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9 Best Washing Machine Vibration Pads & Mats [Full Reviews]

Washing Machine Vibration Pads

Tired of all the noise coming from the washing machine that’s disturbing your quiet time?

Looking for a solution to dial down the vibrations that your apartment neighbors downstairs are always complaining about?

Look no further!

In this article, we review 9 of the best anti-vibration mats and anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers on the market.

We will also share the benefits of using washing machine vibration pads and some tips and tricks on how to use them for your washer AND dryer.

Best Value
The Vibration Solution Anti-Walk Silent Feet
Best Overall
RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats
Best Budget Pick
XCEL Foam Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads
Table of Contents

The 9 Best Anti-Vibration Mats and Pads for Washing Machines & Dryers

1. RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats

Best Overall

RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats


  • Made out of compressed soft granular rubber
  • With product dimensions of 0.6-inch thickness
  • Comes in sizes of 25 x 25 and 28 x 28

Starting off on our list is our #1 overall pick for the best anti-vibration mats, the RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats.

Made with durable elements and awesome noise and vibration absorption, RevTime’s mat works wonderfully when dealing with washing machines and dryers.

But it doesn’t stop there — they can also be used as an anti-fatigue mat at workplaces, as protective flooring for the gym, and under other appliances which produce more vibration.

For a versatile anti-vibration mat that can work on more than just washers and dryers, look no more — the RevTime mat can do everything and anything you need from it.


  • Heavy-duty durability
  • Great for both workplace and home use
  • Absorbs noise, stops movement


  • Premium price for a mat

2. The Vibration Solution Anti-Walk Silent Feet

Best Value Anti-Vibration Pads

The Vibration Solution Anti-Walk Silent Feet


  • Made out of Sorbothane rubber
  • With wide carpeted base and raised lip at indent area for added protection
  • 2.59 inches in total circumference, 1 inch in height

The top pick for our best anti-vibration pads in value goes to the Silent Feet from US-made brand, The Vibration Solution.

You may be wondering why we chose this despite the higher price compared to other disc pads.

While Sorbothane rubber is reasonably costly to make, the long-lasting usage makes it worth the purchase!

The Silent Feet have proven to reduce significant amounts of vibration and shaking, and you can use them universally on nearly every washing machine and dryer!


  • Dampens about 94.7% of vibration
  • Premium grip
  • Lasts for up to 10 years


  • Higher price for an anti-vibration pad set
  • May not fit bigger feet

3. XCEL Foam Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads

Best Budget Pick

XCEL Foam Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads


  • Made out of closed-cell foam rubber
  • Varies in thickness beginning from 0.25 inches, sizes starting from 6×6

With a very affordable price range with the benefits of a high-quality washer and dryer anti-vibration dampener, the XCEL Foam Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads are our top choice for the best anti-vibration pads on a budget!

Each anti-vibration pad is made of a special type of rubber called foam rubber, aptly named because of how it was constructed.

Air pockets are formed in its creation, making this rubber type more lightweight at first touch compared to others made out of hard rubber.

The XCEL pads are the least expensive out of all the items on our list.

If you’re looking for something to damp down the vibration from your washer or dryer but still skeptical if they’re even effective, XCEL’s could be the perfect pad set to start!


  • Cheap, but durable washing machine anti-vibration foot pad
  • Versatile in function
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry


  • Reduces less vibration & noise than other pads

4. STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and Dryer Pads

STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and Dryer Pads


  • Made out of heavy-duty hard durometer rubber
  • Base enhanced with unique Micro-grip technology for exceptional grip
  • 3-inch diameter, 1.25-inch thickness, 1.75-inch wide indent

Thinking of getting a reliable yet reasonably priced anti-vibration pad set? Then the STEADY-PADs could be what you’re looking for.

Each has a distinctive Micro-grip pattern that’s strong enough to withstand any shaking and sliding.

These black rubber pads can compete with other brands when it comes to dialing down the vibration that most washing machines are subject to.

It can handle heavy washer/dryer stacks, and despite being advertised for washing machines, you can also use them on other appliances and furniture — fridge, bed, sofa, dishwasher, gym equipment, you name it!


