the best way to describe this versatile, silent, vibrating alarm clock. 


I’d say this vibrating alarm clock works great for both heavy and light sleepers because of its unique feature to either beep or vibrate. 

Keeping it close to you beside or under your pillow is an effective way to wake you from sleep. Not only is this small device powerful but also, in spite of its power, it doesn’t disrupt anyone in the same environment as you.

Even the person next to you will still be soundly asleep as this alarm clock starts to vibrate. If you’re looking for a great option that gets you out of bed without worrying how loud it is or how it might wake those around you, I encourage you to give this vibrating alarm clock a shot. 

It’s even more effective tucked under the sheets of your pillow.

Things to Note

A downside to the ShakeAwake though is its poor design. You can tell the materials aren’t durable. Secondly, the fine print on the back needed to set the time or alarm is difficult to read making this a difficult to set. 

Speaking of setting alarms, it’s also highly recommended to keep this under your pillow as keeping it by your bedside when it vibrates causes it to fall over.

On a highly positive note, it’s an inexpensive device. To be able to wake you from under your pillow is a different yet effective therapy from your usual therapeutic sounds/tones. Design might also be cheap; however, for a small price to pay in exchange for effectiveness, it’s worth the bargain. A black or navy blue color option would’ve also been preferable. 


Regardless, ShakeAwake promotes flexibility by allowing this little device to serve as a medical appointment or business reminder in your pocket or an alarm under your pillow. ShakeAwake provides a simple, powerful & innovative way of waking you up without the need for sounds. On that note, I recommend using the vibrating alarm feature instead of relying on sound to wake you up. 

Small Travel Size

Slim design ideal for carrying around in your pocket or under your pillow

Compact Design

Simple design and comfortable edges

Dual Alarm Settings

Choose between vibration, beeping alarm sound, or both


  • Doesn’t wake up the person next to you
  • Pocket design allows greater convenience and portability
  • Simple, inexpensive, and versatile


  • Materials used in design are cheaply manufactured
  • Fine print at back of device is difficult to read

6. Peakeep Non-Ticking Silent Alarm Clock

The Peakeep Non-ticking silent alarm clock is a straightforward device. I’ll give it that. I also like how the company mentions that they listen to their customers. You know they don’t just manufacture cheap models and let value go to waste. 


To start off, the volume adjustment knob is a nice touch to the overall design and it’s an aspect most alarm clocks don’t possess. 

You also have the option to choose from 7 different sounds but it’s mostly a personal preference. I personally feel more drawn to the bird chirping noises option rather than your Kenny G or oddly cannon option. 

Peakeep also installed a 5 minute snooze function, so it’s ideal for those that love to hit the snooze button a couple of times and at least, more than three hits.

Just when you think how much this alarm clock has to offer, you’ll also have a night light aspect to go along with it. 

Things to Note

Although, it’s not as bright when you use it with the lights off making it difficult to read the time. I’d also like to mention how the time is inaccurate by an average of 10 minutes or so. If you’re setting your alarm time for 7 a.m., it goes off either 10 minutes prior or after the initial alarm set. 


Inaccuracy and brightness levels may not be considered strengths for the Peakeep non-ticking alarm clock, but the many characteristics offered especially its adjustable volume levels are a highlight feature for what defines quiet alarm clocks.

Adjustable Noise Volume

Built-in dial feature for controlling and adjusting alarm level as needed

7 Soothing Sound Options

Choose among 7 different sound options including bird chirping for a softer and gentler wake up call

Quiet Sweep Hands

Quiet sweep along with analog non-tick movement for a better rest cycle

User-friendly night light

Top bar button easily accessible to light up your dial and easily read time

Separate Alarm On/Off Button

Alarm button placement at the side for easier handling in the morning or when half-asleep


  • Great features for volume adjustment and sound options
  • Quiet without any startling noises
  • Easy to use and straightforward setup
  • Night light is at the right brightness level


  • Inaccuracy of time; 10 minute difference from set alarm
  • Could use more nature/ instrumental noise options

7. Dream Sky Alarm Clock Radio

The Dream Sky alarm clock radio is a compact, versatile product that meets your needs as a bedside alarm clock. 


Unlike most analog clock options mentioned throughout this article, you get a digital display of time, temperature, and date on a larger LCD screen. This makes it easier to tell the time even when its dark thanks to its jumbo sized digits. 

A unique feature to the Dream Sky analog clock is its USB port you can conveniently use for charging your phone. 

You’ll also have the option of choosing between FM radio or buzzer as your alarm along with three adjustable brightness levels. When it comes to the alarm sound, it follows an ascending noise pattern ideal for waking you gradually rather than instantly disrupting your sleep-wake cycle.

Setting the alarm is also easy to do and doesn’t require much effort. 

Things to Note

Should you choose to start your alarm tuned to your favorite FM station, the process can be slightly more lengthy and complicated. This would most likely be expected since there’s only one button needed for setting the alarm regardless if its buzzer of FM, so a proper designation for which would be preferable.

