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The Quietest Air Rifle: Top 8 Picks for Silent Shooting

Quietest Air Rifle

There are tons of air rifles on the market that can certainly fit your shooting needs. They can be useful for target practice or for small to medium game hunting.

HOWEVER, one important thing to consider is the level of sound it produces.

You don’t want to bother your whole neighborhood or lose your hunt’s target, do you?

So without further ado, we give you the ultimate Quietest Air Rifle Buying Guide!

Small Game Hunting
Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle
Best Overall
Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle
Target Shooting
Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle
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8 Quietest Air Rifles for Backyard or Neighborhood-Use

Quiet air guns have continued to evolve with sophisticated muffled sound technology.

This allows shooters to confidently practice their target or manage pests right in their backyard without the risk of police showing up.

Here are the top 8 quiet air rifles we recommend:

1. Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

Best Overall

Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

The Gamo Raptor Whisper is hands down our top pick among the best quiet air rifles.

With a lot of its superb technology and quiet operation, you can definitely get the most out of your money’s worth!


  • .177 or .22 caliber
  • Gas piston, Inert Gas Technology (IGT)
  • Single cocking break barrel action
  • WHISPER Noise Reduction Technology
  • Smooth Action Trigger (SAT)
  • Shock Wave Absorber (SWA)
  • 4×32 scope with rings and 1-piece mount

This air rifle is designed with a steel barrel with a fluted polymer jacket, so you would expect it not to be the quietest.

However, given its WHISPER noise dampening technology, a Gamo patent, it is still quieter than most air rifles.

Along with Gamo PBA Platinum pellets, this air gun can deliver a terminal velocity of 975 fps or 1300 fps, depending on caliber size.

It is a gas-piston powered by Inert Gas Technology, having more power consistency and fewer vibrations.

The Gamo Raptor Whisper is a single cocking break barrel air rifle, which means it can only shoot one bullet at a time.

It also has a two-stage trigger for a satisfying smooth pull. This maximizes your target accuracy.

This air rifle does not fall short of shooter protection. It carries an automatic safety system and manual safety features. This way, it does not fire when you don’t expect it to.

It is generally a lightweight design. The Raptor Whisper weighs 5.64 lbs and measures 44.5 in length.

Despite that, it still manages to carry a 4 x 32 shockproof scope with adjustable cheek pads, mounts, and a synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock. You’ll get more accurate shots with this one!

Its SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) is a great recoil pad made with durable rubber inserts for ultimate recoil force absorption.

The Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is best for some pest control or small game hunting while maintaining a 25% noise reduction with less recoil.

That way, you catch your target and not disturb the rest of the wildlife’s surroundings.


  • Effective noise reduction technology
  • Improved trigger pulls and shot accuracy
  • Efficient recoil absorption
  • Power consistency
  • Less vibration
  • 1-year warranty


  • Limited to shooting small game
  • Easy to outgrow the included scope

For anyone looking to hunt smaller game, the Gamo Raptor Whisper Rifle is a wonderful choice.

It is beginner-friendly and can surely help you maximize your hunting potential.

2. Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle

Best for Small Game Hunting

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle

When you’ve got at least two Gamo Outdoor products on this list, you know this US brand definitely makes the best air rifles.

Unlike the other Gamo, this one is equipped with a fiber-optic sight. Check out the other features it has to offer!


  • .77 and .22 caliber
  • Gas piston, Inert Gas Technology (IGT)
  • WHISPER Fusion Technology
  • Custom Action Trigger (CAT)
  • Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR)
  • Single cocking break barrel model
  • Synthetic stock
  • 3-9 x 40 scope

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Technology has been a long-trusted Gamo feature by thousands of shooters from around the world. It is a sophisticated integrated noise dampening tech.

The barrel of this quiet air rifle is molded with a muzzle blast reducer, making it one of the quietest air rifles.

Another latest in the Gamo technology is how the IGT MACH 1 uses an Inert Gas Cylinder instead of the standard spring piston design. This allows a much more POWERFUL velocity.

The max velocity for the .177 caliber is 1420 fps, while the .22 caliber’s maximum velocity is 1020 fps. That is with using PBA Platinum pellets. That right there is a powerful gas piston!

Constant power matched with a smooth cocking effort creates terminal penetration to your target. It also does not have the normal vibrations a traditional spring piston would have.

