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The Best Device for Noisy Neighbours: 12 Effective Options

Device for Noisy Neighbours

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to fall asleep after a hard day at work — only to be abruptly jolted out of peace — by the next-door neighbor’s regular midnight parties.

When your noisy neighbors are throwing Euphoria parties, fighting each other, or you’re just cursed with thin walls, you’re hearing things you don’t want to.

You may want to look into some methods if you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep without having to move out of your place.

Here are some suggestions on the best devices for noisy neighbors!

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12 Best Devices to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

There are a handful of options to combat noisy neighbors you can look into with varying price ranges. Annoying sounds can be blocked out or at least muffled with any of these!

We recommend combining any of these gadgets to deal with the volume and try more passive, static devices FIRST before looking into a more aggressive, dynamic solution.

1. Ear Plugs

The cheapest and most budget-friendly option is definitely to invest in good quality earplugs.

While these do not make things completely quiet and are usually only effective in muffling loud noise, they are pretty comfortable and handy in a pinch.

These are the best for short-term problems, or when the noises are less things being thrown about and more television noises and loud washing machines.

You can combine earplugs with other methods to make things more quiet in your place. You can go about pairing your earplugs with soundproof curtains and a white noise machine, for example.

Our Recommendation: Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

Don’t like the feeling of ear plugs?

Don’t worry, we have 11 more ways below, or you can take a look at our Earplugs Alternatives Buying Guide for more options.

2. Sound Absorbing Curtains

A good option if the noise comes from washing machines and television sets, these curtains are effective in blocking out external noise.

These curtains are also very heavy and will effectively block out light. Your room will be pitch black depending on how thick these curtains will be!

These curtains are also more effective if gaps in windows and your door have been sealed. You may want to look into these if you have started soundproofing as well.

You can check our Buying Guide on Soundproof Curtains for some top-rated picks.

3. Noise Canceling Headphones

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones is a great way to ignore your noisy neighbors and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

The deal with noise-canceling gadgets is that they effectively reduce low-frequency noise, including your wild neighbor’s loud music.

Unlike standard headphones, noise-canceling devices can cancel external noise without playing any music. Therefore you can go to sleep in pitch quiet if you want.

These noise-canceling devices are also a good investment if you’re the type to work in your house.

Their noise-canceling function will be very useful when trying to get work done, especially if your work includes some form of audible interaction, allowing you to hear better.

4. Sleeping Headphones

While noise-canceling headphones work effectively, sleeping headphones are also an excellent option.

We suggest getting your hands on either Bedphones or SleepPhones!

While noise-canceling headphones can block out noises without producing any audio frequencies, these kinds of sound devices emit masking noise frequencies or white noise.

Depending on your headphones, you can choose the sound to your liking. Perhaps flowing water or crickets!

5. White Noise Machine

While this method will not eliminate the noises your neighbor makes, it will add some ambient sounds that can distract you from the noise coming from outside.

Like sleeping headphones, they produce sounds that will help you relax and forget about what else is happening outside.

However, if the noise is too loud, the machine may not be as effective, as the volume only goes up to a certain level. We would not want a contest between your sounds and their music either.

The white noise machine can also be used in combination with other methods to eliminate or at least mask those annoying noises.

Marpac and LectroFan are two excellent brands you can consider!

6. Noise Canceling Devices

While these are high-class devices and, as such, come at an extra cost, if your other neighbors are making noise that you cannot stand in your living space, this device may work for you.

This device works by emitting a high frequency that cancels out the sound waves your neighbors are making — whether that be loud music or even construction work.

The sounds your noisy neighbors make will not even reach the inside of your house!

You can mount these devices around your space, and they will not necessarily be an eyesore either. They can come in different shapes and sizes.

This may be the device for you if you are looking to avoid confrontation.

7. High-Frequency Antennas

If we are getting petty and looking for options to irritate our noisy neighbors, perhaps we can suggest a high-frequency antenna.

The device does not muffle nor reduce the noise being made by loud neighbors. It is indeed a method to get even with your loud neighbors.

