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How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally in 14 Different Ways

Silent Home Hub How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors

The upstairs neighbors really get on your nerves, right? One moment, you’re chilling, quietly doing some work in your apartment, and then the other moment… BOOM! Stomping from the ceiling stops you in your tracks.

It’s the heavy footsteps of your neighbor! You’ve filed a complaint against your noisy neighbor to the landlord. Your upstairs neighbor receives a warning, but NOTHING changes.

So what should we do? We take REVENGE.

Your noisy upstairs neighbors took your peace, so we take theirs. We’ll show you the best ways on how to annoy upstairs neighbors.

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14 Ways You Can Annoy Upstairs Neighbors

1. Take Legal Action

In most cities and states, you have the right to file a legal complaint against your upstairs neighbor in court if your neighbor’s noise level is beyond what you can tolerate.

Your loud neighbors can be fined UPWARDS of $2500!

However, make sure you are ready to go to WAR against your noisy neighbours. Once you proceed, do keep in mind that you can NEVER go back. Be ready to BURN any bridges that you may have made before.

You can sue your noisy neighbor in 2 different ways:

  • File a lawsuit in a small claims court if you want money in favor of your damages.
  • Directly sue your noisy neighbor by filing a lawsuit in a regular civil court. There usually is a local noise ordinance, depending on where you live.

But before you look at the $$$, you still have to work on winning your case.

So how do you win your case? You need to provide EVIDENCE that proves that your situation with your upstairs neighbor is more than just a minor disturbance of a couple of noises.

So how do you collect evidence? Simple: any time your neighbor DISTURBS you,

  • Take note of the details of the situation (time, specific area, how loud the noise is, what kind of sound, etc.)
  • Record video and audio 

IMPORTANT: You MUST record the action WHILE it is happening, and NOT AFTER it has happened. Your evidence won’t be as strong if you don’t record the noise after the event has happened.

TIP: Make it a point to just start recording any time your upstairs neighbor makes any kind of noise, no matter how big or small.

Think of it like this: you should hit the record button as quickly as how your knee JERKS INSTANTLY whenever the doctor hits it to test your reflexes.

2. Knock on Their Door at Odd Hours

Your loud upstairs neighbors are deep in their sleep in the middle of the night, and someone knocks on their door. That must be very confusing.

Especially if you play dumb and oblivious by being unusually polite and genuine.

If you BLAST your noisy neighbors with RAGE in the middle of the night, it might get them to quickly realize what the actual situation is.

For MAXIMUM CONFUSION, we suggest you try to make your knock genuine by asking trivial questions, like:

  • “Is your internet working? Mine seems to be painfully slow.”
  • “Those house slippers look so comfy! Where did you get them?”

You can even try to borrow a few things from them depending on the situation.

The more trivial your questions are, the more likely it is for your upstairs neighbors to leave you with a door slamming in your face because of how pissed off they are!

Pro Tip: You can also doorbell ditch!

3. Play Racquetball Using the Ceiling

Why not take up a new sport while annoying your upstairs neighbor? Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Just take any tennis ball and racket and go off to work. Make sure to do this CONSISTENTLY — especially when your upstairs neighbor is at home.

Who knows, you might be the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams just from annoying your upstairs neighbor.

If you’ve never handled a racket and a tennis ball before, don’t worry. Not knowing how to control a tennis ball can lead to even more noise! (just don’t break anything inside your apartment, please)

4. Complain to the Landlord

If management hasn’t taken action since the last time you complained, make a bigger fuss about your situation. This is one of the most effective ways to annoy upstairs neighbors.

Make it their business whenever your loud upstairs neighbors are making a lot of noise in your apartment. Make the people managing the apartment feel like they’d rather go to WAR than have to deal with you.

If all else fails, maybe you can delay paying your rent for as long as possible to compel them to do more. (Take caution doing this — you don’t want to be evicted!)

Don’t feel bad for them, though. It’s their job to keep all residents happy with the apartment.

5. Call the Cops

Call the cops and tell them that you have really noisy upstairs neighbors. We’re sure they’ll go to your apartment and warn your neighbor.

The cops will most likely be able to talk some sense to your loud upstairs neighbors.

Your loud upstairs neighbors comply with the warning from the police, but if they don’t stop their noise-making habits, then just CALL THE POLICE AGAIN.

After their initial warnings, your upstairs neighbors will definitely be served a fine.

If your noisy neighbor has family or children, then we’re pretty sure they’ll heed the warning of the cops. No one wants their loved ones traumatized with THAT kind of experience.

And there you have it! Revenge served with the help of the police. You can now enjoy your apartment unit in peace.

