5 Best Silent Hamster Wheels – Quiet Spinners For Your Pet

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Hamsters absolutely love their wheels.

According to the American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals they can run up to six miles at 1.9mph and can do so for several hours. 

All this running can be quite loud, especially at night. Most hamsters are nocturnal creatures and love running in the evening, affecting your sleep. 

That’s why I’ve compiled this buying guide to help you find the ideal hamster wheel that fits your needs. Even for multiple hamsters!

Best Value
Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner
Best Overall
Love Hamster Wheel Quiet Spinner
Best Budget Pick
Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer
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Our Top Silent Hamster Wheels

These silent hamster wheels are tried and tested to be some of the best quiet options on the market. You don’t have to worry about hearing loud cage and wheel noises when your hamster runs at night.

1. Love Hamster Wheel Quiet Spinner

Best Overall

This is not only for hamsters, but for gerbils, mice, and hedgehogs. It’s generally good for smaller critters – those weighing 3.5 OZ and under. 

Otherwise, anything heavier can cause this supposedly noiseless hamster wheel to squeak and make noise.

 They are made of high quality, non-toxic PPA material that is conveniently easy to clean. It’s built high enough to keep hamsters from experiencing back strains and has enough room for it to run noise-free all through the night.

It even has a solid, non-stick running surface to ensure hamsters don’t slip while on the move. You can even use it as a free-standing hamster wheel or be mounted on the side of the wire cage. 

Now, despite being advertised for hamsters under 3.5 OZ, it is the “perfect” hamster wheel for a Syrian Hamster

A Syrian hamster is  a little bigger than the manufacturer’s recommended weight, but users don’t seem to have a problem. It’s the most common comment the manufacturers receive.



  • Can be free-standing or mounted on a wire cage
  • “Perfect” for a Syrian hamster
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of non-toxic, durable materials
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • May need oiling to keep it noise-free
  • Tricky to assemble

2. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner

Best Value

The Exotic Nutrition company thought of many details one would prefer when buying a hamster wheel. 

It is made of sturdy materials, has non-slip running surface tracks, does not have an axle wheel (which reduces spinal injury risk), and has shape openings that keep hamsters in, but allow it to escape easily. 

It has a dual ball technology that makes this a quiet toy your hamster will enjoy. 

It contains two stainless steel ball bearings that are located at the back plate of the wheel. The bearings spin around the center pin as your pet runs, unlike most hamster wheels on the market. The axle is what creates the irritating squeaking noise.

Cleaning may be a bit tricky, but it can be done once a week. For everyday cleaning, non-toxic wipes or disinfectant spray will do. 

The wheel is made to be disassembled weekly and washed with soapy water then allowed to air dry. A neat thing about this wheel is that it is dishwasher safe.


  • No central axle producing less noise in effect
  • Texture, non-slip running surface
  • Sturdy frame
  • Bean shaped openings


  • May be difficult to clean
  • Relatively more expensive

3. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

Best Budget Pick

If your hamster has roommates, then it is pretty inconvenient to buy two or three hamster wheels.

Rather than buy multiples, why not opt for a different design? This is an excellent choice for owners with multiple hamsters inside a hamster cage.

This features a solid, flat running surface that allows the critters to run for hours with slipping and following. It’s also excellent for hamsters that like running in pairs, common in the dwarf species.

Its circular design keeps both the hamster toe and tail safe, allowing for endless hours of exercise. 

Best of all, a dwarf hamster can do this almost completely quiet! It’s the spinning mechanism that allows for this quiet hamster saucer.


  • Easy to clean
  • Big enough for multiple hamsters
  • Free standing
  • Ideal for small hamsters
  • Good running surface
  • Safe for hamster feet


  • Not ideal for a bigger hamsters
  • Some say it’s a bit noisy

4. Transoniq Wodent 11 Inch Wheel

This 11-inch wheel is made of plastic that is stable, tough, and can be recycled, making it eco-friendly.

The base is sturdy on the account of it being made of steel and its paint is either baked or powdered on.

The beauty of this is it can be easily disassembled for cleaning. A healthy environment is the key to keeping your hamster in the best health and shape.

The entry walls are easy for the hamster to get into and makes this wheel ideal for natural wall huggers.

This wheel though is highly discouraged for sugar gliders as their tails will definitely get caught in the central axle. Steer clear of this product if you own sugar gliders.