The high-frequency antenna works by making your neighbors’ speakers emit an audible deafening screech if the volume is up, forcing them to turn their music down.

It is effective indeed for noisy neighbors and their playing loud music. However, if they find that they enjoy that teeth grinding high pitch noise, that would ultimately be a bigger problem for you.

Our Recommendation: General Motors High-Frequency Antenna

General Motors High-Frequency Antenna

8. Stop Speakers Jammer

Neighbors refusing to turn down their loud music? Even spitting on you when you kindly asked them to turn down the sounds? Even making a noise complaint to no avail?

Perhaps it is time to pull out the big boys.

The stop speakers jammer works as its name implies — it jams speakers, rendering them unable to even function properly or completely.

Check out this video for a tutorial:

Bluetooth Function

The device works via Bluetooth, however, so the device only works with speakers that are within a certain radius. If your noisy neighbor is a few houses down, you may want to try other things.

Another thing with the Bluetooth function is it is only compatible with speakers that connect to Bluetooth.

If the neighbor noise is loud music from an ancient speaker that’s not compatible with Bluetooth and uses a USB cable, you may want to look at the magnetron.

9. Magnetron

If your noisy neighbor is playing music at 3 AM loud enough to wake the dead, perhaps resorting to this device may not be a bad idea, and your whole block will thank you.

A device that works through an electromagnetic generator, it emits a pulse that effectively stops electronic devices from functioning.

Yes, you read that right. This device will put a stop to your loud neighbors’ mega speakers.

While it is similar to the stop speakers jammer, one should take note that it stops electronic devices.

That means this electromagnetic generator stops ALL devices, so this should really be used as a last resort.

Our Recommendation: LG Genuine OEM Magnetron

LG Genuine OEM Magnetron

10. Vibration Plate

Perhaps you do not live in a house but in an apartment or condo building.

If you think none of the methods work for you because your noisy neighbors are making annoying sounds in the flat above yours, you may be able to deal with them using this device.

Effective against noisy neighbors who live upstairs, the vibration plate works by creating a strange vibration on the floor above when the noise gets too loud.

Your upstairs neighbors might not get the hint, though. You might want to consider getting a ceiling vibrator instead.

Our Recommendation: BIZOEPRO Concrete Vibrator Vibration Motor

BIZOEPRO Concrete Vibrator Vibration Motor

11. Ultrasonic Sound Devices

Perhaps your neighbors are not wild party animals and are, in fact, sweethearts, but they have an annoyingly loud chihuahua.

The previously mentioned devices may not exactly be compatible with loud animals. You may want to look into one of these sound devices.

The deal with these is they work by emitting noise frequencies that only dogs can hear. It does not hurt the animal, but is unpleasant and effectively stops the yapping.

They also chase away cats, mosquitos, and rodents. It may not be for you if you have a pet cat or mouse.

Our Recommendation: STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Dog Training-Bark Control Device

STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Dog Training-Bark Control Device

12. Noise Stingers/Reciprocal Devices

These devices are quite effective if your neighbors are making too much noise.

You can set it at a sound limit that you are comfortable with, and if your neighbor goes over that, the device emits sounds that are unpleasant to the body.

Not ideal? If your neighbors are on the younger side, you can configure the device to emit noise at a frequency only they can hear.

If set at 17 kHz, the sounds emitted will be annoying to individuals under the age of 20 and to some between 21 and 25. It is not effective for those over 25, however.

Other Methods to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

If you’re on a budget, perhaps getting a device to stop or annoy your noisy neighbors is not the best option for you.

For most, knocking on their door and coming up with a deal with your neighbors will be the most effective way to deal with the noise problem.

Some people may not realize they are making so much noise.

If that does not work, you can soundproof your house (more on this below) or file a complaint either to authorities or your landlord if you live on rental property.

This prevents you from confronting your neighbors, and they will do it for you.

Perhaps you should also consider if the noise is not a regular occurrence. Perhaps it is your neighbors’ daughter’s 21st birthday, or they have a temporary day of repairs.

