10 Best Silent Wall Clocks To Have A More Peaceful Sleep

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Clocks are essential for a person to keep track of time and the saying, time is money couldn’t be any more true.

However, this isn’t about money and dials.

If you’ve spent countless nights frustrated and infuriated because of the ticking clock by your bedside, or unfocused because of the ticking noises, this is what it’s about.


The kind of peace that gets you through a full 8-hour sleep without unnecessary snoozes in between. Today, we tackle the top 10 silent wall clocks perfect for a good night’s rest.

Our Top Silent Wall Clocks


  • Simple clock design
  • 12-inch diameter which makes it easier to read time
  • All numbers are clear
  • Quartz Analog Technology


You can never go wrong with a simple design.

Simplicity declutters all the technicality and strips everything bare and neat. Just like the Fzy.bstim –  a go-to silent clock for many.

Everything about this clock is simple, non-ticking, and easy to read.  Three essential features to have for any clock.

The letters are big and clear to read. Along with its black frame is its quartz analog technology, perfect for telling concisely what the minutes are for the day.

It’s your average battery-operated wall clock that’s easy to install. You can hang it anywhere near you or have it lying around on a table. Overall, this clock is both silent, simple, and affordable.


  • Quiet
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to install


  • Material design is poor


  • Modern Wall Clock that uses a Ribbon-style design
  • Very easy to read because of the black hour and minute hands
  • Slightly affordable for a decorative clock


What’s fascinating about this clock is its contemporary design. You don’t see clocks like these very often.

The Umbra Ribbon Modern clock uses stainless steel ribbons to represent numbers. While the design might throw you off at first, I’d say this closely aligns with symbolic art.

With two red hands and a third silver hand, this is perfect to serve a secondary function as kitchen decor. It’s stylish and instead of squinting to read the minutes, the ribbons are a remarkable representation for a time-teller. 

This might take some time getting used to though. After all, we’re used to seeing little lines to tell apart hours from minutes.

But don’t let this throw you back. Once you see its design, you’ll understand perfectly what I mean. The design also comes in black, yellow, brown, and rose gold. Personally, either black or silver are my preferred choices.

It also has a Sweeping Quartz Clock Movement and is maintenance-free. No need to wind it because it’s also battery operated. It uses a single AA-size battery.


  • Efficient design that maintains readability
  • Minimalist design


  • Design takes awhile to get used to
  • The ribbons are very sharp
  • Expensive


  • Vintage Steampunk Industrial decor
  • Offers two size options which are 12 and 23 inches
  • Numbers are very easy to read
  • Can be used as a decorative piece


This clock features gothic architecture thanks to the monochrome color scheme.

It’s not every day you see a clock that will most definitely catch the attention of anyone. What makes this clock unique are the Roman numeral symbols used instead of your regular 1,2,3… format.

The OLDTOWN clock has 2 available size options: 12 and 23 inches. The 12-inch diameter clock is ideal for houses while the 23-inch diameter one is great for schools or offices.

It has a noiseless non-ticking quartz movement, ensuring quietness in your home or office. But with all that intricate design, comes a heavy price.

Most wall clocks large enough for a school or a conference room usually fall as great buys and this clock falls perfectly in the category. However, it’s also twice the price of the Umbra clock and shipping to other countries also means added cost.

If your search includes a budget below $100, this might be a good fit for you but then again, you can also opt for a digital handpiece as an alternative if that were the case.


  • High-quality materials
  • Quiet clock
  • Large Roman numerals
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive


  • Has ABS plastic frame which makes it resistant to moisture
  • 10-inch basic dial quartz wall clock
  • Uses 1 AA battery
  • Has a 3D number display


The DreamSky is as simple as Fzy.bstim.

Quartz movement feature, non-ticking noise, and a white background to improve the readability for telling the hours, minutes, and seconds easily.

Although at only 10 inches in diameter, it’s smaller compared to most clocks and perhaps the reason why the outlines are 3D so it’s easy to read from any angle.

This is perfect for anyone with a vision impairment and especially older men/women.

The clock is also made of lightweight US sourced pure ABS plastic which is purely weather-resistant so you can expect that the case, lens, and hands will stay dry for as long as it operates.


  • Quiet
  • Black outlines that help with reading more accurately
  • Simple and elegant design


  • Battery operated
  • Durability isn’t as strong


  • Comes with a hook that you can screw into any surface
  • Easy to read numbers
  • Affordable price for a wall clock
  • Quartz Movement feature


The Foxtop Silent Quartz clock has a design that leans more towards a rustic feel enough to charm a bleak space.

It’s a clock that goes well with classic aesthetics. You can hang this in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom and it will still be a perfect fit.

This clock may be beneficial for you as well when you’re working in an office and you need complete, utter silence. You can achieve a quiet environment with this clock because of its Quartz Movement feature.

The clear numbers help the readers tell time more precisely and overall, this 12-inch diameter clock can nail both aesthetics and functionality.


