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How to Break a House Window Quietly: 6-Step Guide and FAQs

How to Break a House Window

Knowing how to break a window QUIETLY requires some tools, skills, and creative ideas.

However, there’s no need to worry or feel overwhelmed because we’ve got your back.

This article will teach you six steps so you can break a window quietly in case an emergency pops up.

Table of Contents

Six Steps on How to Break a House Window Quietly

This is the basic outline of breaking a window silently.  We will provide an in-depth guide for each step later.

You need to go through each step thoroughly because you never know when an emergency scenario will come your way.

  1. Gather the necessary tools.
  2. Use duct tape on both sides of the glass material.
  3. Put a thick blanket or pillows to act as a buffer for glass shards.
  4. Don’t forget to wear protective equipment.
  5. Break the glass window silently.
  6. Clean up and make sure there are no broken glass pieces on the ground.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

Five Things You Can Use to Break a Glass Window Quietly:

#1 Automatic Center Punch

An automatic center punch is a tool used to PRODUCE A DIMPLE in a workpiece. A center punch functions similarly to an ordinary punch, but it doesn’t exert extra force.

Neiko has a super-duty glass punch that is not only versatile but is also convenient with its spring.

#2 Resqme Keychain

Resqme gained popularity for its effectiveness in BREAKING CAR WINDOWS and as a seat belt cutter.

Breaking a window using this keychain requires you to press the black head of the tool against the corner of the tempered glass house window. The keychain will release a spring-loaded spike that will then shatter the tempered glass.

You can order this car escape tool from Amazon. It’s used by many people who want to break a car window.

#3 Metal End of a Seatbelt

Yup, you read that right.

You can use your seatbelt to break your car window.

Most people often panic during emergency situations because they think they do not have the necessary tools to handle the situation.

However, there’s no reason to fear because the resources you need to break a car window are already in your car.

  • Hit one of the edges as strong as you can to break the tempered glass of a car window.
  • Once you have done that, that crack you created can be widened by prying the glass from the side.

Cool, right?

#4 Household Items

They say that you already have what you need. The same applies to this situation.

Common household tools are also effective in breaking a window, and you might find these different methods easy to perform.

Some of the household tools that you can use are:

  • A heavy hammer
  • Baseball bats
  • Rocks
  • Bricks
#5 Broken Pieces of a Spark Plug

A spark plug is a cylindrical device in your car engine. The spark plug is part of your car’s internal combustion chamber.

Now, you might be wondering how a spark plug can help you break a window. This is since a spark plug might be the LAST thing on your mind when thinking about glass windows.

A spark plug works best in tempered glass of cars. Some people use the whole spark plug to break a window, but you will only really need the spark plug insulator or the ceramic part of the spark plug.

Locate the SHARPEST part of the spark plug and toss it into the tempered glass.

Though small, a spark plug packs a punch!

Step 2: Use Duct Tape on Both Sides of the Glass

To break a window quietly, duct tape is the tool. It minimizes noise and damage while breaking windows.

Duct tape holds the shards of glass together instead of just letting it fly everywhere.

In theory, it’s impossible to break the glass of your car or house windows in ABSOLUTE SILENCE. However, if you want to really be discreet about it, tape the sides of the glass.

Make sure to leave the edges of the glass uncovered.

This will help you take the panel out from the edges when you’re done breaking the glass.

Step 3: Put Moving Blankets or a Pillow to Act as a Buffer for Glass Shards

It doesn’t take a genius to know that breaking glass can injure people.

That’s why it’s necessary to lay down an object that will act as a buffer in breaking the glass quietly.

Of course, this would only be necessary for a situation that is not urgent.

Emergency scenarios such as rescuing someone inside a locked vehicle or a locked house would require you to break in as fast as possible.

If you have ample time to put something on the ground, doing so will:

  • Reduce noise significantly by absorbing the noise of falling shards
  • Make clean up easier by keeping the glass pieces in a single place
  • Protect the floor from being damaged, especially floors not made of concrete

If you have someone that can help you lay the a thick blanket, even better.

You can also try pressing the object up on both sides of the glass. In this case, the noise is muffled by the object immediately.

This would also make sure that the shards are all caught before they hit the ground.

Step 4: Don’t Forget to Wear Protective Equipment

After duly preparing your work objects and equipment, you are more than ready to break glass.

The protective equipment you need depends on the type of situation.

If You Are Dealing With an Emergency…

Always remember that your safety is also important when trying to save other people from a locked vehicle.

You cannot break a window effectively if you become injured yourself.

  • Make sure to protect your hands by using whatever loose clothing you have.
  • We highly recommend using a jacket to protect your arm.
  • Ask the person you are trying to save to be as far away as possible from the glass you are breaking.
  • If you are using rocks, wear a helmet instead of a regular cap.

If You Are Doing a Scheduled Breaking…

It is of utmost importance to keep yourself completely protected AT ALL TIMES. If you have them, consider wearing the following protective gear:

  • Safety glasses or safety goggles
  • Hat (to protect your scalp from broken glass pieces)
  • Bandana over your lower face and neck
  • Thick work gloves
  • Layers of clothing covering your arms
  • Full-length pants (preferably, with thick material)
  • Reinforced work boots

Some are more important than others, but when you prepare for a scheduled smashing, the goal is to keep yourself away from any piece of glass.