Who doesn’t love a multiple service tool? This silent hamster wheel also comes with a nail fine that trims the hamster’s nails as it runs up and down. This keeps the hamster safe in the event it needs to scratch itself.


  • Easy to disassemble
  • Eco-friendly
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals approved


  • Not safe for a tailed hamster like sugar gliders
  • Expensive

5. Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

The Kaytee Silent-Spinner provides a safe space to run for those with tails. 

Its design allows little animals to enter and exit the wheel with minimal difficulty. No wire spacing is shown on this wheel to keep the feet from getting caught. It even has raised treads to improve grip support

Its ball bearings patent technology is on a plastic spoke, which makes it extremely quiet.

Some reviews claim though that their hamster stores food under the wheel, which creates the unwanted noise.

It has a simple snap-on design and can be easily incorporated into plastic-tube-like cages. 

If there isn’t enough room in the cage itself, then fear not. You can easily install this outside of the hamster cage. Despite that, it doesn’t take up any significant amount of cage real estate so it isn’t as big.

Some review sites claim this is ideal for gerbils, hedgehogs, Syrian hamsters, and other large critters. According to many users, it’s not ideal for the Syrian hamster. 

Another customer mentioned this hamster wheel toppled over while the hamster was running. It’s unclear whether that was mostly user error or a manufacturing defect.

On that note, it’s best to secure these hamster wheels in the cage to avoid injury.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Ball patent technology gives a silent operation
  • Good for a small hamster
  • Has raised treads for improved grip support
  • Simple snap-on design


  • May topple over
  • Mixed online reviews

The Ideal Hamster Wheel For Your Hamster

With so many hamster wheels on the market, the big question is which wheel do you add to your cart? 

Even with your choices narrowed down, it can be a difficult choice. Which of these wheels for hamsters is the one that will tickle your hamster’s fancy, meet its needs, and keep all adjacent body parts safe?

STEP 1: Take a look at what these hamster wheels have to offer. Pay attention to the features, technology such as ball patent technology for noise reduction, non-slip tracks, and so forth.

STEP 2: Does the running surface need good traction to keep the hamster safe and sound? 

With your hamster running possibly all night, make sure you get a wheel that’s both silent and safe. We wouldn’t want any accidents to happen or wake up the next morning to an injured hamster. 

STEP 3: How quiet are these hamster wheels? My suggestion is to read multiple reviews, not just one.

Most of the time, loose bearings or a center axle contribute to the irritating noise you hear. Use this as a guide in finding a silent hamster wheel you and your hamster can enjoy.

STEP 4: Size – can it fit in the hamster cage? In the next sections, I’ll recommend the best hamster wheels ideal for small, big, and even multiple hamsters

STEP 5: Where do you buy it? You are responsible for choosing the outlet where hamster wheels are sold. Choose a trusted website or pet store.

Big Hamsters

Hamster in a wheel

Size is an important consideration when choosing between hamster wheels. Some manufacturers offer a small variety of sizes. Bigger hamsters will obviously need bigger wheels, in height, width, and depth.

Good options for these hamsters are:

Love Hamster Wheel Quiet Spinner

  • Despite its hamster wheels primarily advertised as a wheel for smaller hamsters, many reviews claim that it can fit the Syrian hamster pretty well. It’s design is high enough to prevent back arching (who knew hamsters could get back pain, too?) or hair catching
  • The three-point button design equipped to the wheels makes it secure and stable. It also comes with a base stand option or side attachment for the cage.
  • It is made of high-quality non-toxic PP material.
  • One downside is that it may start fairly quiet, but it will not remain so. Be sure to oil it.

Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

  • Its patented ball technology is especially designed for quiet running. In addition, it spins on a plastic spoke, which does away with the noisy squeak of traditional metal wheels.
  • It has no wire spacing, making it easy on the hamster’s feet.
  • One tricky thing about this hamster wheel is that it has mixed reviews on what sized hamster it is good for. The manufacturer claims it is ideal for larger hamsters, but a few customers beg to differ. It does come in multiple sizes though, so that may be a factor.

Of the two wheels mentioned, I recommend the Love Hamster Wheel Quiet Spinner.

Multiple Hamsters

Multiple Hamsters In A Wheel

The Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel is an excellent wheel for multiple small pets.