  • Quiet
  • White outlines for better readability
  • Resistant to dust and debris


  • The photos can appear misleading


  • Acrylic crystal faux bronze frame
  • Shatter-proof cover
  • Black Arabic numeral analog display
  • Attractive frame design


If the previous wall clocks showed a more rustic finish, here’s something that will take you back to the past.

The Adalene 13-inch wall clock has a very distinct design made to give you a 1900’s impression.

Design-wise, the clock is made of acrylic crystal and bronze touch. The cover is also shatter-proof and scratch-resistant. 

For the hands, they resemble an old-era clock that you would see in antique stores. This clock is best for people that have a house with classic features. The black number font further adds to that impression.

Don’t be fooled by this  clock’s antique-ish appearance. Its premium look, stylish hands, and bold numbers make for a solid time-teller.


  • 13-inch diameter
  • Decorative frame and hands
  • Can be used as a decorative piece


  • Weak material design


  • Frameless wall clock
  • It has a special Taiwan Sangtai 12888 Scanning Quartz Movement ensuring silence
  • Material is a Wooden MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)


Now that we’ve tackled one of the most expensive brands of clocks there is, let’s take a look at a clock that falls in between fancy and plain.

The Eruner clock is a Vintage French Country Tuscan Style clock. As the name suggests, the wooden-style design can be a decorative piece for places with a more modern aesthetic.

Other features such as the Taiwan Sangtai 12888 Scanning Quartz Movement is essential.

Say goodbye to the ticking noise with this clock. You also have options in sizes that range from 12 inches to 14 inches. Thanks to its large hour & minute hands along with the Roman numeral font, it’s easy to read from just about any angle.

The design is highly vintage and classic but I would hope you don’t go for the carnival theme. It seems a little too far fetched.  The classic vintage look with black dials is a solid choice.

This clock is also frameless, so cleaning shouldn’t be as difficult either.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Colored black numbers and hands are clear to read
  • The red hand to easily distinguish the seconds
  • Frameless


  • Hands are exposed to outside forces
  • The design is made of paper
  • Exposure to anything moist can lead to issues with readability


  • Minimalistic clock design
  • Comes with temperature and humidity gauges
  • Sturdy and high-quality frame


You can’t go wrong buying this for your home. The clock achieves maximum silence because it uses superior sweeping hand movements.

One of the features that most clocks don’t have is a temperature and humidity gauge. And let’s just say it’s an unusual find.

Although it’s not as accurate as other professional meters, it’s still a useful addition.

You can hang this on the walls of your kitchen, bedroom or in your office. Overall, this unique clock frame brings color, tranquility, and a calming atmosphere to add to your environment.


  • Clear, black hour and minute hands
  • Affordable
  • Fresh batteries can last about a year


  • The temperature and humidity gauges aren’t that accurate


  • Colorful background design made for kids
  • Has sweeping movements ensuring silence
  • Oversized Arabic numerals for easy readability for kids and adults


If you’re looking for a clock to place in your children’s bedrooms, then this may be the right one for you.

The main feature to search for with this clock is the family-oriented background designs it has. There are different designs you can choose from, such as a family of owls or an elephant under a tree with birds hanging on the branches.

One important benefit the clock comes with is that it’s a quiet, non-ticking clock.

The MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) wooden dial also comes with a water-resistant printed cover paper. The overall look of this clock radiates with a playful, ecstatic, and childish energy, which may be a good sign as your best go-to clock to place in children’s bedrooms.


  • Great for colorful rooms
  • Large and clear numbers


  • Low-quality parts
  • Runs the risk of breaking after a few months


  • Gives you the option to choose multiple colors
  • Selling price isn’t too high
  • Unique features that make it stand out more in a room


This clock is rather simple. In fact, it might almost be too simple. 

What this clock features most apart from its on-ticking noise are the broad range of colors to choose as a design.

The frame and background is a single, bright color you can choose either as Full Blue, Full Pink, Full Black,  or Full Green. You also have the option to keep the white background while keeping the frame as either black, blue, pink or green. 

The black and blue colors are solid choices and blend easily in any environment; however, if you’re worried about readability, black stands as a top choice.

The numbers are easy to read along with the hour, minute, and second hands. The 13-inch clock is also a great fit for classrooms and offices.

Although the design feels too simple, you’d be surprised to see a strong frame and anti-scratch protective cover. It also prevents dust and tiny debris from entering the inside, ensuring a longer-lasting clock. Finally, the silent quartz feature puts the icing on the cake on this one.


  • White or Black Arabic numbers make it clear to read
  • Silent Quartz Movement
  • Sturdy frame
  • Scratch-proof protective case
  • Numbers and hands adjust from black to white depending on the design


  • Colors may be annoying for some
  • The design and color may pass off as a cheap knock-off

Which One to Purchase?

Now that we have the top 10 brands of silent wall clocks, let’s carefully sort out which one of those will fit you. Let’s talk and compare the effects of how these items and their different features gauge against each other.

You should be aware of the products you’re buying just to be sure you won’t regret it in the future.

Are Silent Clocks Worth It?