Another feature is its Custom Action Trigger which allows you to customize either 1st or 2nd stage triggers depending on your preference.

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 also comes with manual safety, making it safe and predictable to use, and has the Recoil Reducing Rail that reduces the stress of your scope by absorbing much of the recoil.


  • Quietest air rifle technology
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Comes with a fiber-optic sight
  • 5-year warranty


  • Challenging to cock
  • The scope can rotate easily
  • Complaints on the big trigger

You can trust Gamo with what they’re doing! A match made in heaven, combining the WHISPER Fusion, IGT MACH 1, and CAT technologies, make this modern-day quiet air rifle powerful, accurate, and super easy to use.

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 deserves a spot in your arsenal.

3. Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle

Best for Target Shooting

Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle

When people talk about a high-end PCP air rifle, Benjamin Marauder is always mentioned. It comes with a wood stock and an excellent barrel.

Plus, it’s the quietest and most comfortable air rifle you could ever get your hands on!

The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle is top of its kind. It’s quick, accurate, and quiet — basically, all you need to have for a good time hunting or working on your shooting skills.


  • .177, .22, .25 caliber
  • Pre-charged Pneumatic Rifle
  • Bolt action
  • Two-stage Adjustable Trigger
  • 8 or 10 round magazine

The Benjamin Marauder is one of the quietest PCP air rifles specifically designed for catching small games or target practice.

It is made to target distances of 100 yards or more and has adjustable power output.

This quiet air gun comes in three caliber options:

  • Its 0.177 caliber is fit for target shooting on paper with a maximum velocity of 900 fps.
  • 0.22 caliber allows for small hunting games like squirrels, rodents, and rabbits on a maximum velocity of 1000 fps.
  • The 0.25 caliber lets you target as big as a coyote at a maximum velocity of 1100 fps.

We love this rifle because of its impeccable accuracy. You can also play around with its power settings as long as you follow the instructions on its manual correctly, regardless of caliber size.

The Benjamin Marauder has a manual safety with a two-stage adjustable trigger.

It is a PCP repeater built with a 215 cc air cylinder. It can expend 16 up to 32 optimal multiple shots at a time. However, the maximum shot per clip is 10 for the .177 and .22, and 8 for the .25 caliber. That means you can shoot many times with one cock.

These pellet guns have a bolt-action reloading system. They can be installed on either side of the rifle.

It is also equipped with a choked barrel, soft rubber recoil pad, and stocks in both wood and synthetic material.

In terms of scope, you can buy one separately and attach it to your air rifle.

When it comes to the noise it produces, you need not worry. This air rifle holds a fully shrouded barrel called the “depinger.”

According to the manufacturers, it only creates a 2 Low Medium noise level. It excellently dampens the sound, making the Benjamin Marauder the quietest air gun to date.


  • Only 74 decibels of sound created
  • Can handle bigger animals
  • Precision shooting
  • Highly customizable power supply


  • Pricey
  • Takes time to pump air

This air rifle was surely built with seasoned hunters and competitive shooters in mind. Since it does not come with its own scope, it is NOT fit for beginners.

But if you want to satisfy your desires for long-range shooting and catch a game with accuracy, you better put your money and bring this one home!

4. Gamo Whisper Silent Cat

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat

This quiet rifle offers perfect accuracy for small game hunting. Your backyard squirrels better beware!


  • .177 caliber
  • Single cocking break barrel
  • Spring piston
  • 2-stage customizable Smooth Action Trigger (SAT)
  • Synthetic stock
  • WHISPER noise dampener reduces noise by 52%
  • Fiber optic sights included
  • 4×32 scope & mount

The Gamo Silent Cat is only available in the .177 caliber size. It has a max velocity of 1200 fps with the use of PBA pellets. That’s a powerful, quiet gun for small game hunting and dealing with pests.

The structure of this pellet rifle is made of durable black synthetic stock. You can take it in any kind of weather!

It is a single-shot rifle with a manual trigger safety and automatic cocking safety system. It also has special padding of ventilated rubber for recoil absorption.

For many, this is an easy-to-use spring-piston type of air rifle. It is well designed and lightweight that could stay with you through many years of shooting.

Of course, we couldn’t miss how these Gamo pellet guns are built with a WHISPER noise dampener. This reduces its sound by 52%!


