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PS4 Loud Fan Noises: 4 Causes and How to Fix Them

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You can finally sit on your couch and play with your PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro console after a long and stressful day. 

However, once you’ve powered any of these consoles, all you hear are loud fan noises. Is there something wrong? What makes a PS4 fan loud?

Today, we’re here to help solve any PS4 loud fan noises and what you can do about them to keep your console cool.

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Why is My PS4 Fan So Loud?

The PS4 console has been around for quite a while now, and compared to its rival the Xbox One, more people prefer the former than the latter.

If you’ve been gaming on a Play Station for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the loud fan noise. We won’t be surprised at this point if you’re already used to the noise.

You may overlook the loud fan noise from your gaming machine, but in reality, you shouldn’t.

Several reasons cause your PS4 fan to work in that way. Leaving them unnoticed could be detrimental to your console. Unnecessary PS4 fan noise will also ruin the actual game sound and disrupt your smooth gaming experience!

And that’s why we’re here to identify WHY you’re experiencing loud noises in the first place so that you have an easier time solving the problem.

1. Broken PS4

Besides the occasional whirring and humming noises of the hard disk’s cooling fan, you shouldn’t be able to hear or notice any vibration noises from your PS4.

You have to check your PS4 console for any loose parts or dust, which results in vibrations and rattling noise on the cooling fans. 

We recommend HAVING A PROFESSIONAL TAKE A LOOK at your PS4 console to avoid damaging the vibration pads or any other parts.

2. Cooling Vents

Your PS4 console has cooling fans. It’s the same with how your computer has a cooling system that prevents your device from overheating.

As time passes and the longer you play on your PS4, you’ll notice the PS4’s cooling fan making loud humming noises. 

This should be a sign that there’s something wrong with your cooling fan and cooling system. It could also mean that the CPU of your PS4 console is starting to heat up.

Why Could There Be a Problem with My Vents?

A cause for your cooling fan to malfunction could be the AMOUNT OF DUST THAT HAS ACCUMULATED on the fans. They’ve either made the PS4 fan get loose or have a weak performance. 

And the result is your PS4 console overheats and automatically shuts down.

If your PS4 has overheated, don’t turn it back on UNTIL the fans have cooled down.

3. Hard Disk Drive

PS4 fan problems aren’t anything new to Play Station users. The PS4 fan issue has become a recurring theme for PS consoles, which is why a lot of PS4 console owners don’t pay attention to it.

A crucial reason why your PS4 fan is making such a loud noise is because of the hard disk drive. Hard drive problems on your PS4 console don’t happen instantly. 

It usually takes time until it builds up to something noticeable and worth your attention.

How Can You Determine If the Hard Drive is the Problem?

Have you ever noticed how your console makes a loud whining noise every time you load your games?

That’s because there is something wrong with your CONSOLE DATABASE.

When it gets to that stage, you might notice some hard drive failure, and your console requires immediate attention.

It’s better if you stop yourself from playing and gaming on your console UNTIL you’ve resolved the problem.

4. Old Model

In time, you’ll notice the performance of your PS4 to be a bit lacking. 

A reasonable expectation you have to accept is that your PS4 console will eventually make that loud fan noise in the future. 

Dust, pet hair, and lint get stuck on the PS4 fan, making it HARDER FOR YOUR CONSOLE TO DRAW COLD AIR as a result.

It also doesn’t help that the thermal paste starts wearing down, resulting in the overheating of your CPU.

Does This Mean It’s Time to Buy a New One?

Just because your PS4 is old doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it.

One way to keep it running in excellent condition is to follow a maintenance routine to ELIMINATE ALL DUST AND PET HAIR accumulated.

How to Avoid the PS4 Loud Fan Problem

Now that you know the different reasons to have a loud PS4 fan, it’s time to learn how to avoid getting into this problem.

We’ve listed down the different methods and everything you need to know to help you protect your gaming console and have a smooth gaming experience.

1. Identify the Source of the Noise

Before you get ahead of yourself and think your PS4 is broken and unsalvageable, take a breath. You can still save your loud PS4 rather than buy a new one.

Whenever you start noticing some horrible changes on your gaming console causing a loud fan, it’s time to stop gaming and identify where the source of the noise is coming from.

