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Squeaky Box Spring Bed? How to Fix It Using 3 EASY Methods

Squeaky Box Spring

Let’s admit it: a bedroom is a haven, and beds are where we relax and recharge!

But there could be times when getting some shut-eye can be challenging because we hear that ANNOYING SQUEAK sound whenever we toss and turn…

Wondering what could be the problem? It can be the squeaky box spring!

Don’t lose hope, though — it’s NOT A LOST CAUSE! We’re here to show you some DIY remedies to make your box spring bed a space for peace, quiet, and relaxation!

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3 Easy Ways to Fix a Box Spring Bed

We assure you, fixing a squeaky bed can be EASY, and you can do it with stuff you have at home!

Stuff You’ll Need:

  • Wrench
  • Cooking spray
  • Wax (candle wax can do)
  • Cooking oil
  • Washers
  • Fabric
  • WD-40

What Can I Do to Fix a Squeaky Box Spring Bed Frame?

Before anything, we should first identify WHY there’s an annoying squeaking noise while you’re lying down and if it’s really the box spring bed frame!

At first, you might think that the sound of squeaks gives you BAD IDEAS of a pest running around, but it’s just your bed frame, after all!

Good thing that’s not the reason for the problem though, it’s just your box spring bed frame!

We’ve Riled up Some Possible Reasons Why You Have a Squeaky Box Spring Bed:

  1. Loose bolts
  2. Unlubricated coils
  3. Mattress tension

NOTE: These three things may seem small or irrelevant, but trust us! Taking some easy steps to fix them with readily available tools at home can make a huge difference in your sleep!

To make things even better, we’ve made a guide for you to follow. Are you ready to bud the squeaking noise goodbye?

Let’s get right into it!

1. Let’s Start With the Bolt Method!

First thing’s first, let’s get to the bottom of this and check the foundation of your box spring bed!

The squeaking could be coming from the bed frame itself, especially if it’s in contact with the walls and the floor.

It would be important to note that constant movement, low temperature, and weight can loosen bed frame bolts.

Think of it like this: BED FRAMES GET TIRED, TOO!

The best solution to fix it is to do some maintenance and make it feel brand new again!

Steps for the Bolt Method

  1. Carefully FLIP THE BED FRAME, and locate any of the joint fixtures.
  2. Tighten any bolts and screws using a wrench. Make sure to keep it balanced, too!
  3. If you hear any squeaking while tightening with a wrench, add a washer to the bolt to provide SOME SPACE between the box spring and the bolt (It can reduce the tension)!
  4. Another option would be to ADD some more bolts and screws to make the bed STURDIER if squeaking persists!
  5. Make sure the bolts are SPACED OUT EVENLY for equal tension. Use washers between the bolts and the wood if there is squeaking while adding tension.
  6. You can add lubricants such as WD-40 or cooking spray on the bolts to make sure everything goes smoothly.

2. Lubricate the Coils!

Another great option we can offer for your squeaky box spring problem is to ADD LUBRICATION to the springs themselves.

Lubricating the springs with stuff like WD-40 or even cooking spray will make it slippery and prevent any noise from the tension of the springs.

It’s interesting to note that while cooking spray may be unconventional and won’t work the same way as WD-40, you’d still be surprised at the relief it can bring.

So if you don’t have any WD-40 available, don’t hesitate to grab a can of your favorite cooking spray from the kitchen. You just need to lubricate all the coils, anyway!

Steps for Box Sprin Spring Lubrication:

  1. Flip your box spring bed over so you can get to the coils.
  2. Cut a SMALL HOLE on the side to open it up, as long as you don’t mind stitching it back together again.
  3. Take your lubricant of choice and SPRAY IT ALL AROUND the box springs. Make sure all the coils are saturated with your lubricant!
  4. OPTIONAL STEP: take apart the corner bolts and casings to lubricate them. This might be a tedious process, but it will help more in preventing the squeaking from happening!

3. Feeling Tension? Add Some Fabric!

A QUICK HACK to reduce the tension in the bedframe is actually really easy!

You’ll just need some unused T-shirts, socks, or any kind of fabric to CREATE PADDING between the squeaky box spring and the mattress.

Say Hello to Softness and Giggles

The softness of the padding you create with the fabric creates an absorbing layer that reduces friction inside the box spring. How this works is that it acts as a barrier between the bed frame and the box spring!

This method aims to create a MORE EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION over the box springs to fix your squeaky bed! Who knew that simple t-shirts could do that, right?

It’s important to take note, though: You’ll need to be careful when spreading out the fabric between the bed frame and the mattress.

It would still be best to locate the origin of the squeaking and pad that area of the box spring!

What’s the Reason for the Squeak?

There are a lot of possible reasons why the squeaking noise from your box spring exists!

But a lot of it just really revolves around the three components that make the bed.

Could It Be the Mattress?

It’s good to be aware that the noise can also be because of the constant pressure caused on the mattress by the wooden bed frame and you!

Just think of it like this…

Continuous daily use makes the SPRINGS and the COILS wear out, resulting in a sagging mattress.

You may opt to follow the BOX SPRING LUBRICATION among other methods we mentioned if you feel like it’s because of the sound that worn-out innerspring mattresses make!