6. Ceiling Vibrator

Created for the sole purpose of getting back at your noisy neighbors, this “THING” is a creation of some genius guy in China.

We have to thank the guy who invented this because the idea is PURE GENIUS if you want to annoy upstairs neighbors. Ceiling vibrators are quite popular for people who live in an apartment.

As the name implies, it vibrates your ceiling, so it disturbs your noisy upstairs neighbors.

So how do you use it? SIMPLE:

  1. Connect the power adaptor and other connections to the ceiling vibrator and power supply
  2. Assemble the rods according to the height of your ceiling.
  3. If your ceiling is too low, just use fewer rods.
  4. If your ceiling is too high and the extendable rod is used up, USE BOOKS or STOOLS to bridge the gap.
  5. Connect the rod to the ceiling vibrator and STICK IT TO THE CEILING. Feel free to use a towel or cloth on the ceiling vibrator if you’re afraid that the vibrator might damage the ceiling.
  6. At the bottom of the rod, TIGHTEN the threaded part, so the ceiling vibrator stands UPRIGHT by itself.
  7. Make sure to TURN ON THE DEVICE every time your loud upstairs neighbors make a lot of sound to let them know you’re not tolerating any noise from them.

And there you have it! With just 7 SIMPLE STEPS, you already know one way on how to annoy upstairs neighbors.

7. Blast Loud Music

If you love parties and loud music, then this is the way for you! Turn your regular old floor into a dance floor and bust out some moves to be the life of the party!

For an even BETTER effect, you can even choose the type of music that bothers your neighbor.

For example, if your neighbor is old and loves the classics, then maybe you could dish out some EDM to annoy the hell out of them.

Not only does this give your upstairs neighbors a dose of their own medicine, but it also makes you forget about their noise. You also get to have fun!

Invite some people after work, and TURN this noise problem of yours into a better situation.

So, turn on your TV, pump up the volume, and get the best party in your apartment started with a late night party!

8. “Stomp” on Their Ceiling

If your upstairs neighbor likes to stomp their way through their apartment, then let them! In turn, treat your ceiling the way they treat their floor.

This is similar to the ceiling vibrator trick. This is just more work, but the cost is significantly less.

If you’re TOO TIRED to do any of the other ideas above, then this one is the solution for you.

Hopefully, your neighbor gets the hint before things get out of hand, and one of you goes to the property manager of your apartment.

If you live at the top floor and you have noisy downstairs neighbors, then you can literally stomp away to get back at them, too! No need to consult the property manager.

9. Make Home Renovations

When your upstairs neighbor is making way too much NOISE in your apartment, then it may be the perfect time to do some renovations around the house.

Make sure to wear earplugs on because we’re about to make some NOISE.

Here are some ideas for home renovations that would make all sorts of noises:

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Maybe start by replacing the bathroom wall tiles? Gee, that sounds like A LOT of work, like perhaps using drills and sledgehammers to remove the old tiles?

Floor Tiles

Next, let’s replace the floor tiles! That must make an awful lot of noise with some DEMOLITION work.

Addition and Demolition of Walls

If you need another room in your apartment, then maybe have someone add another wall to create one in your house?

You won’t be able to build a wall without a few hammers hitting on wood and nails, so that’s quite a bit of significant noise!

On the other hand, if you feel like the rooms in your apartment are too small, you could tear apart a few walls to create a larger place. Great for working out or for family gatherings!

More importantly, imagine the sound of SLEDGEHAMMERS tearing a few walls apart. That sounds like a lot of NOISE!


Okay, this one’s a little bit on the less annoying spectrum, but think of it this way:

If your neighbor is making noise on purpose to annoy you, then you’re actually annoying them by not being affected by their noise!

Areas most commonly soundproofed are your apartment door and windows. Basically, where there are any possible cracks and openings, sound can leak.

Of course, soundproofing your house or any part of it isn’t cheap, so you can look for DIY options to reduce the extra cost of soundproofing.

10. Karaoke Night!

No one wants to be lonely and still have to deal with their neighbor, who seems to love being an INSENSITIVE JERK making noise.

Why not replace the noise from your neighbor with a pleasant sound from none other than your voice!

Here are simple steps to turn your miserable night full of noise into an awesome karaoke music night!

  • Turn on TV
  • Plug in the Karaoke
  • Turn up the volume
  • Leave the door open for any number of family and friends (the more, the merrier!)

11. Cook Smelly Food

This one’s unconventional. We’ve mostly discussed fighting fire with fire (noise with noise), so let’s go to other ways where we utilize our other senses in getting our revenge.

Of course, if it’s not obvious enough, the main difference is we’re utilizing the sense of smell, not hearing.

So here’s the thing. You have two options to choose from when cooking smelly food.