You must address the source of the noises to know how to handle them better. 

Whether the source of the noise is as simple as a DUST ACCUMULATION PROBLEM or a HARD DRIVE MALFUNCTION, you need to be alert.

2. Improve the Ventilation

One of the reasons why the PS4 fan is whirring so loud at times is that when the cooling fan kicks in, it gets a lot of heat due to poor ventilation.

A major reason for this is you’re probably GAMING IN A HOT OR WARM SPACE that doesn’t have enough cool air.

One simple solution to deal with hot air is the proper ventilation where you’re gaming or at least where your PS4 is located.

You can find the ventilation of your PS4 on the rear and sides of the gaming console. Here are the responsibilities of each part.

  • Rear area: releases the air
  • Side vents: intake the air 

You always have to make sure these vents are ACCESSIBLE. There shouldn’t be anything obstructing the area.

REMEMBER: It Is Crucial to Know Where to Place Your PS4

You can’t stuff it in a crowded space, nor keep it inside a cabinet. Not only will it create a lot of fan noise, but it will also heat your gaming console a lot faster and damage the overall system. Oh no!

Now that you know overheating is a common problem for a PS4 console, the next wise thing to do is place your PS4 in a COOL AREA. 

Setting up your gaming nook inside a warm and humid room is detrimental for your gaming console compared to if you place your PS4 in a cool location.

You could also try placing it in a vertical position if that will give enough space to breathe. Some people say that an UPRIGHT POSITION is better for your PS4 console, but that largely depends on the environment around it.

3. Clean Your Console With Compressed Air

If you’ve already moved your PS4 to an area with proper ventilation and sufficient airflow, but STILL hear a loud whining noise from the PS4 fan, try CLEANING YOUR CONSOLE and everything that surrounds it.

Over time, your PS4 fan starts accumulating A LOT OF DUST AND DIRT, so a deep clean will take a lot of time. This is especially true if you’ve got clothes and other objects nearby. 

Checking the Console’s Interior Is Key

Now, you might think that the outside of your PS4 console is clean because there’s hardly any dust on it, but have you considered the INTERNAL COMPONENTS?

You’d be surprised to discover that the inside components of the console probably have a lot of dust covering them already. 

Luckily, getting rid of all the dust and dirt is easy, especially when you USE COMPRESSED AIR. You can buy a can of compressed air in your local store or on Amazon if you want an easy DIY fix to help you.

How to Clean Up the Interior Using Compressed Air

  1. Before cleaning your console, make sure to TURN IT OFF first.
  2. Start removing all the dust from the ports (NOTE: make sure to AVOID the disc area.). 
  3. Use the compressed air both on the PS4’s interior and exterior.
  4. Finally, bid GOOD RIDDANCE to that annoying dust built up.

Why Should You Use Compressed Air?

A can of compressed air can also help get rid of the dust on the vents of your PS4. You’ll notice an improvement with the fan and less noise coming from it.

However, do note that YOU’LL NEED TO OPEN UP YOUR PS4 TO CLEAN UP your ventilation. 

Using compressed air alone isn’t enough to get rid of the dust on the internal components. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, we highly recommend getting HELP FROM PROFESSIONALS or gaming experts.

4. Vacuum Your Console

Another way to help eliminate the loud fan noise coming from your PS4 is by VACUUMING ALL THE DUST from your console. A handheld vacuum cleaner should do the job nicely.

Now, it might sound strange, but it works. Don’t worry because cleaning your PS4 is relatively safe.

How to Remove Dust From Your Console Using a Vacuum Cleaner

In the words of the Jackson 5, it’s easy as “A, B, C,” “1, 2, 3,” and “Do Re Mi!”.

  • Use a narrow nozzle and place it near the rear and side vents. This allows the vacuum to suction any accumulated dust and dirt. (NOTE: There will STILL BE SOME DUST STUCK INSIDE after vacuuming the vents)
  • Open your PS4 and take it apart to get rid of the dust EFFECTIVELY.
  • Get a dust cover for your PS4 to prevent dust buildup in the future.

5. Open the Console

There’s a lot of issues that you can resolve once you’ve opened up your console. Nevertheless, it isn’t always advisable for you to open them up on the first instance.