  • Accurate 
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Relatively quiet
  • Affordable and low maintenance
  • Good choice for pest control


  • Below average scope
  • Makes a sound when the piston hits its barrel

For this air rifle, the price point is the winning feature.

If you are on a budget yet still want the quietest air rifle, this is the closest you can get and still get the job done.

5. Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Looking for a traditional good-looking pistol? The Crosman will not disappoint.

Apart from its unique Nitro gas-powered mechanism, this air rifle is designed with great craftsmanship matched with low maintenance requirements.


  • .177 or .22 caliber
  • Gas piston
  • Break barrel model
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Standard manual safety system
  • Include fiber optic sights

The Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston Air Rifle is powered by NP technology. This is the latest technology for the most quiet air rifle.

Nitrogen gas fills the break barrel instead. This way, the rifles do not lose velocity, have quicker lock time, and have quieter operations.

Like most air rifles, it comes in both caliber sizes and has a max velocity of 950 to 1200 fps. It comes with a standard scope, although interchangeable with a weaver.

The best feature of the Crosman is its well-kept traditional design and its ease of maintenance.

Its ambidextrous stock is made with brown hardwood. That’s durable enough to withstand stress and impact. It is also easy to refinish, so you know it has a long lifespan.

Its front and rear sight are both fiber optic and fully adjustable for windage and elevation. This should help you get your target faster, even in low-light circumstances.

Many users also claimed it reduces noise levels by almost 70%! You will find no difficulty catching those pests when they don’t notice you catching them.

It is a rifle mainly used for hunting rodents and target practice. It’s one of the best you can find for under $100.


  • Nitro gas-piston advance performance
  • Sound dampening
  • Good aesthetic and feel
  • Great speed and accuracy


  • Quite heavy
  • Sights are made of plastic

If you fancy a traditional-looking air rifle with advanced technology, the Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston is a good one. Plus, it won’t hurt the wallet.

6. Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle

Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle

There are plenty of things to love about this most quiet air rifle for neighborhood use. The first noticeable one would be its beautiful and top-quality structure and design.


  • .177 or .22 caliber
  • Shrouded barrel
  • Spring-piston
  • Ventilated rubber recoil pad

The Air Arms TX200 can be purchased in either .177 or .22 calibers with a max velocity of 930 fps and 870 fps respectively. These are powerful enough to hunt birds and backyard pests.

A lot of users say the Air Arms TX200 is pretty accurate compared to others on the market.

Apart from that, its barrel design dampens sound well even though it is a spring-piston. It only has a loudness level of 3 medium.


  • High power and accuracy
  • Exceptional design and look
  • High-quality construction
  • Minimal recoil
  • Good for pest control


  • Very expensive
  • Quite heavy

With a high price tag, we would categorize this one under premier air rifles.

Well, if you have money to spare, it will all be worth it for its beautiful and durable construction that should last you ages.

7. Hatsan Bullboss Quiet Energy PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan Bullboss Quiet Energy PCP Air Rifle

Another pre-charged pneumatic-powered air rifle made it to the list. It may be a bit of an investment, but the Hatsan is worth every penny!


  • .177 or .22 caliber
  • PCP-powered, Multi-shot
  • Fully shrouded barrel, Quiet Energy Technology
  • Anti-knock system
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger

The Hatsan Bulboss is a bullpup design with a multiple-shot, side lever action air rifle. It can power up to 1070 fps.

It is extra quiet given its barrel design and integrated sound moderator. It reduces sound by 50% thanks to this Quiet Energy Technology!

For convenience, it comes with advanced polymer ambidextrous pistol grip stock and an accessory rail to mount a bipod or a light. It also has a butt pad and a cheek rest.

For safety, it has an anti-knock system making sure air does not excrete the rifle when not in use or, in any case, it falls.

The Hasan Bullboss is notably a powerhouse air rifle made in a compact and lightweight design.

It functions on lever action, so you have to cock the lever manually. This allows it to be very accurate too. 


  • Packed with power
  • Reduced air leakage
  • Highly accurate
  • Good aesthetics
  • Low noise level


  • Heavy
  • Not easy to adjust butt pads

For an air rifle with good ergonomics, comfortable, and easy to use, this powerful PCP rifle is a good decision to make.