  • Can fit all appliances, including washer and dryer
  • Durable pad with better grip
  • Can handle heavy equipment


  • Emits an unpleasant rubber smell
  • May not handle intense vibration

5. Casa Pura Anti-Vibration Pad – Rubber Vibration Isolator Mat

Casa Pura Anti-Vibration Pad - Rubber Vibration Isolator Mat


  • Made with 100% recycled compressed rubber particles
  • Vibration transmission and noise are significantly reduced
  • Comes in various sizes with a thickness of 0.4 inches

With the Casa Pura Anti-Vibration Mat, not only could you expect splendid vibration dampening, but it can also handle all the extreme circumstances that might happen in the future.

This rubber mat is made in Germany, having undergone tests to determine its endurance.

Apart from being able to absorb the vibration, it withstands both very hot and very cold temperatures and holds very heavy items.

Just like the RevTime mat, Casa Pura’s mat works well both at home and in industrial workplaces.

If the best anti-vibration mat in terms of high-quality performance is what you’re looking for under your washing machine or dryer, you may give the Casa Pura a try!


  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Oil and fire-resistant
  • Extremely hard-wearing and can handle heavy loads


  • It may be too small & thin for other washer machines
  • Sizing may be inaccurate

6. Intuitive Designs Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Rubber Pads for Washing Machine and Dryer

Intuitive Designs Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Rubber Pads for Washing Machine and Dryer


  • Made of heavy-duty hard rubber
  • Pie-shaped base grip design provides incredible gripping resistance
  • 3 inches wide, 1.25 inches in height, 1.75-inch wide indent

These anti-vibration pads for washing machines from Intuitive Designs have the usual characteristics you may find in any anti-vibration pad.

What makes it different from others is its interesting grip design at the base resembling the shapes of pie slices or, if you’re feeling cheeky, candy corn shapes!

But don’t let these rubber pads fool you!

They can handle items with extreme weight, including very heavy loads and a stackable washer and dryer combo.

And each pad is just as effective in keeping the machine stable and always in place.


  • Strong enough to withstand heavier appliances
  • Very effective as anti-walk pads
  • Significantly reduces vibrations


  • May not work on faulty machines
  • Emits unpleasant smells

7. Vibrashield Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine w/HexaGrip

Vibrashield Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine w/HexaGrip


  • Made of heavy-duty hard rubber material
  • Has Dual HexaGrip design at indent and base areas
  • 3-inch diameter, 1.25-inch height, 1.75-inch wide indent

The Vibrashield Pads from Sumato Stuff are excellent for absorbing vibrations from the washing machine.

What sets each anti-vibration pad apart is that it’s designed with its Dual HexaGrip pattern guaranteed to grip any washing machine or dryer by the feet

Another unique aspect coming from each pad is that, unlike others, they claim to emit a less foul smell. Rubber almost always has an unpleasant smell, and it’s far worse for other people with sensitive noses!

If an anti-vibration pad set without an overpowering smell is what you’re looking for, this one could be worth a try.


  • Grips effectively with distinctive pattern design
  • Emits a less foul smell compared to other brands
  • Effectively reduces noise


  • May slightly move under intense vibrations
  • Effects may wear off weeks after

8. ENJ Products Washer Anti-Vibration Vibrafix Pads

ENJ Products Washer Anti-Vibration Vibrafix Pads


  • Made out of high-quality hard rubber
  • With an anti-skid pattern on the bottom that keeps the feet locked into place
  • 3 inches wide, 1.25-inch height, 1.75-inch wide indent

As a pioneer of disc-shaped anti-vibration pads for washing machines, the Vibrafix Pads made by ENJ Products, LLC work well in keeping the machine quiet and stable at a reasonable price.

Vibrafix’s high-quality proprietary rubber ensures significant vibration dampening as well as keeping the machine from shifting.

This anti-vibration pad set is as effective as other premium brands for any household washing machine.

There are other machine models that have bigger feet, and with the help of their Vibrafix XL pads, there could be no worry about the washer vibrating and shaking too much, no matter how big the machine feet can get.


