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10 Best Soundproof Curtains for a Peaceful Home

Silent Home Hub Soundproof Curtains

Living in a busy city makes it SO hard to keep a peaceful indoor environment.

If your home office is by a window, noise from passing vehicles WILL SURELY disrupt your peace.

There are so many contributors to outside ambient noise, which you have NO CONTROL over at all!

A QUICK and EASY solution for this is heavy curtains. These will definitely minimize echo and have a hand at noise reduction.

Soundproofing curtains are great at sound dampening, light-blocking, balancing the temperature in a room. Let’s face it, those drapes are very stylish too!

If you feel like soundproof curtains are EXACTLY what your home needs, this guide is for you!

Best Soundproof Option
H Versailtex Premium Blackout Wider Curtains
Best Overall
Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Lined Curtains
Best Budget Pick
Deconovo Blackout Drapes
Table of Contents

Our Picks for the Best Soundproof Curtains

Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Lined Curtains 2

When it comes to the best soundproof curtains for window soundproofing, Nicetown offers a WIDE range of options with regards to design and price. These Nicetown curtains are notably the best BUT ALSO the most expensive option. But of course, it is no less than an excellent choice.

These curtains have many colors available for you to choose from. It comes in shades of white, black, gray, blues, and burgundy to name a few. It also has a variety of sizes to suit every possible window.

Their BESTSELLER is the Blackout line and here’s why:

  • These curtains are made of 100% polyester and are lined with a layer of black backing. This allows the drapes to be thick enough to block out close to 100% of sunlight and UV rays.
  • The heavy design of the curtain panel makes draping easy. It manages a full coverage of your window that reduces noise and echo to a maximum.
  • It boasts 2x higher soundproofing capabilities than your regular layer of curtain. These curtains definitely provide a good night sleep even during the day.
  • The Nicetown is thermal insulated thanks to its smart-energy technology. It saves you around 12-25% power during colder days. It has the ability to store up heat and keep your place warm all year round!

As far as maintenance is concerned, these curtains are easy to clean. You just need to throw it in the washing machine and you’ll be good to go.

Upon purchasing, you get 2 curtain panels per package, with silver grommets as well. They are A BREEZE to install and give a dash of elegance to your place.

The Nicetown Thermal Insulated Curtains are definitely at the top of our list. You will love to stay home as much as possible!


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Smart-energy technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent soundproofing and insulation
  • Easy installation


  • Not all colors block light as well as others

2. H Versailtex Premium Blackout Wider Curtains

Best Soundproof Option

H Versailtex Premier Blackout Wider Curtains 2

From the name itself, this is one of the higher-priced options on this list. But with quality comes a good price!

The H Versailtex Premium Blackout Curtains are heavy-duty, durable, and have great thermal insulation.

These large curtains are made to cover wider surfaces like large windows, patio doorways, yards, and glass French doors. They can be used for compartmentalization too for dividing shared bedrooms, basements, city lofts, and workspaces.

These curtains are 100% polyester, made with a triple woven textured thick microfiber fabric. This makes them an ELITE contender for soundproof curtains.

Here are some details you might want to consider when buying the H Versailtex Premium Curtains:

  • It’s effective in keeping noise, light, and heat from escaping even from large openings. They also boast of creating an environment of total privacy and blackout.
  • Capable of blocking 99% sunlight and 100% UV rays.
  • The curtains are also vinyl and PVC-free, making this the MOST eco-friendly option on this list. Ultimately, it provides a safe living environment.
  • These curtains weigh in at 4.6 pounds. A heavy curtain indeed, yet come in handy for reducing noise.

If you’re worried about noise in the streets coming from outside your window, let these premium curtains do the legwork for you!

Other than all the features mentioned above, these curtains are easy to install despite their weight. They are also washable and ironable.

As mentioned in the previous H Versailtex curtain product on this list, these curtains have an 8-year quality warranty, and a 30-days return policy with a money guarantee. Talk about commendable serve!

The H Versailtex Premium Blackout Curtains are definitely a user favorite. Based on the feedback you see online, no doubt these curtains brought elegance and comfort to their homes!


  • Premium look
  • Perfect for wider surfaces
  • 8-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent soundproofing from outside noise
  • Great light-blocking


  • Pricey

3. Deconovo Blackout Drapes

Best Budget Pick

Deconovo Blackout Drapes 2

Hands down, the Deconovo Blackout Drapes have the FANCIEST look among all its competitors.

It has a silky, soft, drapery, and nice touch fabric and can give ANY room an instantly classy look!

