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Why Your Gas Oven Sounds Like a Blowtorch [Easy DIY Fixes]

Silent Home Hub Gas Oven Sounds Like a Blowtorch

It’s easy to panic when you notice your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch. After all, this unsuspecting sound could turn into a disaster!

No need to search for an answer any longer. Chances are, the sounds are because of faulty parts or poor assembly of components.

And below, we detail the numerous reasons why your gas oven sounds like a blow torch. We also cover the other noises it can be making, so you can troubleshoot it yourself!

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How a Gas Oven Works

To that irritating noise problem, you first need to know HOW GAS OVENS WORK:

  • Every time you turn your oven or gas stove on, you start a controlled explosion.
  • Power is sent to the ignitor, which draws the required electric current once it’s energized.
  • When it reaches the right level of current, the gas safety valve or control valve automatically opens to allow the right amount of gas to flow through the burner tube and into the oven’s burner assembly.
  • The gas ignites, and the oven starts to heat up.
  • Your temperature display then reads the heat that the gas oven sensor has converted into an electrical signal.

So as you see, there are numerous parts to any given gas oven that can cause your noise problems. And that’s why there’s really no one reason for a gas oven making strange sounds.

Below, we go through all the reasons behind why your gas oven sounds like a blow torch and more.

Identifying Different Gas Oven Sounds + How to Fix Them

Gas oven making a ROARING NOISE issue? Sounds like a blowtorch is in your kitchen? Or maybe you hear a weird whooshing or popping sound that could mean anything. We’ve got you covered for any problem you’re experiencing.

Gas ovens make plenty of sounds, and any one of them can be the culprit behind why your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch.

Let’s go through each sound problem one by one.

1. Roaring Noise

Gas oven making roaring noises? Okay, so there are a couple of reasons why your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch or lion.

Each cause will depend on the damaged or faulty component. Some will require you to ADJUST or REPLACE the parts (make sure to have the correct model number and manufacturer’s name to get the right replacement parts).

Remember that while most of these can be done by yourself, some require a professional to prevent accidents and more heating problems in the future.

Your gas oven deals with gas, electricity, and flames. This makes the perfect recipe for disaster — especially if you don’t know what you’re doing to keep your gas oven or burner from sounding like a blowtorch!

Cause #1: Over-Gassed

First, your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch because the GAS PRESSURE IS OVER-GASSED. This means there may be TOO MUCH GAS because the faulty gas valve or regulator valve is opening too much.

The regulator valve is responsible for monitoring the gas pressure inside while your oven’s working.

If the gas pressure becomes too high because of a faulty gas regulator, you will end up with those blowtorch sounds.

You can try ADJUSTING the gas regulator valve in the gas oven or at the meter to lessen the gas pressure coming in. If that doesn’t fix the regulator valve problem, you may need to replace it with a new gas regulator valve.

But if that still doesn’t fix the problem, the best way to solve the gas pressure problem is to CONTACT YOUR GAS SUPPLIER or GAS OVEN MANUFACTURER because handling leaking gas can be hazardous if you don’t know what to do.

Cause #2: Under-Gassed

Secondly, you may be dealing with a faulty Flame Supervisory Device (FSD) problem. This component controls when to gas in, just like the gas valve.

The Flame Supervisory Device (FSD) monitors gas levels in the gas oven and closes it off if it senses that there is too much gas supply inside to keep you and your family safe.

So if the FSD isn’t opening correctly, it will starve your gas oven burner, creating a problem with how it functions. This may be why your gas oven makes that roaring sound problem!

You can try REPLACING the burner yourself, but we think this is one of the problems that is best handled by a professional.

Cause #3: Extra Air Needed from Air Shutter

Third, extra air may be entering the burner’s venturi tube, in which case you only need to ADJUST THE AIR SHUTTER so that it lets less air in.

Just take care not to close the air shutter too much.

Otherwise, you will weaken the flames in your gas oven and starve your burner of its much-needed air supply — leading to another major problem.

Remember that fire still needs oxygen to breathe! The air shutter may not always be enough.

Cause #4: Blockage or Improper Assembly

If your gas oven is making scary blowtorch sounds, it’s possible that it wasn’t properly assembled or is blocked by debris. In other words, your oven BURNER, VENTURI TUBE, and other oven parts may not be PROPERLY ALIGNED or cleaned.

If the gas-oven-sound you’re hearing started RIGHT AFTER you put it back together after a thorough cleaning (or if it’s a brand new model), then you can suspect that improper assembly of the oven is the cause of your noise problems.

This is why we recommend testing your oven out at the store or having the technicians give it a run in your house before they leave. This helps ensure that any sound and noise problem from the burner, ignitor, or other parts can be detected and fixed as soon as possible.

If improper assembly is the cause, try TAKING YOUR GAS OVEN APART AGAIN, thoroughly cleaning each oven component, then carefully putting it back together.

If you’re unsure how to do this, we recommend ASKING A PROFESSIONAL.

You can also suspect that a blockage may be why your gas oven sounds like a blowtorch if you haven’t given it a proper clean in a while.

Dust and debris can accumulate in the various openings of your gas oven, which will block air flow. So just give your oven some love, and those blowtorch noises may just disappear!