  • Comes with Vibrafix XL pads for larger feet
  • Keeps washer feet locked in place


  • May wobble under intense vibration
  • May leave marks on the floor

9. Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Mat

Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Mat


  • Made of durable recycled rubber
  • Provides sufficient padding and noise reduction between washer and floor
  • The range of thickness begins at 0.25 inches

The Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration Mat may have a more premium price range than other best anti-vibration mats on our list, but the performance is pretty much the same in strength and durability.

When placed under the machine, this mat works wonderfully in isolating noise and vibration, thanks to the recycled rubber compound being used.

And with the product dimensions spanning a 4-foot length and 6-foot height, the Rubber-Cal mat guarantees wider coverage!

Outside the laundry room, this resilient rubber mat can also be used in workplace and gym settings, protecting the floor from potential damage due to heavy materials.


  • Wide enough to fit both washer and dryer machine
  • Premium materials with premium durability
  • Also ideal to use in work or fitness facility setting


  • Very high price tag
  • Doesn’t eliminate intense vibrations

Why Should You Get Anti-Vibration Mats and Pads?

Most washing machines make loud noises. They also vibrate — so much that it can cause the machine to move inches away from its original location.

All the commotion coming from your washer and dryer can be a bit too distracting to experience, no matter where you live!

This is why it’s recommended that washing machines and dryers be placed in areas far away from living quarters.

Most apartment buildings have a separate laundry room between the lower levels, while some houses have a basement area where the machines are ideally located.

If there’s no separate room provided for your washer and dryer, you might be out of luck!

But, with the help of anti-vibration pads and anti-vibration mats, the unpleasant noise and vibrations are significantly reduced! Your neighbors on the other side will even thank you.

How Does an Anti-Vibration Mat or Pad Work?

The vibrations from the washing machine are generally transmitted through contact with any given solid surface, most especially the floor.

Vibrations create sound waves, which then travel along the floor, causing the noise.

When anti-vibration pads are placed between the washing machine and the floor, the vibrations are dampened and, as a result, create less noise than before.

Not only do they guarantee subdued noises to a greater degree, but they also keep the machine from sliding away from the original location.

What Causes Washing Machine Vibration?

To better understand why washing machines vibrate and rattle, it’s important to look into the issues that may have caused them:

1. Machine Type

The washing machine makes vibration and noise when it goes through a spin cycle.

Every machine is classified into two types: Front-load and Top-load.

  • Front-loading washers are often noisier than top-loaders because the spin cycle is faster, and clothes are tossed and turned upwards and downwards.
  • Top-loaders, otherwise, tumble the washed clothing sideways.

The machine type also applies to how old the model was designed and built.

Most new models have specially designed elements such as gentle tumbling to minimize noise as much as possible.

An older machine tends to do worse with vibration, especially when it comes to handling heavy loads of laundry.

We recommend getting newer and quieter washing machines as much as possible if this is the case.

2. Leveling

Washing machine vibration may occur if it is not perfectly balanced.

If the floor is even and the machine feet are at the same height, there is a greater chance the washer will vibrate LESS.

However, if neither the floor nor feet are equal, it will shake more due to the unstable leveling the machine is subjected to.

3. Washer/Dryer Stacking

A stackable washer/dryer machine is an effective solution for households with minimum space.

It could also be what’s causing all the noise, as they tend to create TWICE AS MUCH vibration when put on top of each other in large contrast to when put side to side.

Often when this happens, it can be caused by a stacking kit improperly installed in between.

4. Floor Bracing

The conditions of the structure holding the floor may affect the vibration of any washing machine.

As washers and dryers are essentially heavy, they might not be enough for any floor with poor bracing to hold onto.

A solution to this is to upgrade the bracing to be more stable for heavy-duty appliances such as washing machines.

A more simple one is to place a thick piece of wood on the floor where the machine is usually placed.

How Do I Choose the Best Anti-Vibration Mats and Pads?

Now that you know how vibration pads for washing machines work, it’s time to go through the buying guide to pick the best one for you.