8. Stoeger S4000-E

Stoeger S4000-E

Coined the next generation of air rifle technologies, the Stoeger S4000-E introduces fast shooting, quiet yet hard-hitting shooting sessions for all hunting enthusiasts.


  • .177 or .22 caliber
  • Gas piston
  • 2-stage adjustable triggers
  • Interchangeable fiber optic bars
  • Multi-grip system
  • Recoil-absorbing butt pad
  • S3 suppressor

The Stoeger S4000-E sets itself apart because of its ability to customize according to the shooter’s preference.

Its multi-grip system allows the shooter to according to their style and comfort. You can choose between black, blue, and blaze orange grips.

This air rifle has interchangeable fiber-optic bars of red and orange, so seeing in the dark can be convenient. Its 2-stage adjustable trigger also allows for better target precision.

For noise reduction, an integrated S3 suppressor is built into the rifle. A recoil-absorbing butt pad and an automatic, ambidextrous safety with ProAdaptive Checkering are also available for added convenience and safety.


  • Customizable grips
  • Precise shooting with good fiber optic sights
  • Good recoil absorption
  • Relatively quiet


  • Uncomfortable trigger
  • A little heavy
  • Single-shot

When you value a customizable air rifle, you won’t regret getting the Stoeger S4000-E.

It works great for both plinking and hunting. It may be too heavy for smaller shooters, though.

Features to Consider When Buying a Quiet Air Rifle

With many options in the market, deciding on a good silent air rifle can be an overwhelming task.

So here are 7 important features to look out for to help you find the fitting rifle:

1. Noise Level

Since we are comparing the quietest air rifles, it’s about right to start off our list with the noise level.

Most modern air rifles are quiet and discreet. That’s because we don’t want you losing the game in the hunt.

Loud air rifles will range from 100 to 120 dB. A silent pellet gun will have somewhere about 75 to 90 dB.

To give you an idea, a 10 dB increase is equivalent to times two of its existing loudness.

But don’t worry — the best quiet air rifles have a compressor or silencer built into their models. If not, you can fit one in!

It is important to consider the quietest airguns, especially in states or countries that may have strict rules on firearms in general.

You also wouldn’t want to disturb your neighborhood or have them call the cops if you’re not discreet enough!

2. Caliber Choice

Different air rifles offer different calibers of choice. A caliber is the size of your rifle’s barrel.

  • Most of the quietest air guns are made with .177 calibers. These are best matched for smaller games or if you shoot for fun.
  • There are also other rifles made with .22 calibers. These can handle larger projectiles yet still keep a down-low on the noise.

The caliber determines what size and type of pellet you will need to shoot. Its velocity and muzzle energy will also be affected.

  • A .177 caliber has the highest potential to fire the fastest and make the shot quieter. It suits competitive target shooting. It follows that the smaller the caliber, the higher the velocity. But you might need to consider grainier ammo for high accuracy.
  • The .22 caliber, on the other hand, makes for a good balance of speed and power. It is a common choice for hunters. One can use them for purposes of recreation as well as targeting small pests in the garden.
  • Lastly, a .25 caliber is also available. They can be very destructive, along with quality ammo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bigger the caliber size, the louder the shot. With this in mind, you will want to move closer to your target game.

3. Range of Use

It is crucial to determine why you are getting a pellet gun in the first place.

Is it for plinking, small game hunting, pest control, or long-range shooting?

The suggested quietest air rifles we listed above can work dually with target practice or for hunting small game like squirrels in your backyard. These are ones with .177 – .22 calibers.

If you intend to shoot multiple shots or longer ranges that average 50 feet or farther, consider a more powerful air rifle with heavier high-grade ammo.

4. Power Source

Air rifles can be spring-powered or powered by CO2 or HPA compressed air:

  • Spring-powered rifles are easy to use but may not provide consistent power compared to other rifles.
  • CO2 with a suppressor is ideal for hunting. Its power can handle strong recoil.

The power source of an air gun defines its type. They can either be PCP or pre-charged pneumatic, spring-piston, or gas piston:

  • With a spring-piston, it takes in new air in every cock to power a shot.
  • The gas piston, on the other hand, has air sealed inside a tube that compresses when cocked. This is a much safer and smoother option since the unit does not contain any coil. Even if the gun is not in use, the compressed air can last for many years.
  • Now to the preferred type nowadays, we have the PCP air rifle. A lot of these are designed with ammo clips allowing you multiple shots in one load or continuous refills. These PCP air rifles are also more powerful and can get cheaper scopes.