  • Cook food that smells really BAD.
  • Cook food that smells really GOOD.

There are a lot of foods that are actually good but smell bad. Most of the time, these are fermented foods like:

  • Kimchi
  • Shrimp paste
  • Fish sauce

You can also go for dishes with smelly fruits like durian. It’s entirely up to you! These dishes smell really bad, but they actually are delicious if you give them a chance.

On the flip side, you can go for food that smells really good:

  • Anything in a slow cooker
  • Bacon
  • Any recipe with cinnamon

The list is endless! Most foods smell good and appetizing, so you should have no problem with this.

Smelly or Pleasant?

So, which way do I go? Smelly or pleasant?

Personally, we’d still go for smelly. We feel that the feelings of disgust you evoke in your neighbor will be waaaay intense compared to the feelings of jealousy you bring out with pleasant-smelling food.

If you enjoy fermented food, the smell will DEFINITELY bother your neighbor while you’re enjoying your food.

If you can’t stand smelly food, then you could go the other way.

The main thing to consider here is you should go for a dish with a PUNGENT smell. The STRONGER the smell, the GREATER the NEGATIVE emotions you will bring out in your annoying neighbor.

12. Leave Garbage in Front of Your Neighbor’s Door

From the sense of smell to the sense of sight.

Doors can leave a strong first impression on your neighbor. Why not ruin their reputation to other side neighbors? So they see this annoying neighbor from your perspective: full of GARBAGE.

With this prank, though, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Here are tips to prevent that from happening.

Leave Only Non-Biodegradable Trash

You wouldn’t want to invite ants and cockroaches into your apartment, right? This is a recipe for a prank to BACKFIRE.

Not only will you have to deal with creepy crawlies, but also the anger of a good neighbor you didn’t intend to bother. The whole apartment might just easily turn on you and make your life miserable.

Make Sure That the Trash Doesn’t Spill to Other Neighbors

The thing with these kinds of pranks is that there are many ways it could go wrong. One of which is this.

Ensure your trash pile is big enough to annoy your neighbor but small enough that it doesn’t spill over to a good neighbor right next door. You wouldn’t want to annoy another neighbor, right?

13. Petroleum Jelly on Their Doorknob

Next, we move on to the sense of touch. This might just be one of the best legal ways to get back at your neighbor: doorknob jelly!

That is definitely going to be a nuisance to your next-door-neighbor. A doorknob with vaseline jelly will bring great inconvenience to your noisy upstairs neighbors!

Imagine your neighbor going home from work DEAD tired, and they have a hard time opening their door because of the Vaseline jelly.


Level Up: Use Mentholated Ointment Instead

If you want to take the prank up a notch, then instead of using petroleum jelly, use Vicks Vaporub or any other mentholated ointments instead!

If your neighbor’s love to touch their face, then they’re in for an unpleasant experience!


Just beware of a few things before proceeding with this prank, though.

First, if your neighbor has smart doors, look out for a hidden camera in them that might get you busted.

The same goes for any security cameras around your apartment. Try to avoid them so you won’t get caught easily.

Second, make sure not to put some vaseline jelly on the door lock. This might jam their door, and you might have to pay your noisy neighbors for any damages this might cause.

You don’t want your revenge prank spoiled, right? So just follow these tips to properly execute this thing.

14. Give Your Neighbors Bad-Tasting Food

Finally, we move on to our fifth and final sense: Smell.

Why not return your neighbor’s hospitality by welcoming them through food?

Remember the smelly food we cooked a while ago? Do that, but mess up the recipe on purpose so that it not only SMELLS BAD, but it now also TASTES BAD.

Just a word of advice: DO NOT SERVE FOOD THAT HAS GONE BAD.

The thing is, the food should only taste bad, not be bad for them. If you do actually serve food that has gone bad, expect a LAWSUIT to come your way.

Disclaimer: Your Neighbor is a Person Too

We hate to sound like a killjoy, but as you go through all these pranks, remember that your noisy neighbors are human beings who make mistakes.

There are many ways to annoy your noisy neighbors using devices, but consider reconciling with them first by talking with them or leaving a formal note. Trying to change a person’s behavior doesn’t always go as planned, so don’t expect your efforts to work as fast as you’d hoped.

If you can sleep through the noise problem that they make using earplugs, then do that first.

As with everything else, it’s always best to PRACTICE MAXIMUM TOLERANCE and think before you act. Being a good neighbor is still the ideal choice!

Final Words: Happy Pranking!

Now that you’ve thought really hard on how to annoy upstairs neighbors, we wish you luck on your successful operations!

Just know that we have your full support for whatever solution you’re pushing through with.



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