We suggest you make sure you have safety goggles and a first aid kit ready at all times. Your eyes are the most delicate part of your body.

Step 5: Break the Glass

Finally, the main part of the show has arrived.

If you have protective gear and safety glasses, it’s best to wear them now.

In this step, it’s important to keep in mind that there are glasses that are harder to break than others.

Safety glass is laminated, which makes it harder to break. If you want to break safety glass quietly, consider WEAKENING it first. This also helps in minimizing the noise.

  • Draw some lines around your duct-taped zone with a cutter to give yourself a guide.
  • If you want to go for the kill immediately, use a glass punch tool against a corner. Increase the pressure until it cracks.
  • After the safety glass breaks, you can now extract it. Be careful with the random piece of glass sticking out.
  • If you are not using duct tape, you have to remove the remaining glass in the window manually.

Step 6: Clean Up and Make Sure There Are No Broken Glass on the Ground

Truth be told, there would be no huge mess if you followed the steps well.

Safety is our top priority, and part of that is making sure breaking a window would not lead to glass cuts.

Here are some ways for you to prevent a piece of broken glass from falling to the ground, thus keeping your hands and feet safe from sharp cuts and edges.

  • Tape the glass tightly.
  • Cover the ground with a tarpaulin and blanket.
  • Use a broom and a dustpan to sweep the glass. (NOTE: DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner at all costs.)
  • Use a shop vac like this shop vac from FEIN.

Why Would You Need to Break a Window?

Have you ever wondered why the steps above are important? In fact, breaking a house window quietly is a skill everyone should learn.

There are several circumstances and emergency situations that require you to break a window quietly.

#1 When You Are Locked Out of Your House

Maybe you forgot your own keys and the front door is locked, or you snuck out of the house because you were partying with other people.

Anyone would have thought of going through a window, but what if the window is also locked?

The only way to get in is to shatter your window. You will want to break the window as quietly as you can, though. Breaking glass can create a quite noticeable noise.

No one wants to be “caught” by suspicious neighbors. Who knows? They might accuse you of being a burglar.

We can’t have them calling nearby police officers when you are really just trying to return to your house.

#2 When Your Children Are Trapped Inside a House or Car

The best way for you to keep your kids calm inside your home or car is to break a window quietly.

As a parent, it can be worrying to see your child trapped or stuck inside a hot car, but recklessly punching the window with your hand is not a suitable method. Most children might be scared with the sight of blood.

They could also get hurt by the flying pieces of glass. The last thing you want is for your child to get severely injured due to your careless actions.

Ramming a car window with your fists is NOT the only way to break a window.

REMEMBER, it pays to REMAIN CALM, especially in emergency cases.

#3 When You Are Replacing Home and Car Windows

If your children start complaining because of the cold weather, maybe it’s time to replace the whole window.

It will cost you less if you replace your home window pane yourself.

Break a window quietly, of course, to minimize the noise.

And don’t forget to follow safety procedures when dealing with glass. Only start replacing your window panes when you’re 100% there are no hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1 What If I Only Have to Break a Small Part of the Glass?

If you do not have to break the entire glass, a regular GLASS CUTTER would be enough.

Just remember that you want to cut the glass material in a single stroke.

  • Press firmly on the window, but not too hard. Think of it as cutting paper, only thicker.
  • You only need to put a little pressure on the window to separate the portion you want to cut from the rest. You can think of it as breaking off a bar of chocolate.

#2 Can I Use a Hammer?

When it comes to breaking things, using a hammer seems to be one of the best ideas.

In case of emergencies, sure. An ordinary hammer will help break the window, but you will need to PUT A PILLOW to minimize the sound of a strong hit.

A claw hammer is the best type of hammer you can use to hit glass since it’s heavy and sharp. We suggest you use it as an emergency hammer.

Using a hammer will also leave a mess if used without care. Make sure to poke a hole on one of the edges of the duct-taped car window.

But only use a hammer in emergencies, okay? And don’t use your hammer in front of a child to avoid potential injuries from taking place. 

There are safer methods you can apply so that nobody gets hurt, but leaving an emergency hammer or safety hammer inside your car won’t be a bad idea.

Just make sure to keep your emergency hammer in an easy-to-access compartment in case of emergencies. Plus, it’ll come in handy if you know how to use your hammer quietly, in case noise might aggravate a situation.

#3 What About Double Glazed Windows?

In this case, a double-glazed window pane will be harder to break.

Fortunately, you will be able to break a double-glazed window quietly as long as you utilize the equipment and methods mentioned in this article.

Using tools like a hammer and center punch repeatedly will break the window pane.

Some Final Words

We would not wish for you or anyone you know to get trapped inside your home or car.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s the END OF THE WORLD.

All you have to do is follow the steps accordingly, and you should be able to escape without any accidents whatsoever.

We hope this article helped you know how you can break glass quietly. As you’ve read, you can use a whole lot of stuff to break the window you have, even spark plugs!

Next thing you know, you’ll become an expert at breaking glass windows, but more importantly, dealing with emergency situations.

BUT… keep in mind that everyone’s safety comes first when doing any of these procedures!


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