If you still don’t get the result you want after cleaning the console and placing it in a well-ventilated area, you can do this. 

Again, if you’re unfamiliar with what to do, have a professional look at it.

Do note that opening your console may void your warranty. If your PS4 is relatively new, don’t open it up just yet. Instead, you bring it to the manufacturers for inspection purposes. 

However, if your PS4 is with you for way more than the warranty period, opening the consoles should be fine.

Opening the PS4 is No Easy Task

Opening up your PS4 can be complicated due to the number of screws and parts you need to be familiar with.

You’ll need to learn more about the parts of your PS4 before you get started. Doing so helps eliminate having errors in the long run.

Also, note that you’ll be needing a special screwdriver to open up your PS4, which is the T8 Torx Security Bit. It matches the screws on your console and prevents you from scratching the console if you use other screwdrivers.

6. Replace the Hard Drive

You might want to consider checking your hard drive if you still noticed something wrong with your PS4.

At times, you’re probably having a hard time trying to load your game, which should signal you that there might be a problem or some form of corruption in it. You can try to fix corrupted system files yourself, but depending on how bad it is, you might want to REPLACE it with a new one instead.

Luckily, solving this is very easy. With a simple HARD DRIVE UPGRADE, you’re all set for a better performance! Plus, you don’t have to buy a new PS4 to solve your problem!

Problems if You Ignore the Loud PS4 Fan Noise

Like we’ve said earlier, your PS4 naturally makes a subtle and little humming noise. Often it goes unnoticed, especially if you’ve been gaming for a long time. 

The noise gradually increases and gets worse in the process, yet you may or may not notice it.

If you caught the noise early on, good for you. You can address the problem earlier and prevent any further damage. 

But if you don’t notice the noise or choose to ignore or acknowledge something wrong with it, you’re setting yourself up for a disaster.

You should never ignore the strange and unusual noise coming from your PS4, even if it’s just from the cooling fan.

A lot can go wrong if you persistently ignore this sign, and we’ve named a few.

Start a Little Fire

We highly recommend you TURN OFF YOUR CONSOLE FIRST if the PS4 starts to heat up. 

  • Allow your console to COOL DOWN and stop your gaming sessions until it’s okay.
  • You can UNPLUG your PS4 from the outlet and move it to a cool room.
  • You may even change your gaming setup to prevent it from heating up.

What If You Continue Playing Some Games Even If the CPU is Very Hot?

Your PS4 is not the only thing in major trouble. We don’t mean to be the bearers of bad news, but leaving it unattended may set a minor fire at home due to overheating. 

Not only did you damage and burn your PS4, but you’ve also affected OTHER BELONGINGS at home.

Being a gamer and enjoying your PS4 at home requires some reasonable limits to help protect you and the performance of your console.

Cost More

Once you’ve damaged your PS4 beyond repair, what’s the next best thing you can do? 

Well, it’s either you buy a new PS4 or none at all. Surely the former option is better for you since you get to play more games and entertain yourself.

But think about it. Is over-exhausting your PS4 worth it when you know the consequence is buying a new one? Surely it isn’t. 

You’ll end up SPENDING MORE at the expense of your entertainment when you could have avoided the problem in the first place!

Void Warranty

Whether it’s a PS4 Pro or a later version, all Sony PlayStations come with a warranty sticker. For a certain period, everyone who owns a PS4 or PS4 Pro, among others, can have their unit REPAIRED FOR FREE.

But the privilege of having a warranty service doesn’t come without exceptions. If your PS4 gets damaged because of your carelessness, don’t expect much from your warranty.

MOST WARRANTIES have a provision that it only covers defects or problems NOT CAUSED by the user.


Father and son playing with console controllers

Whether you own a PS4 Slim, Pro, or an Xbox 360, playing a game on them is a lot of fun. 

You get to play games with your friends, unwind, relax, and more! But the same can only be true if you don’t face the PS4 loud fan problem.

We hope you enjoyed this article and figured out what makes a PS4 fan loud. Feel free to give it a like and share it with your fellow PS4 console owners! 

Who knows? They might be suffering from the same PS4 loud fan problem.


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