Running surface is solid, and it does not have all the nasties (center axle, enclosures, etc.) that make traditional wheels a hazard for tails.

According to many satisfied customers, it may take your hamster a while to adjust to the foreign object in its cage. Once it realizes that it’s a wheel, this will be its new favorite thing.

The design also keeps the hamster from falling off the wheel when he or she stops exercising, which is an added bonus.

Falling Hamsters

brown hamster inside yellow hamster wheel

Sometimes, hamsters fall off their wheels after they commence their run. That must be a rather unpleasant experience, I’m sure.

A solution to that problem is to get one that can enclose the hamster. That way when they pause, the sudden lack of movement will not hurl them off the wheel.

Two excellent options for that are:

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner

  • This wheel is not made of any high grade plastic like the previous wheels. It is made of stainless steel, which more or less explains the price.
  • This wheel meets all the hamster and hamster owners needs – built high enough to keep the furball from back strain, does not spray fecal debris nor urine everywhere, and is quiet.
  • It has textured tracks that also act as an excellent grip to keep the small mammal from slipping off. It lacks a center axle, which eliminates the risk of spinal injury or tail entanglement, neither of which sounds all too pleasant.
  • The ball bearing technology allows the wheel to roll completely, quietly, and smoothly.
  • The wheel also detaches completely, which allows for deep cleaning. Hot, soapy water will do. The manufacturer mentions daily cleaning needs only a disinfectant spray and a cloth.. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, can be reserved for the end of the week.

Transoniq Wodent Wheel

  • This is the only hamster wheel design for pets to have the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. If that’s not enough to tickle your interests, it’s even made of eco-friendly plastic. Isn’t that neat?
  • Like the previously mentioned wheel, it can be readily disassembled for cleaning purposes.
  • The little openings keep the hamster safe and also help avoid broken limbs and strangulation.  This is best for hamsters that naturally hug walls.
  • In addition to that, it even comes with an automatic nail filer. This is fantastic for owners who have hamsters with scratchy nails.
  •  This wheel has a central axle, soI 100% recommend you avoid this wheel if your hamster has a tail.

Of the two, the Exotic Nutrition is an option I prefer more. 

Why Do Hamsters Need a Hamster Wheel?

Father and Son looking at hamster pet

Can’t you just get a big cage for all the exercise it likes to do? It’s a fair concern of note. To answer that, let me give a scenario: if you need to run 5km per day would you rather run on a treadmill or in circles in your house?

In the wild, hamsters spend a lot of their lives scurrying for food and stuffing their cheeks. A domestic hamster will not need to scavenge for its next meal, but it was built for massive amounts of exercise. This is where the wheel comes in.

It can clock an average of 6 miles morning and night at quick speeds.

Do I Need A Quiet Wheel?

This is a question first-time hamster owners will probably ask. The short answer: yes. To give you a clear reason why, there are two: 

  1. Wheels can make squeaky noises, especially design frames that are less sturdy and made of flimsy materials.
  2. Hamsters constantly on the run generate a fair amount of noise, which becomes irritating over long durations. These little critters love to run and if your wheel happens to be a noisy pair of wheels, your bedroom isn’t going to be as peaceful as you want it to be. 

Hamsters can be either nocturnal or diurnal. This is the deciding factor on whether or not they run copious amounts at night or day. 

If they are night time runners and your wheel is noisy, it will definitely keep you up all night. A hamster, after all, can run for hours on end.

Even if the hamster is diurnal, a squeaky wheel is still irritating. So, less noise is the better choice.

Our Top Pick

Our top picks

Many have run the race, but only one (or in this case two) will reach the finish line. While there is no perfect wheel – noise-free or otherwise, plastic or steel, there are two clear winners among these wheels.

These wheels are both excellent for money, have good reviews across websites, are safe for hamsters, and are noiseless.

Coming at number two is the more expensive option – Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner. This wheel has cool safety features like textured surfaces and encloses the little critter as it runs. It prevents back strain and tail entanglement, making it ideal for both the tailed and tailless.

The metal stand also keeps your hamster from joint pain, a common concern when it frequently runs of fixed, hard surfaces.

The top pick – the best of all the hamsters’ wheels is the Love Hamster Wheel Quiet Spinner. It is inexpensive, good for both large and small hamsters, safe, and made of premium material. This makes it our top choice for hamster wheels.



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