#1 Type of Product

There is a wide variety of washer anti-vibration products to choose from, the most prominent of which being:

  • Disc pad – Commonly compatible with washing machines, anti-vibration pads in the form of round discs have a height range between half an inch to 1 1/4″ and are designed with indents made to install beneath the feet of the machine.
  • Small mat – These are rectangular compared to discs, and they can vary in thickness. Some are just squares that feel smooth to the touch, while others have colored foam sandwiched between two pieces of rubber.
  • Large mat – They are the largest type of anti-vibration mat, designed to be used for a lot of purposes aside from washing machines, with some that are as wide as 6 feet.

Using one between the three may be a good call, depending on how much it costs and what kind of materials it’s made of.

But, if only one is not enough, the other can be added to make for a more effective vibration dampener

For example, you could install foot pads under the washer or dryer on top of adding a large mat.

#2 Materials

Nearly all anti-vibration devices are made out of rubber, which can be classified into these parts:

  • Hard rubber – Cost-effective material often found in budget pads and mats; the more it’s used, the greater the dampening
  • Sorbothane rubber – Soft yet more expensive than hard rubber; better at absorbing vibrations; expected to last longer than other rubber types
  • Closed-cell foam rubber – Softest among rubber types due to its airy density; has superior shock-absorbing elements; can minimize sound and vibrations more effectively

The pads or mats may differ on what kind of rubber is used.

Compared to the given three kinds of rubber, Sorbothane is highly recommended for washing machines. The price, however, is much steeper.

For the budget-conscious, it’s either between the hard or closed-cell foam rubber. Both of these are still as effective when dealing with noise and movements, but not as much as Sorbothane.

#3 Thickness

Another factor in looking for an anti-vibration pad or anti-vibration mat focuses on how thick it can get, as its thickness can range between a minimum of 1/4 of an inch up to one full inch at max.

Ideally, the thicker the pads are, the more chances the vibration coming from the washer and dryer can absorb.

The same thing also applies when stacking up every thinner rubber pad or mat on top of each other. More layers equate to being more effective against noise and sliding.

#4 Performance

Performance is a vital factor to look out for in an anti-vibration pad.

Everybody wants something to stop their washer from vibrating and sliding off simultaneously. Therefore, it’s important to look for a pad or mat that can do both.

Pads or discs work best as anti-slip devices, and higher-quality variants can also reduce the vibrating better on top giving a stable grip to the feet.

Cheaper brands may deliver similar functions, but oftentimes may not be as effective as desired.

Mats are usually more effective in terms of sound dampening and, to some extent, keeping the machine from slipping. But that will depend on the quality of materials being used.

#5 Price

The higher the quality and construction of the materials used to create an anti-vibration pad or mat, the higher the price will be.

A more expensive set of disc pads would usually cost upwards of about $60, while the price of a 6-foot-long higher-end mat would be $130.

But that may not always be the case — the cost of anti-vibration devices may also depend on how large it appears and how many are sold per set.

How to Install and Set Up Your Anti-Vibration Pad and Mat

Before you install an anti-vibration pad or mat, make sure to clean the floor thoroughly, leaving no dirt and debris behind.

To ensure a safer process, unplug the washer or dryer and clear everything that may be inside, including clothes, lint, or maybe even detergent residue.

It’s easy to install anti-vibration devices, but it may require lots of effort dealing with very heavy equipment, so it’s important to have a companion to help you.

Guide for Anti-Vibration Pads

To install each anti-vibration pad with deep indents, simply slide them in and fit them into the washer feet of the washing machine.

It is important to measure first the diameter and depth of the indent and compare them to the dimensions of the machine feet.

Make sure the indent of each pad is wide enough for the feet to fit. Otherwise, the vibration would not absorb very well.

While some pads may have unique grip designs at the base, others may come with adhesives.

If your anti-vibration pad has adhesives, stick them first before placing them under the feet for the machine to keep staying in place.

The best anti-vibration pads work best for washing machines and dryers with metal feet.

Those with shorter or no feet could get away with pads, but they’ve proven to work better with mats.