A Summary of Faulty Oven Components to Check

As you’ve seen, some oven components are the usual suspects for why a gas oven sounds like a blowtorch. Here’s a summary:

  • Oven ignitor
  • Misaligned ignition
  • Flame Supervisory Device (FSD)
  • Ove regulator valve
  • Improper air

2. Boom Noise

Gas oven making booming sounds? If your gas stove makes a boom noise while preheating, it may mean that the ignition of the gas inside is delayed.

You see, if the gas igniter was working well, the igniter SHOULD LIGHT a small amount of gas to start the ignition process.

But if this fails, the amount of gas will build up and can cause a small boom sound inside your oven once it ignites, similar to what you hear when a rocket or sonic jet takes off.

This can be caused by normal wear and tear or improper maintenance.

The Solution?

CLEAN the oven ignitor, especially the areas where dirt and grease can accumulate, then carefully place it back in the gas oven.

This should fix that boom noise problem immediately.

If you need to completely replace it because your gas oven makes noise even after cleaning it, call a professional.

3. Hissing or Whooshing Sound

Gas oven making a WHOOSHING SOUND?

Whenever you’re dealing with gas, the tiniest hissing can be a BIG CAUSE FOR CONCERN. It’s important that the moment you hear any hissing sound, you should immediately find the reason and fix it.

Or at least disconnect your gas stove and stop using it until you can get a repairman to take a look and find the EXACT reasons behind that blow torch sound.

This may be because the glow bar isn’t ignited before the gas is released into your gas oven.

Normally, you’ll hear this whooshing sound when the glow bar finally ignites. You see, the gas valve opens automatically when the glow bar gets hot enough. This electrical flow will then cause the glow bar ignitor to reach the necessary temperature.

If this isn’t working properly, gas accumulates around the glow bar when there’s a delay in the ignition and when the gas oven reaches the set temperature. A shock is generated when the igniter starts the system up because of this accumulation.

So if the glow bar isn’t being ignited properly, your gas oven will produce a minor explosion.

Another reason apart from the glow bar could be a worn-out gas regulator, which can cause the top burner of your gas stove to start going haywire.

The Solution?

Just REPLACE THE GLOW BAR IGNITOR or REGULATOR VALVE. This should prevent your gas oven from making that whooshing blowtorch sound.

4. Popping Noises When Heating

Gas oven making popping or exploding noises?

Suppose your gas oven still sounds like a blowtorch, or you hear a popping noise whenever it’s heating. In that case, we recommend INVESTIGATING THE PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY to figure out why that gas burner sound is happening.

Burner Cap

Some of the causes of this problem include a gas burner cap that isn’t properly placed or aligned. This problem is easy to manage by simply adjusting it.

A wet gas range top burner or burner cap can also be one of the causes of your popping problem if you recently cleaned the stovetop or some liquid boiled over onto the burners.

The solution?

Simply lift and inspect the burner cap and other components of the burners, then dry off any liquid.

Clean Up

Moreover, dirt and debris can impede gas flow, so make sure to clean off any food bits. To prevent this problem, give your gas stoves and bake burner a GOOD WIPE after each use.

This will also prevent any build-up and stop food, oil, grease, or liquid from hardening, which is a problem you’ll want to avoid if you don’t want to spend hours brushing away at your bake burner.

Damaged Igniter or Igniter Wire

You’ll likely encounter this sound if your igniter is old and worn out.

In that case, it’s as simple as replacing it with a new igniter or igniter wire. You can also give your igniter a good wipe if it isn’t that old yet.

You should get good ignition from your igniter once you’re done replacing it.

Other Causes of Popping Sounds

Other reasons behind all those sounds when heating includes:

  • Leak in gas connections — you’ll know this if there is a flame roll-out upon heating
  • Contaminants in the gas supply
  • Cracked gas burner cap or burner ring — a replacement should do the trick
  • Blocked gas injector nipple — keeps the right amount of gas from flowing to your igniter
  • Damaged gasket or packing
  • Water heater scale — this can be fixed by cleaning it up

5. Puffing Sound

Gas oven making puffing noises? If you hear a puffing sound and the flame inside your burners is yellow, this is the right section for you.

Some of the reasons behind your gas oven’s puffing sound include a faulty gas valve. 

This gas valve manages the progression of the gas in the gas burner. A faulty valve can send excess gas to the ignitor before it starts, giving you an electric shock if you accidentally touch the gas grill while this is happening.

Some other causes of that puffing sound include an unadjusted air screen. This controls the air intake and directs the perfect amount of oxygen that should mix with the supplied gas inside.

The result? You get bad gas ignition, which causes both the yellow pilot flame and the puffing problem.

Only a replacement of the gas valve and air screen will solve the problem. And if your gas oven makes the same puffing sound even after doing that, it may be time to REPLACE IT.

Gas Oven Sounds Like a Blowtorch…No More!

silver oven top and counters

Gas oven sound like a blowtorch? Your search is finally over!

A gas stove or oven is an excellent investment if you regularly cook or bake. But they also require PROPER KNOW-HOW to keep them running smoothly for years to come.

It’s a good thing your search led you to this easy DIY fixes guide. Now, you know what to do if your gas oven makes loud blowtorch noises!


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