If all else fails, see if you can move out of the property.

With all that being said, if the noise sounds VIOLENT, you may want to consider calling authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I File a Lawsuit Against Noisy Neighbors?

Yes, you can. It is a bit more complicated than that, however.

To have a strong lawsuit and ultimately win a case, you have to provide solid evidence to back your claim.

You may want to consider calling authorities if the noise sounds less like music and more like someone getting assaulted.

Forming Your Lawsuit

You need to provide court evidence that there is excessive noise and that your neighbor is the source of the said sound.

You will also need to provide proof that your life is disrupted by the noise and that you have approached your neighbors in an amicable manner (e.g., written notices, text messages, etc.).

If you win, you will also need to figure out what you want out of the lawsuit. Most would want a cease and desist on the noise made. You may also look at fines and monetary damage.

If this is what you desire, perhaps you should speak to an attorney.

Take note that suing your neighbor over their washing machine or television set maybe because of thin walls and not because they are insensitive people.

Do Sound Machines Work for Noisy Neighbors?

In general, sound machines should work. It is what they are made to do. The reaction or effectiveness, however, depends on which machine you use.

For example, using a sound blocking machine will muffle the noise entering your space, but using a speaker jammer will stop speakers from functioning.

The former will not necessarily bother noisy neighbors; however, the latter may rile them up if they find out it is your doing.

Effective? But at What Cost?

While they do work, we do not necessarily know how your noisy neighbors will react to the devices used, especially with speaker jammers and similar devices.

Younger neighbors will also probably not take kindly to their Euphoria-themed parties being cancelled by the Boomer next door.

You might wake up with your house covered in toilet paper.

This is why it is always best to try settling things amicably and coming up with some sort of deal between neighbors. We do not want things to develop into a heated war between you two!

What Materials Are Good for Sound Blocking?

If you ultimately decide to soundproof your place, whether it is because of your neighbors or you are just cursed with thin walls, here are some good materials to look into.

Acoustic Fabric

Most commonly found in theater curtains, these are a very thick fabric effective in keeping sounds in, or in this case, out.

We mentioned soundproof curtains earlier in this article. You may want to look into ones made with this specific fabric. As mentioned, they are effective with other methods.

Fiberglass Panels

There are many different types of fiberglass, but they are effective in keeping noise in and out of areas they should or should not be.


While there are multiple types of drywall, there is a specific type of drywall that you can use for soundproofing your home.

However, note that any kind of drywall is effective for soundproofing as long as decoupling is also listed down.

Dense Boards

Plywood, fire boards, particle boards, and oriented strand boards are good options for soundproofing. If you’re using these as floorboards, you can also combine them with:

Soundproof Floor Underlay

These are effective at absorbing the sound you make, as well as the noise your downstairs neighbors might make.

These are essentially carpets made of felt that can go under your floorboards.

Acoustic Sealants

Good for use on ceilings, walls, and gaps like screw holes or seams. This sealant works like any other sealant but with the combined ability to reduce noise leaks.

Take a look at our Acoustic Caulk/Sealant Guide for some top-tier options.

Final Words

As with most things, it’s always the better option to try and settle without any hard feelings.

The devices mentioned may be a very dynamic solution to a problem that you could deal with quietly.

Before using more aggressive methods, perhaps you should consider if the trouble you might get into with your neighbors is worth it or if it’s time to pick up and move.

That being said, annoying neighbors can be detrimental, especially to your health, if they affect your work and sleep schedule. So look into the methods and choose the best one for you!

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Andrea has always been bombarded by the hustle and bustle outside her home. Living in the city doesn’t get any quieter. The never ending noise from construction, traffic, and dogs barking on the streets day in and day out drove Andrea to a breaking point.

For 3 years, Andrea committed herself to studying DIY hacks, performing soundproofing experiments, and installing noise-free solutions. Now, she lives a quiet life free of the stress from noisy environments.

She hopes to share this knowledge so that others don’t have to endure the noise reigning in their ears and live a peaceful, stress-free life.