Depending on which brand you’re buying, clocks that don’t give off a sound are always better.

This is especially beneficial for places that need complete silence such as homes or offices. It’s mostly important for people who have difficulty in focusing. Most of these clocks have a silent quartz movement that completely removes the ticking sound.

You can never go wrong with a silent wall clock because in exchange you get better sleep and productivity.

If you still have those old clocks with you, best get rid of them and search for a non-ticking clock right away. It has personally helped me focus on work, which is why these clocks are always worth the buy.

The Dreamsky Decorative Non-ticking wall clock is best because it’s quiet, doesn’t have a lot of distracting colors, and the large numbers help with the readability.

Choosing the Right Design

Clocks such as the OLDTOWN Retro Noiseless clock is great if you want to go over the top with the design. Even with the design, offices or schools don’t always need to be bold design-wise.

They need to be simple and functional most of all.

You have to consider the frame material. It’s not ideal to place a cheap-looking clock in your home with expensive pieces of furniture and appliances. 

What this means is choosing a clock that is coherent or in sync with your environment thus, the right clock design. Some features to look out for are the black minute and hour hands. I know, simple but proven a thousand times to be worth it.

Sometimes, black features are overwhelming that it makes it hard for a person to read the numbers.

There should at least be a balance between the numbers and the hands.

Preferably, the features should always be black hands and white numbers or the other way around.

Why is something so simple, so important? Good question.

The answer is for good readability. A clock is useless if you can’t read it right or well.

The OLDTOWN Retro Noiseless clock or Adalene 13-inch non-ticking clock may fit the place if your house decorative features that are old or antique-looking.

If you’re ever seeking a modern look for places such as offices, the Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock may be the right one to purchase. The Umbra Ribbon Modern 12-inch Clock has the best of both worlds. It has an intricate design, and it’s simple to look at.

Should It Be Expensive Always?

The reason to buy a clock is to tell time. There’s no better way to put, or for decorative reasons, which is also why it’s not always a good idea to buy an expensive item right off the bat.

Buying expensive wall clocks isn’t a practical decision to make if you’re only going to be hanging it on walls and left untouched for years.

But there’s also one good reason to buy expensive products such as designing a fancy setup. The OLDTOWN clock is one of the most expensive products we have here and it’s also one of the most appealing in terms of design.

Only a select few of these clocks have features that make it expensive.

You should be able to weigh things out carefully if you’re willing to go the extra mile to purchase a clock that’s way off your budget just for the design. In the end, you can always opt for a moderate-priced clock with a minimalist or classic design.

Buying the Foxtop Decorative Wall Clock offers both a rustic design and affordability compared to the OLDTOWN clock.

Although the color of the background of the Foxtop is what gives it away, it’s still a good choice if you need an inexpensive, appealing clock.

If you really need a clock wall large enough to place in large hallways, then the OLDTOWN Retro Noiseless clock may be the best one to buy since it has a 23-inch diameter option.

Reliability is Key

Buying a cheap clock is a guarantee you’ll save a lot of money. The downside of going for a cheaper option though is the unreliability.

Although, that isn’t always the case. It’s simply a word of caution.

The money you spend should always be worth what you spend, and this is the same even for clocks.

No matter how low the price is, you should first consider if it’s worth buying to not end up regretting.

A high-quality and clear clock should last you for about a year without having to replace the batteries. One clock with that feature is the HITO Non-ticking wall clock or the Dreamsky Decorative non-ticking wall clock. The reliability and the price range of these clocks are a clear sign this may be ideal for you.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy Digital Clocks?

Nowadays, people tend to get lazy and opt for digital clocks. This is a fair reason due to portability and the numbers are easy to read.

It also has an avenue of features where it plays music on the radio and select stations you prefer. What these clocks don’t have is their accuracy compared to analog units.

You may think you can get this out of a digital clock, but that won’t be the case at most times.

Digital clocks are more complex than analog clocks. Even with a clear black numbers display, a malfunctioned digital clock can be annoying to adjust and fix. 

Whereas with analog clocks, it’s simple and telling the time is almost always accurate. More accurate than digital according to some.

Our Top Choice

There are a ton of wall clocks out there to choose from. There are some with a ton of decor, vibrant colors, and unique designs to suit a person’s taste.

Large wall clocks can bring great aesthetics in a room. Also, analog looks appear more stylish along walls.

These clocks are required to have one thing in common: quiet. Out of the 10, my number one pick is the Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock.

It’s a simple clock that’s solid for both readability and aesthetics. With the black frame, hands, and the white background, it’s perfect for a minimalist kind of vibe.

The other clocks are fair choices too, but hands down, simplicity wins.

The Umbra Ribbon Modern 12-inch Clock falls to second place. The silver design is a beaut, but black looks even better. The contemporary design really gives away and I praise it most for uniqueness.

If you need clock walls large enough to place in large areas, there’s always the OLDTOWN Retro Noiseless clock that strikes as a runner-up in this list and it’s also stylish enough to pass as a fair home decor option.