A minor issue would also be the inaccurate reading of the temperature and how the display can be quite bright even at the lowest brightness level. 


Overall, the Dream Sky alarm clock fits your needs for a quiet alarm clock adequately.

0 to 100% Adjustable Dimmer

Adjust the dimness and brightness level easier starting from level 0 to 100 instead of the traditional low, medium, and high settings

Large Display

Clearer display using an LCD screen that delivers time and temperature in blue-illuminated jumbo digits and 12/24 hour formats

Dual Wake Up Modes

Choose between a buzzer or radio alarm for your personal preference

Battery Back Up

In the event of a power outage, the battery back up sounds the alarm to ensure waking you up at the set time the following day

USB Charging Port

Two USB charging ports are located at the rear of the alarm clock. One USB port is used for powering the alarm clock with an extra USB used for charging any electronic device


  • Improved personalization for dimming and brightness levels
  • Compact & Versatile Alarm for your bedroom
  • Alarm is easy to set
  • Jumbo digits allow for clearer display and easy read of time 
  • Decent FM reception


  • Display light can be a little too bright at dimmest level
  • Control functions are slightly difficult to grasp
  • Storing the radio station as an alarm can be confusing and lengthy to set up

8. Pluteck Non-ticking Analog Clock

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the Pluteck analog clock. Although basic, I consider this to be one of the strengths this alarm clock has to offer.


Out of personal preference, I’d choose functionality over design when it comes to an alarm clock and Pluteck delivers exactly that. 

It’s easy to read, easy to set, silent, and comes with a night light you can use to read a book or any reading material before hitting the sheets. You’ll also find luminescent paint on the clock hands, making it easier to read the time.

Alarm sound follows a crescendo effect. Another unique design added by Pluteck. The crescendo effect follows a four-stage alarm process from lowest volume to highest. What’s even more surprising is the accuracy of the time, which means, good quality quartz crystal. 

Things to note

All good aside, the alarm clock is fragile in design and the materials used to manufacture it are cheap. 

It doesn’t have a non-slip pad at the bottom either. I recommend placing this device far from a place that’s can easily get knocked over since one fall may cause it to malfunction in sound. 


All in all, this is an inexpensive alarm clock that meets budget, simple yet functional design, and appropriate noise levels needed to wake you without rousing your mood

Quiet Sweep Hands

Quiet, concise design without any ticking noises to disrupt your rest

Crescendo Alarm

Ascending four beep alarm that increases in four stages allowing for a gradual wake-alarm

5 Minute Snooze Function

Snooze function allows the alarm to ring every 5 minutes

Luminous Hands & Dial

With strong exposure to sunlight during the day, luminous hands and dial will glow in the dark up to 4 hours


  • Simple, functional design for an effective alarm 
  • Easy to read due to luminous hands & dial 
  • Easy to set
  • Good quality quartz crystal for accurate time
  • Alarm follows a crescendo effect 


  • Overall alarm clock design and materials are fragile
  • Absent non-slip feature makes it more susceptible to tipping over

9. Peakeep 4 Inches Round Silent Analog Clock

Peakeep provides yet another simple and elegant design for this analog clock. 


The alarm clock is also lightweight in design, easy to read, and has an easily accessible top bar for snoozing or night light. 

What’s different about this clock’s night light is it doesn’t light the whole alarm clock. It provides an easy read, but the light levels don’t work as well for the functionality of a night light.

You also won’t hear any tick-tock noises as the hands move silently and follows an electric type beep alarm that lasts for 30 minutes. 

If you’re looking for an alarm that’s far from the sounds of bells or whistles, this alarm is far from that so it doesn’t rouse you disruptively from your sleep.

Things to Note

The only drawback from the Peakeep alarm clock is the top bar clicks loudly every time it’s pressed. This can be inconvenient if you wake up in the middle of the night to check the time. I’d be careful as well each time you set it on the table as the tilted angle isn’t supported well, which can cause it to tip over easily. 


I’d highly recommend this alarm clock for how inexpensive and functional the clock is along with its elegant design, I’d consider that a bonus and worth the purchase.

Simple, Modern Styling

Elegant design along with tilted angle clock position when upright

Gentle Wake Alarm with Increasing Volume

Uses an electronic beep alarm lasting for up to 30 minutes and increases in intensity every 8 seconds

Easy Access Top Bar

Easy placement of snooze button for convenient access to snooze and light functions

No Tick Tock Noise

Uses high quality quartz crystal enabling analog hands to move quietly and smoothly


  • Inexpensive and functional for an effective alarm
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant Design
  • Easy to read


  • Light/Snooze button clicks loudly when pressed down
  • Tilted upright position is unstable if set down improperly

4 Tips In Choosing A Quiet Alarm Clock

Choosing an alarm clock that meets your specific needs can be a troublesome and overwhelming process. 