If you’ve had the mattress for a LONG TIME, though, you can also consider changing to a new one! We suggest you get a quiet mattress.

Or How About the Bed Frame?

Squeaks may persist if it’s from the friction of the wooden bed frame against other elements around it!

We suggest taking a good long look around the spot where your bed frame is…

Make sure you give areas like the posts, bed legs, and wooden slats a tiny little wiggle to see if it’s making the squeaky noise!

Notice that’s it? Let us explain why!

Frames make that squeaky noise because of the WEAR and TEAR of daily use.

Factors that affect it are…

  • Contact of the posts and side with the wall and floor
  • Temperature shifts affect the metal bolts, joints, and surface of the wood slat.
  • It can also be because of the pressure of the mattress that directly WEIGHS over the wood slat of your box spring bed frame
  • Moisture from the mattress affects wood posts and wood slats, making it the reason for swelling and generate the ANNOYING SQUEAKY NOISE
  • The LOOSE JOINTS of the bed can even be the cause, making the annoying noise that disrupts your sleeping!
  • Maybe consider adding furniture pads to uneven bed legs (and joints, too!). These are some of the easy solutions that are often overlooked.

Maybe It’s the Box Spring Mechanism Itself?

Think about it this way…

Coils and box springs are made of METAL, and as this material wears out, it makes NOISE!

The metal coils in the wooden panels of your box spring bed are likely the MOST COMMON source of noise because they deteriorate over time.

Now you might think to yourself: “How do I fix this squeaky box spring bed, then?

Like how we did earlier, consider making a thorough check of the squeaky box spring first BEFORE making any huge moves!

The solution is identifying the source of the problem, so giving your noisy box spring bed some wiggles to see where it’s coming from really does help!

Just keep in mind…

  • The box spring noise DOESN’T ALWAYS come from the internal box spring. It can be because of the mattress pressing over the wooden frame!
  • If you are sure that the metal coils and springs are making noise, consider lubricating it with WD-40 or cooking oil to reduce friction!
  • You can also check if some of the coils got misplaced and are overlapping against each other because that is a definite source of the squeak!
  • Adding some padding like old fabric, shirts, and socks to problematic places of the coil and box spring surface is also a quick and easy fix!

So… What More Can I Do to Fix a Squeaky Bed Frame?

Running out of luck with how to fix a squeaky box spring? Don’t worry!

We made this quick and easy checklist for you of other methods you can also consider to keep your box spring bed AWAY from the SQUEAK SOUND!

First, Find the Source of the Noise!

It’s annoying to find something that you can’t see, right?

Feeling around for the source of the squeaking problem can be really ANNOYING!  We feel you! Your place of rest doesn’t need to be this problematic with NOISE!

A practical method of trying to fix a squeaky box spring is to find WHERE THE SOURCE IS.

Don’t be afraid to ASK FOR HELP, have someone at home lie down and move around, and try to see where that box spring noise is coming from.

You can fix a squeaky box spring by checking if there are/is:

  • Loose bolts in the box spring frame
  • Rusty bolts and coils in the box spring itself
  • Loose joints in the box frame
  • If the side of the bed is scratching against the wall
  • Uneven mattress weight distribution over the squeaky box springs

Once you identify what the issue is, we assure you, YOU WILL BE SLEEPING BETTER!

Interchange the Box Spring, Maybe?

So you’ve figured out that it’s not any of the bolts or joints in your box spring frame.

You feel like you’ve tried everything, and now it’s frustrating, and you just WANT to SLEEP!

One of the methods you could do is rotate the head side of the box spring to the feet and switch the feet side to the head.

After you interchange the positions, try to see if the sound still persists to get rough ideas on how you can resolve it!

Try to Look for a Buffer, Too!

Now that you’ve applied fabric over the coils, furniture pads to that pesky joint and bed leg, and even lubricated the coils and bolts…

Does it still persist?

Another fix we can recommend is to add a buffer over your box spring bed!

Wondering how this can work? Let us enlighten you!

Adding a bit of stiffness can definitely minimize the squeaking because you’re reducing contact in the spring area!

A buffer we can recommend is plywood. The material can still flex for comfort but won’t be too hard for your back!

When Life Hands You a Box Full of Squeaky Springs… Add a Bit of WAX!

Wax off? More like WAX ON to fix a squeaky conundrum!

Adding some of this magic material to problematic places can help fix a squeaky box bed.

Consider adding a GENEROUS AMOUNT OF WAX to a loose joint. You may opt for types like beeswax and candle wax.

Putting this in the right places of your box spring makes lying down in your mattress a HAVEN for SLEEP and REST!


Woman sleeping on bed in a dark room

We’re well aware that you just want to hit the hay soundly, and having a squeaky box spring bed should be the least of your worries!

Again, ALWAYS CONSIDER checking around your box spring bed for any problems before doing any of our methods — so you’re guaranteed a sure win and save time, too!

Lubricate the bolts, add fabric pads, and make sure the box springs don’t touch each other!

If all else fails, you can also consider buying new, quiet bed frames instead!

We hope we helped out in your noble quest to fix a squeaky box spring bed, and your time in the mattress is dedicated to HEALTHY SLEEP, not SQUEAK!


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