TAKE NOTE: The two pistons require cocking the gun before shooting. These types of mechanisms come with an under-level action or break barrel.

5. Trigger & Safety

You should have the presence of mind when preparing to use a strong rifle or pellet gun.

Make sure to switch your gun’s safety ON.

This is to ensure it does not fire when you don’t expect it to fire. This should be noted, especially when transporting the gun to avoid accidents.

Some rifles have a basic trigger, while some have a break or two-stage set-up that allows the shooter to pre-load the gun before firing a shot.

If you intend to do a lot of long-range shooting and hunting, a two-stage trigger is a safe recommendation.

Safety-wise, you also have the option of a manual or automatic lock.

The manual one gives you full control of locking and unlocking every time. The automatic system locks the trigger at every cock. The latter is safer but may be a nuisance to some seasoned shooters.

6. Firing Power and Velocity

Muzzle velocity or MV measures the speed an air rifle can fire a projectile at the end of the barrel.

As long as your pellet gun is of good quality and durability, a high MV is favorable. This means it shouldn’t break at the pull of a trigger.

The firing power capacity of a rifle requires a balance of muzzle energy, velocity, and ammo grain.

These can be measured mathematically through a formula you can easily find online. This will also depend on the caliber size you are using.

There are also better-designed rifles with a built-in power adjuster that allows you to set the velocity and muzzle energy for that sweet shot.

For small game hunting, firing power may not be so much an issue as it will not require much velocity or energy to shoot pests.

7. Shot Accuracy

Simply put, shot accuracy is being able to land pellets or bullets right on target.

Apart from some personal firing techniques, the quality of your rifle will define the shot’s precision.

It’s key to seek expert help or study using the rifle beforehand. Shooting at a correct angle and knowing how to cock and unleash the trigger will get you the desired precision and assure safety.

Also, remember that the longer the range, the more powerful and precise your rifle needs to be.

Why Should You Get the Most Quiet Air Rifle?

Can you imagine suddenly hearing a loud, quick shot in the middle of the day? Most will quickly respond by calling the cops!

If you live in an urban neighborhood and fancy some recreational shooting or just want to shoo the pests away, a quiet air rifle will be beneficial. Don’t give the neighbors the wrong idea!

Apart from that, these quiet air rifles are POWERFUL. They’re strong enough to help you hunt squirrels and rodents without being too invasive.

As long as you maintain your rifle well, they’ll keep a consistent power source you can enjoy for loooong years.

What Makes an Air Rifle Quiet?

To understand how air rifles can be quiet, we have to understand how they can be loud.

The strong sound of an air rifle shot is caused by the gases exiting the muzzle at the push of the trigger.

With this in mind, one can conclude that rifles with spring pistons are some of the quietest air rifles there are. However, they won’t be as powerful.

PCP air guns can get loud. They can only be quiet when the right amount of air (no excess) is used to push the pellets out of their barrel.

Additionally, a quiet air gun will have a shrouded barrel.

These are the design culprits for keeping them quiet. Some air rifles are also designed with a power control switch that helps you control noise levels.

Summary of Top Picks

Best Overall – Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

The Gamo Raptor’s comprehensive features of IGT, SAT, SWA, and WHISPER technology, along with its affordable price tag, make this our best quiet air rifle.

You get the most value for your money on this one!

Best for Small Game Hunting – Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle

The Gamo Whisper Fusion is the quietest air rifle best suited for hunting small game.

It has the lowest noise level among all air rifles on this list, allowing the shooter to catch small animals like rabbits, squirrels, and rodents without disturbing the rest of its surrounding nature.

Best for Target Shooting – Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle

The Benjamin Marauder is the quietest air rifle made for competitive shooting.

Although it can be very versatile for other purposes, because of its impeccable speed and accuracy, we consider it to be top-notch for this purpose.


It’s important to keep in mind and prioritize the different features to consider when buying the best air rifle.

With brands like Gamo and Benjamin Marauder that produce quality and highly improved air rifle models, you’re sure to find an air rifle fit for your needs!

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