The best thing about it? It comes at a mid-range price.

Unlike most curtains that come in twos, the Deconovo curtain is a large single panel. It measures 100 W X 95 L inches in size with matching colored grommets. It does the same job as a double panel curtain. Maybe even better since light has reduced the chances of coming in from your window as the drapes fully cover them.

These drapes come in many colors too. You can have them in shades of black, gray, royal blue, and even brighter shades of orange and pink. The lighter colors don’t block as much light, though.

You’ll love them if you’re looking for a pleasing design.

For an affordable price, here’s what you get:

  • They are made out of 100% polyester and contain thermal insulation too.
  • Can absorb heat during the day and warm up your space at night. Temperature control makes this a great buy. That’s energy and money saved!
  • With soundproof as our concern, this single panel, noise-reducing curtain is dense enough for sound absorbing.

These soundproof curtains really work best for exterior noise. They do not have the standard thickness to filter out noise from inside your house, yet they can still minimize enough echo in the room.

There is no doubt these are one of the best noise reducing curtains that are of high-quality in the market.

Among other features on these curtains, these curtains are ready to install, washable, and ironable.

The Deconovo Blackout curtains add a nice LUXURIOUS touch to any part of your home. The triple weave, soft layer, and blackout lining design are perfect to have in your bedroom, or in other living spaces.

What’s best about these noise-blocking curtains is that you get elegance without having to break the bank!


  • Luxurious look
  • Mid-budget option
  • Great soundproofing
  • Quality layers


  • Single curtain panels
  • Difficult to tie curtains

4. Nicetown Soundproofing Room Dividers

Nicetown Soundproofing Room Dividers 2

Here’s another Nicetown curtain on the list.

If you’re looking to reduce noise coming from different spaces inside your home, these noise-blocking curtains are a great option.

The materials are perfect. It’s 100% polyester and is super soft YET has triple weave technology, which makes it thick and slightly heavy.

They may not be as perfect as walls to reduce noise, but they can save you a lot of money when compartmentalizing small spaces!

These light-blocking curtains block up to 85% of light. However, darker tones might block too much light. Make sure you consider neutral colors if blackout curtains are not your preference.

These curtain dividers are long and come in various sizes and already comes with silver grommets.

These divider curtains are portable, and easily installed, packed, and re-used. They are perfect for giving privacy among people in office spaces, shared bedrooms, dorms, cafes, and even hospitals!


  • Perfect for compartmentalization
  • Excellent sound dampening between rooms
  • Available in many sizes


  • Darker shades might block too much light than preferred

5. Nicetown Three-Pass Microfiber Blackout Window Curtain

Nicetown Three-Pass Microfiber Blackout Window Curtain 2

The third Nicetown product on this list! When it comes to a soundproof curtain, Nicetown is a brand you can REALLY rely on.

This lineup of Nicetown Three-Pass Microfiber Curtains is available in a variety of sizes and 21 different color schemes and patterns. You’ll have one that surely fits your taste! Did we mention it’s 100% polyester too?

The design brims with elegance and can fit in any home. It also comes in packs of two with a hidden grommet design. These noise-blocking curtains can manage the total coverage of your target window.

Besides its fancy-looking design, here are more reasons why it made our top 10 favorites:

  • These soundproofing curtains have triple weave blackout fabrics that have great thermal insulation. Its triple weave technology allows it to effectively reduce noise.
  • It has a dual-layer design that balances room temperature against summer heat and winter chill. This feature makes it one of the energy-saving options to reduce your energy bill! Who wouldn’t want some money saved?
  • Apart from that, it can block 85-99% of UV light from the sun. No more of those annoying glares from the outside. You’ll definitely enjoy better days binge-watching your favorite TV shows when you feel like staying in for the weekends!

The Nicetown Three-Pass Microfiber Curtains do not shy away from a nice balance between soundproofing and light blocking, without compromising style.

For maintenance, you just need a washing machine to clean these sound deadening curtains. Yet some have expressed the material can easily get caught on loose hooks and sharp objects. On the negative side, it could have a loose thread or two.

As long as you are careful, this wouldn’t be a problem. Don’t miss out on one of the best curtains from Nicetown!


  • Triple-woven material
  • Dual layer design
  • Great Insulation and Soundproofing properties


  • Might provide too much shading
  • Material easily gets loose thread

6. H Versailtex Classic Grommet Curtains

H Versailtex Classic Grommet Curtains 2

These soundproof curtains are one of the LONGEST drapes you’ll find in the market. It comes at a length of 108 inches which can perfectly and FULLY cover your entire window.