Guide for Anti-Vibration Mats

Compared to pads, anti-vibration mats have a more easy installation process.

For mats that may not be big enough to fit the machine, cut them into small, equal pieces and place them under its feet.

There are pre-cut smaller mats already available; the installation is very much the same.

Larger feet-long mats have the least hassle out of all anti-vibration dampeners when it comes to placing them under the washer or dryer.

Simply pull it out, put the mat where the machine is located, and bring it back where it should be.

As previously mentioned, thickness is a good factor when it comes to dampening vibrations.

The more the layers are used, especially if the mats are thinner, the more effective they can be as an anti-vibration solution.

Additional Tips to Achieve an Anti-Vibration Washing Machine

Putting in anti-vibration mats or pads is a brilliant way to solve all your worries about your washer machine.

However, anti-vibration dampeners may not always be enough!

To know more about how to fully minimize the vibrations and noise coming from the machine, we’d like to share with you some important tips:

  1. Balance the loads – More often than not, an uneven load of clothing may cause the machine to keep vibrating. So, make sure to distribute the laundry equally for more efficient washing with lesser noise.
  2. Keep both the machine and floor at an equal level – Washing machines shake worse if the floor or any washer foot is off-balance. The more you pay attention to the leveling on the floor and the machine, the less you’d have to worry about all the noise and movement.
  3. If your washer/dryer machine is stacked, always check the stacking kit – We all know now that a washer/dryer stacked together would rattle more, especially if the stacking kit is the suspected culprit behind this. So always inspect if they’re properly stable!

Our Winner Picks

As we have already chosen our top 3 picks for the best anti-vibration pads, we have summarized what makes each of them unique in function and form.

Best Overall – RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats

The RevTime Mat has everything you might need and more among many anti-vibration products.

With the premium price of around $100, you could have superior vibration dampening, and with its specially-made soft rubber, the washing machine will always stay in place even when dealing with high-powered spin cycles.

You could also get guaranteed floor protection from any marks or damage, and it’s versatile in usage.

Thanks to the material used in creating this anti-vibration device, RevTime has the ability to last as long as it can!

BUT THIS IF: You want an anti-vibration mat with the highest quality and overall best performance possible.

Best Value – The Vibration Solution Silent Feet

Unlike cheaply made brands often made with hard rubber, the Silent Feet are the best anti-vibration pads for value.

As soft rubber has been proven to last longer and absorb the vibration better, you could expect these pads under your washing machine feet to stay with you for a long time, even extending up to 10 years!

The specially designed indent and carpeted base are guaranteed to make the machine not walk at all, just like other pads.

The price may be more premium than other disc pads because of what it’s made of, but the long-term usage will pay off in the end.

BUT THIS IF: You want a high-performing anti-vibration pad set that will still work even after many years.

Best Budget Pick – XCEL Foam Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads

XCEL’s soft foam rubber pads are as effective as other brands that can absorb the vibration from the washing machine or dryer — the biggest plus is the price range!

While it’s the lowest price on our list, you could expect these pads to deliver top-notch quality and performance when dampening vibrations from washing machines just like other premium-priced brands!

And, similar to the RevTime mats, they work as efficiently in other environments and situations.

Each pad is non-slip, so that means you may no longer have to worry about your washing machine or dryer sliding a few good inches away from where it’s supposed to be.

BUT THIS IF: You want cheap yet cost-effective anti-vibration pads that can compete with other premium brands with quality.


While we’re glad if you chose any of our recommended anti-vibration products, just remember that you don’t have to feel too pressured while looking for the one that suits your needs.

There are many other best anti-vibration mats and pads for washing machines out there not covered here for you to look out for.

What really matters most, especially when searching for an anti-vibration dampener, is HOW EFFECTIVE it will be once they’re installed under your washing machine.

Final Words

We hope we have helped you understand how anti-vibration mats or pads work on a washer and dryer and guide you with tips and tricks in purchasing one for your own machine.

Whether you’ve found the pad or mat you’ve been looking for through this article or found something better elsewhere, the choice is all yours.

Just remember our tips and buying guide to help you make the best decision!

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