You’re either buying expensive clocks and end up realizing they didn’t provide value for what you paid for or you go through the whole trial-and-error game of spending on several alarm clock products. 

This might take you months of searching and at the same time, using the alarm clock itself before deciding which one to keep. 

While I do agree that some trial and error is involved in the whole purchasing process, it helps to know ahead of time what you’re already looking for. 

More so, the specifics or tips you can use for yourself before choosing an alarm clock that suits your bedroom or personal needs adequately.

Here are 4 tips on choosing a quiet alarm clock:

Tip #1: Make Sure It’s Not Too Bright

An alarm clock’s purpose is to effectively wake you up in the morning and this is most naturally our way of seeing it. Your alarm clock will most likely stay in your bedside table, so it’s important to think about how this alarm clock could impact your sleep as well. 

Most alarm clocks nowadays come with a nightlight or LED digital displays. These are great qualities or substantial additions for an alarm. Making sure they’re not too bright saves you the occasional hassle of getting startled or waking you up interruptedly. 

It might not seem like a major issue, but certain levels of brightness and especially color can affect your sleep.

It’s enough to stimulate activity in your brain or cause you to be restless for certain durations of time. Most electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, and alarm clocks even, give off disruptive blue-light.

I suggest opting for those that fall between the spectrum of red, orange, or sunset yellow.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Fooled By Design

I know, I know. Elegance, aesthetically appealing, and design as a whole can woo you into associating great quality means great design.

Not necessarily. You’ll find tons of novel designs and tons of clocks with an overwhelming array of attributes that may benefit you. Although, if they’re difficult to use, prone to short-circuit fuses or malfunctioning problems, you’re actually losing more from what you originally bargained for.

While I’m not disagreeing with you nor am I saying design isn’t something to look for, I recommend placing functionality on the top of your list. Analogue alarm clocks rarely disappoint in functionality.

Remember your alarm serves the goal of waking you up without any jarring or blaring sounds. This goes along with minimizing your grogginess, irritations, and frustrations. 

An alarm clock that looks stunning in design but rouses your sleeping pattern or disrupts your sleep-wake cycle makes it almost barely useful just standing next to you by your bedside. 

I recommend opting for clocks that are easy to use, easy access to buttons, easy to set up or either at least one of those attributes for maximum benefits.

Tip #3: Be Open to Different Sounds & Ways of Waking You

You’re more familiar with bells, whistles, and beeps as the default tones an alarm clock uses to wake you up. Technology has allowed more than 20 different sonic options in the market today including light therapy and the uses of a silent vibrating alarm clock. 

Light therapy evokes a more natural, gentle way of waking you and the long-term benefits are amazing as well in regards to healthcare and easily getting out of bed. 

Vibrations are effective for both heavy and light sleepers, especially since they don’t produce a lot of sound when tucked under your pillow sheet. Default tones like your bells, whistles, and beeps, can startle you out of bed in an intrusive-feeling kind of way. 

Nature sounds might be a good starting test run for whichever fits your personal choice to wake up to. It could also be your favorite radio station or a certain song from your favorite playlist. 

Perhaps you prefer sounds most familiar to you in any associated form of memory or experience. You might also be more drawn to a silent vibrating alarm felt from under your pillow. Here, it’s really more about experimenting, which works best for you.

Tip #4: Consider Extra Attributes to Your Liking

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and feel you have a good number of alarm clocks that possess a good night light, good functionality, and preferred tones, the last tip is deciding on what other attributes or possibly clock accessories will benefit you most as well.

This is where design factors such as elegance or a preferred color be it brown or black come into play. 

You also have the preference of opting for bonus qualities like hologram displays or extra functionalities such as a USB port. You could even opt for a dual alarm clock feature that gives you the choice between light therapy and sound either separately or at the same time. 

You’ve already narrowed down your alarm clock to wake you up effectively and improve your good night’s rest cycle. With these 4 tips, use it as a guide to help you choose a quiet alarm clock suited to you best. 

Our Preferred Pick

Our Preferred Pick

The Philips Wake Up Light alarm clock climbs to the top choice for this list of silent alarm clocks. It’s a high investment and costly as a whole, but the smooth transitioning sunset simulation is what sold me. 

I personally find light therapy to be a revolutionary breakthrough because it mimics your natural environment, allowing your mood to be on a whole different level when you wake up. This also means your sleep and health benefit dramatically long term.

What’s astonishing is how it doesn’t make you feel forced to get up. It’s gradual and you feel as if the alarm itself isn’t there. 

I’ve also discussed how difficult the interface is and how challenging it is to set up, but I also see this as a temporary struggle. After the mechanics and technicalities are out of the way, the Wake Up Light Alarm Clock becomes quite easy to use and handle. 

After all, the benefits are long-term. The benefits you get such as quality sleep and a balanced mood are essential to improving the way you start your day.

I hope this guide helped you choose the right fit for your bedroom needs among the given list of quiet alarm clocks. Thank you for reading this guide and choosing to give this article value for your presence here.

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