This is effective in noise reduction and allows NO external sounds to come through it.

These are a great set of blackout, thermal insulating, and sound dampening curtains. It comes as a single panel and is the best noise-reducing curtains for large surface areas there is.

Besides looking like a perfect fit for your home, here’s what it has to offer:

  • This elegant soundproof curtain can definitely block 85% of sunlight to prevent harmful UV ray exposure from entering your home.
  • H Versailtex Thermal long curtains are designed with three layers of fabric and special thermal insulation, which means the drapes prevent cold and heat from the outside easily.
  • They are perfect if you are also concerned with energy efficiency and conservation. With energy conserved, your bills are reduced too! What a win!

This curtain series can be a unique decor for your space too. It comes in a variety of natural solid-hued linen curtain panels for you to choose from. It can brighten any space and give a refreshing vibe to your home, office, or cafe.

Apart from all the wonderful aforementioned features of this curtain, these drapes are hassle-free, easy-care, and machine washable. More importantly, you’ll get the best sleep with these sound-deadening curtains on your window!

What is notable with the H Versailtex product is that they come with 8-year quality warranties. If they become damaged, the replacement is FREE OF CHARGE! This and with an affordable price, what’s not to love?


  • Many colors, sizes and designs to choose from
  • Long curtains mean optimal soundproofing
  • Energy-efficient insulation
  • 8-year warranty
  • Ease of maintenance


  • None we can find

7. Sideli Solid Rod Heavy Velvet Noise Reducing Curtains

Sideli Sound Rod Heavy Velvet Noise Reducing Curtains 2

What makes these Sideli Heavy curtains stand out is their velvet material. Velvet has many fiber layers that have great sound blocking properties. It has been laboratory tested and proven a 40% reduction of unwanted noise. We can all agree that the best thing about velvet is its super soft hand feel.

Due to its material being used, these curtains also block 90% of the light coming from outside, giving your house a dark sleep environment that can make you comfortable. The material gives it thermal features, keeping hot air out and the air conditioning in.

All these features make the Sideli Heavy velvet curtains conducive to studying and sleeping.

What we like about these Sideli soundproof curtains other than their soundproofing abilities is that they come in different designs, color choices, and sizes too. Availability and variety are important. It aids in providing a quality overall look for your desired space.

Another good thing about these curtains is that they are washable. You don’t have to worry about keeping your house nice and clean.

The only issue based on consumer reviews with this curtain is that it’s a bit thin and light. Compared to the heavier and denser options in the market, it might still do as great.

These inexpensive high-quality velvet curtains though still can get the job done. And the diversity of design options they give you makes them a worthy contender on this list.


  • Velvet material makes it ambient
  • Budget-friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Great sound-blocking properties
  • Conducive to studying and sleeping


  • Might be too thin and light than preferred

8. DWCN Blackout Curtains

DWCN Blackout Curtains 2

When it comes to finding a curtain that best suits you and your home, these curtains are a fair choice.

These DWCN Blackout curtains are quite an impressive product. The materials are 100% polyester, two layers of thick fabrics, and triple woven. This means the curtains will not block out all the light if you don’t want to.

They are available in different sizes and a variety of colors which allow them to separate their color tones into light and dark too.

Regardless of the color or size you choose from, the black lining material of the curtain ensures some UV and light protection. These soundproof curtains have some sound-deadening qualities to them too.

These DWCN curtains also come with thermal insulation. So not only will you be able to soundproof your room, you are guaranteed to regulate the room temperature too.

These sound-deadening curtains definitely come perfect and handy for late sleepers, shift workers, seniors, and children alike.

Apart from all these sought-after qualities of soundproof curtains, they come easy to care for and easy on the pocket.


  • Triple-woven
  • Two-layered
  • Excellent soundproofing and insulation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Many colors and sizes


  • Don’t fall so nicely

9. Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains

Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains 2

Best Home Fashion blackout curtains come in various colors and styles to choose from. You may also choose a certain size at five different lengths ranging from 54″ to 96″. We love it when brands give you variety!

You can definitely decide what suits your personality best and the overall look for your space. Though a concern regarding opacity might be an issue to some. The lighter the color of the material, the possibility of more sunlight passing through.

Rest assured, the materials used for this curtain are 100% polyester, which means it’s not too heavy and you can clean it using the washing machine. With a weight of just under 4 pounds, putting them up doesn’t take any effort at all. Installation won’t be too difficult with this curtain!

This curtain features an innovative triple weave design that also blocks sunlight and UV rays as most of our soundproof curtains do. This also gives the curtain its thermal insulation properties.

What we like best in this soundproof curtain and based on customer feedback, it is easy to clean, stylish, comes in a wide variety of options, and is budget-friendly.


  • Triple-woven
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Available in multiple lengths


  • Opacity – not all colors block light

10. Warm Home Design Thermal Blackout Curtains

Warm Home Design Thermal Blackout Curtains 2

First things first, these Warm Home noise-reducing curtains come in packages of single panels. Other than that, they are a bit on the expensive side of the market, considering that they only cover a single window.

The benefit of these soundproof curtains is it fits perfectly for smaller windows. At a size of 54X63 to 54X96, expect a window with sound-absorbing properties for minimal spaces like dorms and apartments.

These soundproof curtains are actually better than a lot of blackout and noise-reducing curtains you see on the market. These noise-reducing curtains can block out 85-95% of outside noise and light. You can definitely avoid neighbors from looking at your window with these drapes!

This product has thermal features as well, allowing you to reduce electricity and heating bills. Seeing that these soundproof curtains will need a bigger initial investment, at least you can save a few bucks on the bills.

Maintenance-wise, these soundproof curtains are machine washable and ironable too!

These drapes are also assured quality material. Customer feedback on these soundproof curtains says they last for a very long time. You end up saving a lot of money not having to buy a new set of curtains all the time.

It is a fact that these Warm Home Design Soundproof Curtains are a big investment especially if you plan to reduce sound and noise for multiple windows in your home. With all the long-term benefits it provides, these soundproof curtains could be worth your every penny!


  • High quality material
  • Covers smaller spaces
  • Convenient to wash


  • Pricey

What You Need to Know About Soundproof Curtains

What Are Soundproof Curtains and How Do They Work?

Do soundproof curtains work? Are they a miracle cure to block out sound?

Well, they aren’t exactly a miracle cure per se, but soundproof curtains WORK and can effectively block sound waves and reduce sound in any room.

Sound waves travel by vibrating objects, and these objects vibrate surrounding objects, carrying the sound. It can move through the air, water, and solids, for as long as they have something to bounce off of.

When a sound wave hits solid materials, it’s either reflected, transmitted, or absorbed.

  • Reflection happens when sound bounces off the walls. This allows people to enjoy a great listening experience. This occurs in music halls and theatres.
  • Transmission happens when sound passes through a material. You notice this between office spaces, or between rooms at hotels or homes.
  • Sound Absorption happens when sound hits porous material where part of it is absorbed. As a result, it muffles up the noise depending on how effective the materials are, and how loud the sound is.

The thick material and layers of fabric of these curtains don’t necessarily block sound or cut noise. It reduces them with sound absorption. This will really work well with sound coming into your space and sound escaping it.

Where Can I Install Soundproof Curtains?

There are many spaces where a soundproof curtain is necessary. The main purpose would be to deaden noise and keep unwanted sound at a minimum.

Most often, it is by a window, but if you want to soundproof a door opening, you can hang curtains there too.

In the bedroom, some nice soundproof curtains could get you better sleep or help you get some work and studies done. These curtains can surely reduce sound coming in from your loud neighborhood.

In the living room, soundproof curtains could be great at compartmentalization. You can divide spaces for different people you live with and have privacy.

If you want to keep unwanted cooking sounds from your kitchen, or if you have a cafe or restaurant, these curtains can surely do the trick!

If you work a lot at your garage or do some music recording at a home recording studio, noise and echo reducing curtains will give you a more productive experience. Maybe even give better sound quality to your recording!

How Effective Are Soundproof Curtains?

As mentioned above, a soundproof curtain cannot completely cut noise. It only reduces noise with sound absorption. Determining how effective these products are will depend on what you are looking for.

It is important to set expectations and consider the purpose of your curtains purchase.

Yes, soundproof curtains manage noise reduction to a certain extent. It can probably better your sleep. It can help you be more productive working at home. Curtains can set you up for more privacy.

But if you want the most noise protection, a soundproof window or a combination of both is the best option.

You can also consider adding in some noise devices to combat more neighbour noise.

For instance like when making music in a recording studio, you’re better off with special acoustic curtains or recording studio insulation. This is more effective in blocking sound inside from transmitting outside. You wouldn’t want angry neighbors!

9 Factors to Consider When Buying Soundproof Curtains

Overall Size

The length and width of these soundproofing curtains should cover your window. Take note that to optimize sound-absorbing, the curtains have to drape.

It is important that you buy one 2-3 times wider, and 8-10 inches longer than your window. Preferably those that cover from the ceiling until the curtains touch the floor.

Larger drapes help maximize the effect of soundproofing.

To get this right, make sure to measure your window, and consider the allowances. You would not want to keep going back to the stores or resend your online purchase.


Apart from size, they say heavier curtains do a better job at sound-absorbing. It might be a hefty task to install them yourself, but it is worth it!

Heavy and dense curtains mean they contain more fibers that aid in the reduction of noise. Lightweight curtains will allow outside noise to come in. Double or quadruple your layers of curtains for a better sound blocking experience.


The more fibers there are in the fabric, the better it is at noise reduction.

The ideal fabric choices are: Suede Polyester and Velvet.

These fabric choices are thick and porous. It is harder for sound waves to penetrate, so it is more effective in sound dampening.

You’ll find the same sound-absorbing and noise-reducing curtains in theatre sets, stages, music studios, and industrial purposes. Some use these fabrics to separate living spaces too.

Fabric Texture also plays a crucial role in soundproofing. The uneven surface allows the sound waves to lose energy when bouncing between the fabric surface.

Velvet is less expensive compared to suede, so it is usually the material of choice. It also has a luxurious look to it. A blackout curtain, for instance, is made of velvet material because it blocks sunlight well.

Other matters to look out for are the curtain labels: insulated, thermaweave, thermalayer, or thermal insulation. These add to quality soundproofing.

Curtain Rods & Grommets

Firstly, the curtain rod should be capable of holding the weight of your soundproof curtains.

Secondly, the curtain rod should supplement in more soundproofing.

  • Wrap-around rods attach themselves into the walls at a curve. This cuts any gaps between curtain edges, maximizing noise reduction.
  • Double rods are great for holding heavy drapes. It also gives you the opportunity to add layers. This is the curtain rod of choice for most noise reduction.
  • Strong grommets should also be considered as they keep your curtains in place. They also ease in the opening and closing of curtains.


Most brands offer a variety of colors for curtain products. Although it does not influence the ability of noise reduction, it’s a matter of personal preference.

If you’re getting soundproof curtains for better sleep during the day, maybe consider darker shades. We suggest you make sure it fits well with your overall interior design.


Some curtains are more expensive than the others but do the same job. A trusted brand often costs more. It is important that you find the best value for your money product that best suits your needs. This product review will help you work on your options.

Ease of Installation

These curtains are heavy. If you live alone and plan on installing them yourself, better have a friend assist you.

Most of these curtains come with easy to install guides to help you with your drapes. Yet it’s no doubt some people will have difficulty managing with the size. You can opt for a professional to install it for you too. Of course, with extra cost. Most often this is necessary when you purchase custom curtains.


The ability to wash your curtains may be a concern. The longer and heavier your curtains, the more difficult it is to wash. You can’t easily stuff them in a washing machine! Special fabrics might need dry-cleaning too.

You might need to consider this before investing in a specific curtain since it is an extra cost. Check out the labels. Consider ones that are machine washable and don’t stain easily.

Overall Look

Before buying your curtains, make sure your soundproof curtains fit with your windows and bedroom interior design. Remember, you will be living with it for a long period of time. Don’t decide on impulse.

Your curtains may be the solution to your noise and sound concern, but aesthetics might require a different solution.

Final Verdict

After rounding up the best soundproof curtains on the market, each one can definitely make a better soundproof home. But if we were to choose the best soundproof curtains for our living space, we would go for the Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Lined Curtains.

These soundproof curtains are the all-around best as they effectively reduce noise and unwanted sound in every living space.

Besides this, it works wells to reduce unwanted light from entering and has great insulation properties that allow you to save on the utility bills long-term.

Many factors like its material, variety of sizes and colors made available, and ease in maintenance make it the winning choice!

This may not be the cheapest option, but what’s a couple of bucks for exceeding expectations! These soundproof curtains are WORTH every penny.

If you’re feeling a little fancy, and don’t mind spending some dough though, we would also recommend the H Versailtex Premium Blackout Wider Curtains. That is of course if you need soundproof curtains for bigger windows or doorways.

But they do a great job at noise reduction and can keep unwanted sound at a bare minimum. They make every home look elegant too!

You can also check out our guides on Window Films for Soundproofing and The Complete List of Sound Absorbing Materials if you need more materials for other home fixtures.


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